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CHAN 3136M
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CHAN 3136
(multiple CD Set)

Verdi: Nabucco

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2006

Originally recorded in 2006


Opera North Orchestra

David Parry

Alan Opie

baritone - Nabucodonosor (Nabucco)

Dean Robinson

bass - High Priest of Baal

Alastair Miles

bass - Zachariah

Jane Irwin

mezzo-soprano - Fenena

Susan Patterson

soprano - Abigail

Camilla Roberts

soprano - Anna

Paul Wade

tenor - Abdullah

Leonardo Capalbo

tenor - Ismael

Opera North Chorus


Leeds Town Hall


Brian Couzens


Ralph Couzens

Jonathan Cooper


Michael Common


John Benton


Record Label
Opera In English


Opera in English

Total Time - 125:08
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  Dramma lirico in four parts  
  Libretto by Temistocle Solera after Cortesi's ballet Nabuccodonosor and Anicel-Bourgeios' and Cornu's play Nabuchodonosor  
  English translation by Norman Tucker and Tom Hammond  
1 Overture 7:21
  Part I: In Jerusalem  
  Opening Chorus  
2 'The glory of Israel is shattered and broken' 5:23
  Hebrews, Levites, Hebrew maidens  
3 'Take heart, oh my children!' 1:19
4 'When on the shores of Egypt' 3:30
  Zachariah, Chorus  
5 'What a tumult' 0:52
  Chorus, Ismael, Zachariah  
6 'As the shadows before the sunlight' 3:00
  Zachariah, Chorus  
  Recitative and Terzettino  
7 'Fenena! Oh, my beloved!' 2:04
  Ismael, Fenena  
8 'Jehovah falls before us!' 2:08
  Abigail, Fenena, Ismael  
9 'Once I loved you' 3:39
  Abigail, Ismael, Fenena  
10 'Have you seen him?' 1:36
  Hebrew women, Elders, Levites, Soldiers, Zachariah  
  Part I Finale  
11 'Long live Nabucco!' 2:05
  Abigail, Chorus, Zachariah, Ismael  
12 'Profaner! You shall not enter!' 1:11
  Zachariah, Nabucco  
13 'Tremble, you madmen' 3:42
  Nabucco, Fenena, Anna, Ismael, Zachariah, Hebrews, Levites, Abigail  
14 'You slaves, bow down before me!' 0:59
  Nabucco, Zachariah, Ismael  
15 'Now my wrath, restrained no longer' 2:57
  Nabucco, Abigail, Anna, Fenena, Ismael, Zachariah, Hebrews  
  Part II: The Blasphemy  
  Scene and Aria  
16 'You have betrayed me, O king accursed. . .' 3:47
17 'The sweet fire of love's enchantment' 3:28
18 'Who approaches?' 1:16
  Abigail, High Priest, Followers  
19 'On the golden throne of Assyria' 2:53
  Abigail, Followers, High Priest  
20 'Come, stand beside me' 2:58
21 'Through Thy servant Thou proclaimest Thy commandments' 3:11
  Chorus of Levites  
22 'Who is there? Who comes to call us' 1:02
23 'Woe to the traitor, he is accursed' 1:42
  Levites, Ismael  
  Part II Finale  
24 'Stay your anger, oh my brothers!' 0:25
  Anna, Chorus of Levites, Zachariah  
25 'But what means this disturbance?' 1:45
  Fenena, Ismael, Zachariah, Levites, Abdullah, High Priest, Abigail, Nabucco  
26 'The moment approaches of man's retribution' 3:15
  Nabuco, Abigail, All  
27 'Hear yur king!' 2:52
  Nabucco, Fenena, High Priest, Zachariah, Soldiers  
28 'Who has stolen my crown and sceptre?' 3:06
  Nabucco, Zachariah, Abigail  
  Part III: The Prophecy  
  Opening Chorus  
29 'Great and mighty Queen of all Assyria' 3:24
30 'Most noble lady, mighty ruler of Assyria' 3:10
  High Priest, Abigail, Nabucco, Abdullah  
31 'Woman. . . Who are you?' 3:25
  Nabucco, Abigail  
32 'Grey-haried and feeble, behold me' 3:00
33 'Ah, that sound!' 1:00
34 'Oh, have pity on a father in his madness!' 3:47
  Nabucco, Abigail  
  Chorus of Hebrew Slaves  
35 'Speed your journey' 4:40
  Part III Finale  
36 'Why lament thee? The wailing of women' 0:52
37 'In the darkness I see all the future' 3:10
  Zachariah, Chorus  
  Part IV: The Broken Idol  
  Prelude, Scene and Aria  
38 'Am I awake or dreaming?' 5:10
  Nabucco, Chorus  
39 'Lord God of Judah!' 3:23
40 'Open to me, you shall not stay me!' 1:00
  Nabuco, Abdullah, Soldiers  
41 'The false, perfidious enemy' 2:05
  Abdullah, Chorus, Nabucco  
  Funeral March and Prayer  
42 'Go! The marty's crown of honour will be yours' 2:39
43 'Lo! The sky has opened above me!' 2:10
  Part IV Finale  
44 'Long live Nabucco!' 2:37
  Chorus, High Priest, Nabucco, Anna, Fenena, Ismael, Zachariah, Hebrews  
45 'Lord God of Israel. . .' 2:40
46 'My strength. . . is failing. . . my death is near. . .' 3:30
  Abigail, Hebrews, Zachariah  
 Alan Opie baritone - Nabucodonosor (Nabucco)
 Leonardo Capalbo tenor - Ismael
 Alastair Miles bass - Zachariah
 Susan Patterson soprano - Abigail
 Jane Irwin mezzo-soprano - Fenena
 Dean Robinson bass - High Priest of Baal
 Paul Wade tenor - Abdullah
 Camilla Roberts soprano - Anna
 David Parry
  19-22 Septemer 2005 and 13, 14 & 16 July 2006  
Nabucco receives its premiere recording in English with this recording.

The ever-popular Alan Opie takes the lead role of Nabucco. This is the first occasion that his performance of Nabucco has been recorded and he is joined by a fine cast of leading British Verdi singers.

2-CD set available at mid-price, including the full libretto.

The Orchestra and Chorus of Opera North perform Verdi’s popular opera Nabucco with a strong international cast including Alan Opie, Susan Patterson, Alastair Miles and Jane Irwin, under the baton of David Parry.

Roderic Dunnett of The Independent commented at the time of the performances that “the conductor David Parry’s splendid contributions to Chandos’s Opera in English series, sponsored by the Peter Moores Foundation, are a feather in the record company’s cap. Now, a shivering recording of Nabucco, the opera that clinched Verdi’s nationalist credentials and universal popularity, looks poised to join them.”

Verdi’s third opera was an overwhelming success at its March 1842 premiere, so much so that La Scala impresario Bartolomeo Merelli revived it in the autumn for a record 67 performances. Audiences were ecstatic and it is not difficult to see why – Nabucco is the epitome of Grand Italian Opera at its most impressive, surging with a boundless, self-confident energy as it chronicles the Hebrew opposition to the Babylonian tyranny.

This production from Opera North is brought to life in a new way with its English libretto, making full use of the exciting solo writing combined with magnificent choruses.

Alan Opie was everything that he has been for some time now, the finest British Verdi baritone since Peter Glossop.
Seen and Heard

Alan Opie’s Nabucco is a remarkable achievement…All ears, of course, are on the Abigaille, the one Verdi role that makes Lady Macbeth seem a walk in the park, and Susan Patterson does not disappoint. The voice is powerful from top to bottom and she sings fearlessly, snarling the more vicious moments of the text and caressing the softer ones… the minor roles as just as well performed… Opera North’s Chorus and Orchestra, wonderfully rehearsed by David Parry, are ideal… Very highly recommended.
International Record Review

Her [Susan Patterson] ample voice is evenly produced, however, and sounds comfortable in this famously treacherous role, and she demonstrates the wherewithal to dominate the proceedings when the situation merits. The title role on the other hand, has a number of moments that transcend the blood-and-thunder idiom and point the way to more mature Verdi. Alan Opie makes the most of them in his thoughtful well-nuanced portrayal. He neatly conveys Nabucco’s controlled anger in leading off the concertanto section of the first finale while also demonstrating a find sense of line; similarly he brings keen dramatic sense and compelling phrasing to the mad utterances at the end of Act 2. Alastair Miles imparts a warm cantante style to Zaccaria’s music… The Opera North Chorus is splendid…The Opera North Orchestra responds to David Parry’s rhythmically vital conducting with a crisply delineated performance in which the score’s eruptions unfold within an ordered framework.

The strengths here lie in the secure choral singing and disciplined playing of the Opera North forces and in the conducting of David Parry, who shows a good understanding of how the score should go. The soloists form an effective group.
BBC Music Magazine

Reviews from the Opera North performances of Nabucco:
… a fine cast who sang with an impassioned involvement… Alan Opie found the innate humanity buried beneath Nabucco’s aggression.
The Stage

The performance has plenty of vigour, and I like hearing Nabucco in English, especially given the fairly high level of intelligibility. The singers are all outgoing, committed actors; the chorus (an important ‘character’ in this opera) is full-throated and involved in the drama; and the conductor leads with great energy and genuine feeling for Verdi’s musical lines.
American Record Guide

Heading the cast is Alan Opie, perhaps giving his best performance to date on disc. He reveals every facet of the troubled King’s character… Susan Gritton… conveys every bit of the anti-heroine’s scheming and unforgiving character sings pretty much all of her taxing part with firm, full tone, then at the close shows suitable remorse in Act 3 finale… Alastair Miles proves his pre-eminence among British basses today in Verdi: every note of his two solos is sung with strength and a feeling for line, and he is as happy on high as below… David Parry makes the most of Verdi’s early, rudimentary style, conducting the piece for all its, supported finely by the Opera North Orchestra.
Gramophone ‘Disc of the Month’

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