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CHAN 3089M
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CHAN 3089
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - Faust

Gounod: Faust

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2002

Originally recorded in 2002


Philharmonia Orchestra

David Parry

Garry Magee

baritone - Valentin

Alastair Miles

bass - Mephistopheles

Matthew Hargreaves

bass-baritone - Wagner

Sarah Walker

mezzo-soprano - Martha

Diana Montague

mezzo-soprano - Siébel

Mary Plazas

soprano - Marguerite

Paul Charles Clarke

tenor - Faust

Geoffrey Mitchell Choir


Blackheath Halls, London


Brian Couzens


Ralph Couzens

Richard Smoker


Record Label
Opera In English


Vocal & Song

Opera in English

Total Time - 158:30
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Opera - Faust



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Faust (Abridged)

  Opera in five acts  
  Libretto by Jules Barbier and Michel Carré  
  English translation by Christopher Cowell  
  Act I  
1 Introduction 7:03
  Scene 1  
2 'Nothing! In vain I have probed' 6:14
3 'Lazy little daughter open up your eyes' 2:55
  Chorus, Faust  
4 'Can your God help me to know the truth?' 1:21
  Scene 2  
5 'Here I am! You seem somewhat startled' 2:50
  Mephistopheles, Faust  
6 'So bring me the bliss of careless excesses' 6:45
  Faust, Mephistopheles  
  Act II  
  Scene 1  
7 'Beer or gin or wine or kvass' 4:55
  Chorus, Wagner  
  Scene 2  
8 'Oh, sacred medallion from the sister I love' 1:45
  Valentin, Wagner, Siébel, Chorus  
9 'Duty bids me leave this place' 3:50
10 'Cheer up, my friends!' 1:24
  Wagner, Chorus, Mephistopheles  
  Scene 3  
11 'Pride of place to the golden calf!' 2:04
  Mephistopheles, Chorus  
12 'Your song deserves our thanks!' 2:47
  Chorus, Valentin, Wagner, Mephistopheles, Siébel  
13 'Though the fiends of hell may defy resistance' 2:32
  Siébel, Valentin, Wagner, Chorus  
  Scene 4  
14 'You haven't seen the last of me yet!' 1:33
  Mephistopheles, Faust  
  Scene 5  
15 'Just as when the whispering breezes . . .' 1:16
  Chorus, Mephistopheles, Faust, Siébel  
16 'May I presume to ask' 4:03
  Faust, Marguerite, Siébel, Mephistopheles, Chorus  
  Act III  
17 Entr'acte 1:28
  Scene 1  
18 'You must help me reveal the love I feel' 2:46
  Scene 2  
19 'Are we there?' 1:15
  Faust, Mephistopheles, Siébel  
  Scene 3  
20 'Wait here for a while, Doctor Faust' 1:03
  Mephistopheles, Faust  
  Scene 4  
21 'What turbulent feelings possess me?' 6:44
  Scene 5  
22 'Be careful! Here she comes!' 0:43
  Mephistopheles, Faust  
  Scene 6  
23 'He would have held my hand if I'd only allowed him' 6:36
24 'A bouquet! It's from Siébel I'm sure' 5:22
  Scene 7  
25 'Bless my soul, I'm dreaming!' 0:47
  Martha, Marguerite  
  Scene 8  
26 'Dame Martha Schwerlein, I believe' 2:29
  Mephistopheles, Martha, Marguerite, Faust  
27 'Please take my arm, they won't mind!' 6:56
  Faust, Marguerite, Mephistopheles, Martha  
  Scene 10  
28 'And none too soon!' 1:52
  Scene 11  
29 'It's very late . . . Farewell!' 7:03
  Marguerite, Faust  
30 'Marguerite!' 4:39
  Faust, Marguerite  
  Scene 13  
31 'Look there! She's opening her window . . .' 4:03
  Mephistopheles, Marguerite, Faust  
  Act IV  
  Scene 1  
32 'They pass me in the street . . .' 6:32
  Marguerite, Chorus  
  Scene 2  
33 'Marguerite!' 'Siébel!' 1:36
34 'When happy days bring you gladness and laughter' 4:28
  Siébel, Marguerite  
  Scene 4  
35 'Come along my brothers' 3:00
  Chorus, Valentin, Siébel  
36 'We seek the soldier's immortal prize' 3:14
  Scene 5  
37 'Come on, Siébel, I need a drink or two!' 2:10
  Valentin, Siébel, Mephistopheles, Faust  
  Scene 6  
38 'Is my love awake or sleeping' 2:51
  Scene 7  
39 'What can I do for you?' 4:07
  Valentin, Mephistopheles, Faust  
  Scene 8  
40 'Over here, come at once!' 1:49
  Martha, Chorus, Valentin, Marguerite, Siébel  
41 'Pay heed to my words, Marguerite!' 5:07
  Valentin, Chorus  
  Act V  
  Scene 4  
42 'Go back!' 2:14
  Faust, Mephistopheles  
  Scene 5  
43 'My heart quails at the thought of this meeting!' 2:24
44 'Ah! Do I hear my lover's voice?' 5:24
  Marguerite, Faust  
  Scene 6  
45 'Make haste now!' 6:31
  Mephistopheles, Marguerite, Faust, Chorus  
 Paul Charles Clarke tenor - Faust
 Alastair Miles bass - Mephistopheles
 Mary Plazas soprano - Marguerite
 Garry Magee baritone - Valentin
 Diana Montague mezzo-soprano - Siébel
 Matthew Hargreaves bass-baritone - Wagner
 Sarah Walker mezzo-soprano - Martha
 David Parry
  27-32 July 1998  

Gounod fell in love with Goethe’s Faust  and began to write what was to become his most popular score in 1849. Of course the original stage play had to be adapted: characters and incidents are eliminated or conflated to suit the slower pace of opera. Faust’s complex psychology is boiled down to a struggle between lust and pure love; Marguerite is simple innocence betrayed and eventually redeemed.

The opera was premiered in 1859 and was favourably received, although various alterations were subsequently made. Gounod’s mastery of orchestration and, in particular, his gift for lyricism are both reasons for Faust’s continuing popularity: these are particularly well demonstrated in Faust’s Cavatine and in Marguerite and Faust’s extended Garden Duet in Act III.

An old friend of Gounod’s, the Abbe Gay, commented after the 1859 premiere: ‘The world has got into him and has chased out Jesus Christ’. That is an apt comment on a composer who found it hard to reconcile his twin stars: the love of God and the love of sensuality, something reflected in all his compositions.

''an exquisite Marguerite from Mary Plazas, who, while singing in English, demonstrates a convincing sense of French style. It's an elegant and immaculate portrayal'

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