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CHAN 5090
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CHAN 5090

Schmitt: La Tragedie de Salome/ Le Palais Hante/Psaume 47

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2011

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2010


Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra

Yan Pascal Tortelier

Susan Bullock


Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra Choir


Sala Sao Paulo, Júlio Prestes Cultural Center, Sao Paulo, Brasil


Ulrich Schneider

Ralph Couzens



Ulrich Schneider

Record Label



Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 67:46
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La Tragedie de Salome, Op. 50

  pour Orchestre  
  d'après un Poéme de Robert d'Humières  
  À Igor Strawinski  
  Natália Áurea soprano  
  Regiane Martinez soprano  
  Cely Kozuki mezzo-soprano  
  Cristiane Minczuk mezzo-soprano  
  Fabiana Portas mezzo-soprano  
  Maria Angélica Leutwiler mezzo-soprano  
  Mônica Weber Bronzati mezzo-soprano  
  Vesna Bankovic mezzo-soprano  
1 I Prélude. Lent - Animez un peu - Animez encore - Un peu plus lent (Mouvement initial) - 8:36
2 Danse des perles. Assez vif - Un peu moins vif - Plus calme - Animez - 3:49
3 II Lent - Les Enchantements sur la mer. Un peu moins lent (Mouvement du Prélude) - 8:37
4 Danse des éclairs. Animé, sans exagération - Avec frénésie - Lent - Animé - 2:52
5 Danse de l'effroi. Animé - Très élargi - Accélérez graduellement jusqu'à la fin 1:34

Le Palais hante, Op. 49

  Étude pour le Palais hanté d'Edgar Poë  
  Lent - Assez animé - Presque lent - Premier Mouvement (Assez animé) - Très animé  

Psaume XLVII, Op. 38

  pour Orchestre, Orgue, Chœurs et Solo  
  À Paul Bigot  
7 Animé. 'Gloire au Seigneur!' - 4:24
  Large. 'Parce que le Seigneur est très élevé…' -  
  Premier Mouvement. 'Gloire au Seigneur!' -  
8 Un peu moins vite. 'Parce que le Seigneur est très élevé…' - 4:26
  Un peu plus animé. 'Frappez des mains toutes ensemble!' -  
  Large, mais sans emphase. 'Il nous a assujetti les peuples…' -  
  Même mouvement. 'Gloire au Seigneur!' -  
9 Calme. 'Il a choisi dans son héritage la beauté de Jacob…' - 11:29
  Large. 'La beautéde Jacob!' -  
10 Même Mouvement. 'Dieu est monté au milieu des chants de joie!' - 8:23
  Mouvement initial (Animé). 'Nations, frappez des mains!' -  
  Même mouvement. 'Parce que le Seigneur est très élevé…'  
 Susan Bullock soprano

Schmitt: Psalm 47; Le Palais hanté; La Tragédie de Salomé – São Paulo Symphony Orchestra and Choir, Yan Pascal Tortelier

Florent Schmitt was well known as a critic and composer during his lifetime, but his compositions fell into neglect after his death. Difficult to pigeonhole, he has been called everything from conservative to neo-romantic to revolutionary, and Henri Dutilleux wrote of him that he ‘gave back to the French school certain notions of grandeur’.

The three works on this CD are all remarkable in their own ways – for their rhythmic exuberance, their rich and varied orchestration, their imaginative use of traditional harmonies, and, in the case of Le Palais hanté and La Tragédie de Salomé, for their exploration of the dark side of humanity. One of the most thrillingly exciting choral works of the twentieth century, rich in energy and colourful sonorities, Psalm 47 is overwhelming in its impact.

On this recording, the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra and Choir are conducted by Yan Pascal Tortelier, an exclusive Chandos artist who over the years has built up an impressive and highly regarded discography with the label.

Guy Engels – Pizzicato magazine – October 2011

         ’Choc Classica’

Michael Fleury - Classica – September 2011

“...Yan Pascal Tortellier is now Chief conductor of the Sao Paolo Symphony Orchestra and he makes an auspicious debut with the music of Florent Schmitt ... Chandos achieves spectacular sound in its new concert hall, and Pascal is right under the skin of this composer.”

Peter Spaull – Liverpool Daily Post – 22 July 2011

                  ‘CD of the Week
“A sumptuous exploration of the essence of Schmitt.”     ****

Hugh Canning – The Sunday Times – 10 July 2011

Performance *****    Recording *****

“...This is a superb CD, an ideal introduction to the perilously seductive sound-words of this composer.”

Terry Blain – BBC Music Magazine – August 2011

“...under Yan Pascal Tortellier, the Brazillian orchestra is first rate: the strings are rich, the brass cobweb-blastingly astringent, the percussion galloping. Susan Bullock and the SPSO choir make a fine contribution to the psalm...”

Anna Britten – Classic FM Magazine – August 2011

C Stokes

C Cote-kirijia