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CHAN 5094
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CHAN 5094

Delius: Double Concerto/Violin Concerto/Cello Concerto

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2011

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2010


BBC Symphony Orchestra

Sir Andrew Davis

Paul Watkins


Tasmin Little



All Saints' Church, Tooting, London


Brian Pidgeon


Ralph Couzens

Jonathan Cooper


Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 68:26
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Concerto for Violin, Cello and Orchestra

  For May and Beatrice Harrison  
1 Quietly - 0:50
2 With moderate speed - Rather quicker - Rather quieter - 5:54
  Quicker - Quietly - Rather slower, molto tranquillo - Vigorously -  
3 Slowly and Quietly - Molto tranquillo, rather quicker - 7:20
  Rather slower - [Cadenza.] Quicker - Rather slower -  
4 Tempo I - Rather quicker, tranquillo - Quicker - 4:10
  Rather slower - Rather more lively -  
5 Very quietly - Molto tranquillo, tempo I - 3:27
  Very quietly, slow  
 Tasmin Little violin
 Paul Watkins cello

Violin Concerto

  For Albert Sammons  
6 With moderate tempo - Rather quicker - 5:58
  Rather slower - Broad - Slower and very quietly - Vigorously - Maestoso  
7 Slower - 6:01
8 [Cadenza] - 3:23
9 Tempo I - Very broad - With vigour - Rather quicker - 3:11
  Rather slower - With vigour -  
10 Allegretto - Più moderato - Rather quicker - 4:10
11 Broadly 2:43
 Tasmin Little violin

Concerto for Cello and Orchestra

  Edited by Sir Thomas Beecham and Dr Eric Fenby  
12 Slow - Not quick; quietly - 1:30
13 Meno mosso - Becoming slower - 4:38
14 Slow - Quicker - Rather slower - Rather quicker - 6:51
  Very slow - Very quietly -  
15 Con moto tranquillo - Becoming slower and slower - 1:46
16 With animation - Becoming slower - 2:09
17 Rather slower, very quietly - Tempo I - Rather slower - 3:00
18 Quietly 1:25
 Paul Watkins cello

Chandos CHAN 5094

Delius: Double Concerto; Violin Concerto; Cello Concerto – Tasmin Little, Paul Watkins, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Sir Andrew Davis

These three major concertos by Frederick Delius involving solo string instruments are here brought together on the same disc for the first time. The Violin Concerto, Double Concerto, and Cello Concerto are performed by exclusive Chandos artists strongly associated with British repertoire.

Sir Andrew Davis and the BBC Symphony Orchestra have already released one Delius disc this year (CHSA 5088 – Appalachia and The Song of the High Hills), of which International Record Review (IRR) wrote: ‘I am absolutely certain that this is the greatest performance and recording of Delius’ Appalachia which has ever been put on disc… it would be hard if not impossible to imagine a more magnificent performance of this masterpiece… the playing is unfailingly beautiful and infused with sensitivity, brilliance of technique and vividness of colour.’

Tasmin Little, who won the Critics’ Choice Award at this year’s Classic BRIT Awards, is the soloist in the Violin Concerto. This is not a virtuosic showpiece in the ordinary sense; instead, the solo part stays harmonically connected with the orchestra throughout; in fact, it seems to grow out of its textures. The work is composed in a single long span, divided into three clear sections in which different moods succeed one another, sometimes passionately spontaneous, sometimes dreamlike, sometimes fiery.

Paul Watkins is the soloist in the Cello Concerto, which Delius regarded as his personal favourite among his concertos. It was the last work that he was able to complete in his own hand before experiencing the onset of the devastating effects of syphilis: paralysis and blindness.

Tasmin Little and Paul Watkins join forces in the rarely performed and recorded Double Concerto, which represents Delius at his most inspired: the work is warmly evocative as well as strong and memorable. The soloists get to showcase their abilities in music that is both passionate and tranquil.

“...All Delius lovers and all who value performance excellence and beauty in music will want this.”

Becker – American Record Guide – March/April 2012 


Riccardo Cassani  - Musica – February 2012

“...This is one fantastic recording, graced by gorgeous playing, and not just by Little and Watkins, but also by the BBC Orchestra under the keen stewardship of Sir Andrew Davis. All, including Chandos’s engineering and production team, are to be congratulated. Urgently recommended.”

Jerry Dubins – Fanfare – March/April 2012

            Performance ****      Sound ***
"...excellent recording: sumptuous sonority ..."

Michel Fleury - Classica - February 2012

"...These are first-class performances with superb sound quality. I look forward enthusiastically to the third instalment of Chandos’s Andrew Davis Delius series.

Peter Joelson - the Classical - 7 January 2012

"Masterly accounts of Delius’s concertos for strings, together for the first time on disc."

Matthew Rye - The Strad - December 2011

“... No self-respecting Delian can afford to be without this indispensable issue.”

Andrew Achenbach – Gramophone December 2011

               “Editor’s Choice

“...An irresistible programme throughout which Delius’s golden phrases soar aloft as if floating on warm summer breezes, captured in exemplary Chandos sound.” *****

Julian Haylock – Classic FM Magazine – December 2011

               Performance *****      Recording ****
“...a disc that will give great pleasure to all lovers of Delius’s music.”

Anthony Burton – BBC Music Magazine – December 2011

“...There  is wonderfully idiomatic support from Andrew Davies and the BBC Symphony, as both  Tasmin Little’s account of the Violin Concerto and Paul Watkins’s of the cello work seize every opportunity to inject incisiveness and dramatic shape into the music...”

Andrew Clements – The Guardian – 28 October 2011

“...This is a well programmed release, gaining from an up to date sound, and while this is all the first rate Delius, well realised, it also shows that the Violin Concerto should be a regular part of the repertoire.”

Peter Spaull  - Liverpool Daily Post – 28 October 2011

“Delius’s Double Concerto for violin and cello gets a confident performance from Tasmin Little and Paul Watkins, with a powerful central climax. Little also brings all her artistry to the strong and lyrical Violin Concerto. Sir Andrew Davis is a fluent collaborator throughout.” ****

Michael Kennedy – The Sunday Telegraph  - 2 October 2011

“... a magical, sensuous flow is the presiding quality of this superior performance by Little. Watkins is no less captivating in the Cello Concerto, and they are superb together in the Double Concerto, with its heart-easing slow second section.”

Paul Driver – The Sunday Times – 2 October 2011

            IRR Outstanding
"This exceptional recording has exceeded my expectations... a really important CD of Delius’s music: a truly outstanding issue."

Robert Matthew-Walker - International Record Review - October 2011

D Guest

M Billen

S Jobson