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CHAN 3113M
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CHAN 3113
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - The Marriage of Figaro

Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2004

Originally recorded in 2003


Philharmonia Orchestra

David Parry

Jonathan Veira

baritone - Bartolo

Emily Hall

baritone - Basilio

William Dazeley

baritone - Count

Graham Danby

bass - Antonio

Christopher Purves

bass-baritone - Figaro

Diana Montague

mezzo-soprano - Cherubino

Frances McCafferty

mezzo-soprano - Marcellina

Sarah Tynan

soprano - Barbarina

Yvonne Kenny

soprano - Countess

Yvette Bonner

soprano - Girl

Victoria Joyce

soprano - Girl

Rebecca Evans

soprano - Susanna

Stuart Kale

tenor - Don Curzio

Geoffrey Mitchell Choir


Blackheath Halls, London


Brian Couzens


Ralph Couzens

Michael Common


Record Label
Opera In English


Vocal & Song

Opera in English

Total Time - 163:41
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Opera - The Marriage of Figaro



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The Marriage of Figaro

  Opera buffa in three acts  
  Libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte, English translation by Jeremy Sams  
1 Overture 3:54
  Act I (41:16)  
2 'Fifteen, sixteen, twenty, thirty' 2:44
  Figaro, Susanna  
3 'What on earth are you measuring' 0:50
4 'Supposing one evening the Countess' 2:35
5 'All right. Shut up and listen' 1:52
  Susanna, Figaro  
6 'Bravo, my lord and master!' 0:54
7 'So, little master, you're dressed to go dancing' 2:35
8 'But why did you wait till the day of the wedding' 1:05
  Bartolo, Marcellina  
9 'Now for vengeance, glorious vengeance!' 2:59
10 'So all is not lost' 0:47
11 'I bow to your grace' 2:10
  Marcellina, Susanna  
12 'Good riddance, you old spinster' 2:09
  Susanna, Cherubino  
13 'I don't know what it is that I'm feeling' 2:54
14 'Now I'm done for!' 1:30
  Cherubino, Susanna, Count, Basilio  
15 'Susanna, heaven bless you!' 2:03
  Basilio, Susanna, Count  
16 'It's outrageous! Search the castle' 4:20
  Count, Basilio, Susanna  
17 'Basilio, run and tell Figaro to come here' 1:01
  Count, Susanna, Cherubino, Basilio  
18 'Praise and adore him' 1:09
19 'So what is all this nonsense?' 1:36
  Count, Figaro, Susanna  
20 'Praise and adore him' 1:01
21 'God bless you!' 1:11
  Figaro, Susanna, Basilio, Cherubino  
22 'Here's an end to your life as a rover' 3:51
  Act II (46:21)  
23 'Hear my prayer, humbly I beg you' 3:40
24 'Come here, dear Susanna, and finish your story' 3:06
  Countess, Susanna, Figaro  
25 'How it grieves me, Susanna' 1:22
  Countess, Susanna, Cherubino  
26 'Tell me what love is' 2:41
27 'Bravo, your voice is lovely!' 1:08
  Countess, Susanna, Cherubino  
28 'Kneel down and let me look at you' 2:54
29 'Enough of this nonsense!' 3:00
  Countess, Susanna, Cherubino, Count  
30 'What does this mean?' 1:25
  Count, Countess  
31 'Come out of there, Susanna!' 3:00
  Count, Countess, Susanna  
32 'So you're proposing not to open it?' 1:00
  Count, Countess  
33 'Don't worry, Cherubino' 1:02
  Susanna, Cherubino  
34 'Look at the little devil!' 0:21
35 'Everything as I left it' 1:24
  Count, Countess  
36 'Out you come, you vile seducer' 2:54
  Count, Countess  
37 'You called, sir?' 1:21
  Susanna, Count, Countess  
38 'I cannot believe it' 3:31
  Countess, Susanna, Count  
39 'The wedding procession is ready and waiting' 3:13
  Figaro, Count, Susanna, Countess  
40 'Oh, my lord!, My lord!' 5:34
  Antonio, Count, Countess, Susanna, Figaro  
41 'Noble lord, we come for justice' 3:41
  Marcellina, Basilio, Bartolo, Count, Countess, Figaro, Susanna  
  Act III (40:29)  
42 'This is very perplexing!' 0:58
43 'Don't be afraid!' 1:40
  Countess, Count, Susanna  
44 'How could you be so cruel' 2:29
45 'But I don't understand' 0:39
  Count, Susanna  
46 'Hey, Susanna, how's it going?' 0:10
  Figaro, Susanna  
47 ' ''You've won the case already'' ' 1:29
48 'Must I be made to suffer' 3:11
49 'Come on, come on, Cherubino' 0:43
  Barbarina, Cherubino  
50 'And Susanna's not here' 1:53
51 'I remember his love so tender' 4:32
52 'The case is decided' 2:04
  Curzio, Marcellina, Figaro, Count, Basilio  
53 'Darling boy, let me embrace you' 4:49
  Marcellina, Figaro, Bartolo, Curzio, Count, Susanna  
54 'This is our little baby' 1:18
  Marcellina, Bartolo, Susanna, Figaro  
55 'I must warn you, my lord' 0:29
  Antonio, Count  
56 'That's amazing!' 0:41
  Countess, Susanna  
57 '. . .the breezes. . .' 2:35
58 'That should do the trick!' 0:26
  Susanna, Countess  
59 'Gentle lady, may these presents' 1:13
60 'Madam, with your permission' 0:47
  Barbarina, Countess, Susanna  
61 'Hey, what did I tell you!' 1:07
  Antonio, Countess, Susanna, Count, Cherubino  
62 'My lord, if you detain these lovely girls' 1:13
  Figaro, Count, Countess, Susanna, Antonio  
63 'Now I can hear them' 1:57
  Figaro, Susanna, Count, Countess, Serving girls, Chorus  
64 'As true-hearted lovers' 4:07
  Act IV (31:43)  
65 'I have lost it, I'm so stupid' 1:32
66 'Barbarina, what's happened?' 1:14
  Figaro, Barbarino, Marcellina  
67 'Mother!' 0:50
  Figaro, Marcellina  
68 'The pavilion on the right' 0:41
69 'That's Barbarina! Who goes there?' 0:36
  Figaro, Basilio, Bartolo  
70 'Everything's ready; the hour of reckoning is at hand' 1:28
71 'You foolish slaves of Cupid' 2:47
72 'My lady, Marcellina says Figaro will be here' 0:18
  Susanna, Marcellina  
73 'My lady, you are trembling' 0:38
  Susanna, Countess, Figaro  
74 'At last, the moment I've longed for' 1:21
75 'Come quickly my beloved, I implore you' 3:34
76 'Treachery! Now I see how she has deceived me!' 0:36
  Figaro, Countess, Cherubino  
77 'I'll approach her, oh so softly' 1:11
  Cherubino, Countess  
78 'Here she is, my dear Susanna' 1:48
  Count, Susanna, Figaro, Cherubino, Countess  
79 'Now we're alone together' 2:38
  Count, Countess, Figaro, Susanna  
80 'Night shrouds the world in mystery' 3:43
  Figaro, Susanna  
81 'I surrender, my love' 1:57
  Figaro, Susanna, Count  
82 'Quickly, bring your weapons!' 4:52
  Count, Figaro, Basilio, Curzio, Antonio, Bartolo, Susanna, Cherubino, Barbarina, Marcellina  
 William Dazeley baritone - Count
 Yvonne Kenny soprano - Countess
 Rebecca Evans soprano - Susanna
 Christopher Purves bass-baritone - Figaro
 Diana Montague mezzo-soprano - Cherubino
 Jonathan Veira baritone - Bartolo
 Frances McCafferty mezzo-soprano - Marcellina
 Emily Hall baritone - Basilio
 Stuart Kale tenor - Don Curzio
 Graham Danby bass - Antonio
 Sarah Tynan soprano - Barbarina
 Yvette Bonner soprano - Girl
 Victoria Joyce soprano - Girl
 David Parry
  1-7 September 2003  
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'Even those who normally resist opera in translation should try it: Jeremy Sams's lively translation is so refreshing in the context of a performance outstandingly well cast. David Parry has established his Mozart credentials in earlier issues, and his timing of the comedy here is impeccable'The balance with the soloists is excellent too: words are clear, notably from the men, and the complex plot is well conveyed''

'There's thrilling modern-instrument playing from the Philharmonia and Parry holds the whole thing together, doubling as pianist for the accompanied recitative.'
Classic FM 'Disc of the Month' October 2004

'The latest addition to Chandos' Opera in English series finds Parry and his singers on lively form. Their delight at perfoming this incomparable music, and in their own language (Jeremy Sam's racy translation), shines out.'
Sunday Times

'I don't think a Figaro recording has ever made me laugh so much. David Parry paces the drama shrewdly and always ecourages true, firm singing from his cast' If you think you are allergic to opera in translation, this delightful performace could make you think again.'
The Telegraph

As a performance, it is on a very high level – closer to the lofty peak than you might expect. And because the singers’ diction is crisp and the recorded sound clear, you can actually understand virtually all of the text Jeremy Sams’s incisive translation. The result is a performance that communicates with incomparable directness, and for those listeners to whom that matters, this set is essential.

'The bafflingly complex plot that Da Ponte developed from Beaumarchais's play is wonderfully clarified, and the fun of the piece is heightened by hearing the text in English, a point very well made in David Parry's sparkling performance with the Philharmonia, using Jeremy Sam's lively translation.'
The Guardian

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