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CHAN 3083
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - Lucia of Lammermoor

Donizetti: Lucia of Lammermoor

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2002

Originally recorded in 2001


Philharmonia Orchestra

David Parry

Alan Opie

baritone - Enrico Ashton

Peter Rose

bass - Raimondo Bidebent

Christine Rice

mezzo-soprano - Alisa

Elizabeth Futral

soprano - Lucia

Paul Charles Clarke

tenor - Edgardo

Peter Wedd

tenor - Lord Arturo Bucklaw

Stephen Chaundy

tenor - Normanno

Geoffrey Mitchell Choir


Blackheath Halls, London


Brian Couzens


Ralph Couzens

Christopher Brooke


Michael Common


Record Label
Opera In English


Vocal & Song

Opera in English

Total Time - 142:04
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Opera - Lucia of Lammermoor



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Lucia of Lammermoor

  Tragic drama in three acts  
  Libretto by Salvatore Cammarano after Walter Scott's novel The Bride of Lammermoor  
  English translation by David Parry  
  Part One: The Parting  
  Scene 1 A garden at Ravenswood Castle  
  No. 1: Prelude and Introductory Chorus  
1 Prelude 2:47
2 'Through the park and the woods that surround it' 2:03
  Normanno, Chorus  
  Scene 2  
  No. 2 Scena and Cavatina  
3 'You seem unhappy' 2:55
  Normanno, Enrico, Raimondo  
4 'Trembling, I feel the horror' 2:15
  Enrico, Normanno, Raimondo  
  Scene 3  
5 'Your suspicions are confirmed now' 2:09
  Chorus, Normanno, Enrico, Raimondo  
6 'All in vain do you try' 3:36
  Enrico, Chorus, Raimondo  
  Scene 4 The Park  
  No. 3: Scena and Cavatina  
7 [Introduction] 2:34
8 'He is not here yet! . . .' 1:47
9 'In deepest night a silence reigned' 4:27
10 'When, in the burning ecstasy' 4:52
  Lucia, Alisa  
  No. 4: Scene and Duet  
11 'Here is Edgardo . . .' 2:52
  Alisa, Edgardo, Lucia  
12 'Pray remember that my father' 3:18
13 'Let us swear to love for ever' 2:23
  Edgardo, Lucia  
14 'Imagine when the breezes sigh' 4:51
  Lucia, Edgardo  
  Part Two, Act I: The Marriage Contract  
  Scene 1  
  No. 5: Scena  
15 'Lucia is coming to you soon' 3:13
  Normanno, Enrico  
  Scene 2  
  No. 6: Duet  
16 'Come here to me, Lucia' 1:12
17 'In my eyes, as I approach you' 4:41
18 'In secret I suffered the loneliness' 3:56
19 'What is that?' 1:29
  Lucia, Enrico  
20 'Your refusal will destroy me' 3:19
  Enrico, Lucia  
  Scene 3  
  No. 7: Scena and Aria  
21 'At last!' 1:55
  Lucia, Raimondo  
22 'Ah! Listen, listen to friendly guidance' 2:17
23 'In making such a sacrifice' 3:33
  Raimondo, Lucia  
  Scene 4 A hall prepared for Arturo's reception  
  No. 8a: Finale II  
24 'We welcome you to celebrate' 3:40
  Chorus, Arturo  
  No. 8b: Scena and Quartet  
25 'Where is Lucia?' 1:44
  Arturo, Enrico, Chorus  
26 'Our mother's death still grieves her . . .' 2:13
  Enrico, Lucia, Arturo, Raimondo, Alisa, Chorus  
27 'What restrains me at such a moment?' 3:29
  Edgardo, Enrico, Lucia, Raimondo, Alisa, Arturo  
  No. 8c: Continuation and Stretta of Finale II  
28 'Wretched man, do as we tell you' 3:22
  Arturo, Enrico, Edgardo, Raimondo, Lucia, Chorus  
29 'Go, you villain, detested and hated!' 2:21
  Arturo, Enrico, Chorus, Raimondo, Lucia, Edgardo, Alisa  
  Part Two, Act III  
  Scene 1 Wolf's Crag tower  
30 'Violent and cruel is the night' 2:18
  Edgardo, Enrico  
  Scene 2  
31 'Ashton!' 5:52
32 'I long for the moment when daylight is dawning' 2:45
  Edgardo, Enrico  
  Scene 3 The Castle hall  
  No. 10a: Chorus  
33 'So great the happiness that we are voicing' 1:46
  Scene 4  
  No. 10b: Gran Scena with Chorus  
34 'Stop at once your celebrations' - 3:00
  'From the chamber'  
  Raimondo, Chorus  
35 'What you have told us is past believing!' 3:02
  Chorus, Raimondo  
  Scene 5  
  No. 10c: Scena and Aria  
36 'Oh God in heaven!' 3:16
  Chorus, Lucia  
37 'Alas! I see the spectre between us' 3:59
38 'They bring the incense' 6:33
  Lucia, Raimondo, Normanno, Chorus  
  Scene 6  
39 'Here is Enrico' 3:03
  Raimondo, Enrico, Chorus, Lucia  
40 'Scatter your tears of anguish' 4:40
  Lucia, Enrico, Raimondo, Chorus  
  Scene 7 Raveswod tombs  
  No. 12: Aria Finale  
41 'My ancestors lie here buried' 4:13
42 'A lonely grave will shelter me' 3:25
  Scene 8  
43 'Such misfortune!' 4:13
  Chorus, Edgardo, Raimondo  
44 'Rest in peace, for I shall follow' 4:46
  Edgardo, Raimondo, Chorus  
 Elizabeth Futral soprano - Lucia
 Alan Opie baritone - Enrico Ashton
 Peter Wedd tenor - Lord Arturo Bucklaw
 Paul Charles Clarke tenor - Edgardo
 Peter Rose bass - Raimondo Bidebent
 Christine Rice mezzo-soprano - Alisa
 Stephen Chaundy tenor - Normanno
 David Parry
  2-6 September 2001  

Donizetti’s Lucia, with its violent musical and theatrical contrasts, was the opera from which Giuseppe Verdi learned and borrowed most. One of the most exhilarating nineteenth-century Italian operas, it is distinctive for its fluid structure, sumptuous orchestration and expressive melodies and is arguably the most consistent of Donizetti’s serious operas.

The libretto, by Salvatore Cammarano (who would write further librettos for Donizetti and for other composers, including Verdi), is based on Sir Walter Scott’s The Bride of Lammermoor. Set in late sixteenth-century Scotland, Enrico, a Scottish nobleman, is determined that his sister, Lucia, will marry Arturo, but Lucia is in love with Edgardo, her family’s enemy. Edgardo goes away on business but before he does, he and Lucia exchange rings. While he is away, ENrico forges a letter to prove Edgardo;s infidelity. Lucia is distraught and reluctantly agrees to marry Arturo. Edgardo arrive to find that Lucia has already signed the marriage contract. Enrico challenges Edgardo to a duel. During the wedding celebrations, Lucia appears carrying a bloody dagger. Driven mad by grief she ha murdered Arturo and in her deranged state, hallucinates that she is about to marry Edgardo. She dies. Edgardo, on hearing of Lucia’s death, also kills himself.

Composed and premiered in 1835, Lucia was an instant hit with the public and critics and, while his other serious operas were neglected and largely forgotten, Lucia was, and is, still performed. To this day the work holds a special place among Donizetti’s works, both in operatic history and in people’s affections.

'As ever in this series, the choral and orchestral work is of the highest standard''

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