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CHAN 5009M
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CHAN 5009
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - Griffelkin

Foss: Griffelkin

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2003

Originally recorded in 2002


Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Gil Rose

Drew Poling

baritone - First Lion

' Engebreth

baritone - Policeman

David M. Cushing

bass - Oldest Devil

David M. Cushing

bass - Second Lion

Marion Dry

contralto - Devil's Grandmother

Misa Ann Iwama

mezzo-soprano - A Girl

Lynn Torgove

mezzo-soprano - Shopkeeper

Glorivy Arroyo

mezzo-soprano - Third Housewife

Emily Browder

soprano - A Boy

Anne Harley

soprano - First Housewife

Kendra Colton

soprano - Griffelkin

Anne Carolyn Bird

soprano - Second Housewife

Elizabeth Keusch

soprano - Statue

Janna Baty

soprano - Their Mother

Yeghishe Manucharyan

tenor - Letterbox

Back Bay Chorale

Members of Boston Childrens Opera, and guests


Mechanics Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts


Blanton Alspaugh


John Newton

Philipp Nedel


Record Label




Total Time - 102:22
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Opera - Griffelkin

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(b. 1922)
premiere recording


  Opera in three acts  
  Libretto by Alastair Reid  
  Act I (Prologue)  
1 'When the moon grows round and the dark grows double' 2:06
  Devils, Grandmother  
2 'You haven't swept up very snugly' 4:39
  Grandmother, Devils, Griffelkin  
3 'Hurry up now! Light the fire!' 1:45
  Grandmother, Devils  
4 Dance - 3:55
  'You have learned to bewitch'  
5 'O Grandmother, you mean I can play in the world' 5:40
  Griffelkin, Grandmother, Devils  
6 Entr'acte 2:12
  Act II  
7 'Head over heels now here I come!' 4:35
8 'Bottle, we're off!' 2:22
  Griffelkin, Statue  
9 'I'll try over there across the square' 0:24
10 'Good morning. Good gracious, you look like the devil' 3:02
  Letterbox, Griffelkin  
11 'I've made a mistake' 1:24
  Griffelkin, Boy, Children  
12 'Why, why can't you leave us' 4:08
  Lions, Griffelkin  
13 'Did you turn them back into stone?' 2:21
  Girl, Griffelkin, Mother  
14 'Where have you been?' 2:30
  Mother, Girl, Griffelkin  
15 'Have I been dreaming?' 2:57
  Mother, Shopkeeper, Policeman  
16 'Now you can see, I'm a master of magic' 3:01
  Griffelkin, Girl, Shopkeeper, Toys  
17 'Come dance, come dance, round and round' 3:09
  Griffelkin, Girl  
18 'Toys! Fiddlers, drummers!' 2:44
  Griffelkin, Girl, Toys  
19 'Oh no! Oh no! Who would believe it!' 8:39
  Hosewives, Griffelkin, Policeman, Letterbox, Lions, Statue, Toys  
  Act III  
20 'Disaster, calamity, dreadful, insane' 3:21
  Housewives, Policeman, Shopkeeper, Letterbox, Statue, Toys, Lions  
21 'Almost empty, only a drop' 3:22
22 'Mother, your lips are silent' 2:35
  Boy, Girl, Griffelkin  
23 'Here I am!' 3:04
  Griffelkin, Girl  
24 'Tell me please, tell me only: what is death?' 1:48
  Griffelkin, Girl, Boy  
25 'I'll bring her back with a sprinkle of magic' 4:46
  Griffelkin, Mother, Boy, Girl  
26 'Good! Good! Good! Good!' 9:14
  Devils, Grandmother, Griffelkin, Oldest Devil  
27 'O, dark winds will haunt me' 2:41
28 'Why Griffelkin, good morning!' 5:43
  Girl, Boy, Griffelkin, Policeman, Housewives, Shopkeeper, Mother  
29 'What a strange, round world' 4:15
  Children, Grownups  
  Also available as SACD CHSA 5009
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The cast is, for the most part, superb. The diction is so clear that the need for the printed libretto is minimal, and everything is sun and characterized with enormous conviction. The various choral forces are terrific as is the Boston Modern Orchestra Project. The recorded sound is more than up to the house standard at Chandos… This is an obligatory purchase for children of all ages.'

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