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CHAN 5113M
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CHAN 5113
(multiple CD Set)

Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping Beauty

The Classical Shop
release date: December 2012

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2012


Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Neeme Jarvi

Robert deMaine


James Ehnes



Grieghallen, Bergen, Norway


Brian Pidgeon


Ralph Couzens

Gunnar Herleif Nilsen

(Assistant: Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation(NRK))

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 154:10
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The Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66

  Ballet in a Prologue and Three Acts  
  À Mr Jean Wséwolojsky  
1 Introduction. Allegro vivo - Andantino - 2:34
  Moderato (Tempo di Marcia) -  
  Prologue 27:53      
2 1 Marche. Moderato 4:09
3 2 Scène dansante. Moderato con moto - Un poco più animato - 3:56
  Allegro moderato - Tempo di Valse - Grazioso  
  Pas de Six  
4 3 a) Intrada. Adagio 0:37
5 b) Adagio. Andante - Allegro vivo 4:22
6 Variation I. Candide. Allegro moderato 0:43
7 Variation II. Coulante. Fleur de Farine. Allegro 0:37
8 Variation III. Fée aux Miettes. Allegro moderato 0:47
9 Variation IV. Canari qui chante. Moderato 0:29
10 Variation V. Violente. Allegro molto vivace 1:05
11 Variation VI. La Fée des Lilas. Tempo di Valse 0:53
12 Coda. Allegro giusto - Poco più animato 1:22
13 4 Finale. Andantino - Allegro vivo - L'istesso tempo - 8:48
  Moderato assai - Andantino - Allegro vivo - Allegro risoluto - Allegro vivo - Andante  
  Act I 36:32      
14 5 Scène. Allegro vivo - Moderato - Allegro vivo (come il tempo precedente) - 6:55
  Moderato - Allegro vivo - Moderato con moto  
15 6 Valse. Allegro (Tempo di Valse) 5:00
16 7 Scène. Andante espressivo e cantabile - Un poco stringendo - 1:56
  Poco più animato - Allegro giusto - L'istesso tempo  
  Pas d'Action  
17 8 a) Adagio. Andante - Adagio maestoso - Più mosso - 6:45
  Tempo I - Molto sostenuto, quasi più andante - Tempo I  
18 b) Danse des demoiselles d'honneur et des pages. 1:59
  Allegro moderato - (Pages.) Più mosso  
19 c) Variation d'Aurore. Allegro moderato - 3:45
  Meno mosso quasi andantino - Tempo I - Allegro vivace  
 James Ehnes violin
20 d) Coda. Allegro giusto - Poco più mosso - 2:30
  Tempo I - L'istesso tempo -  
21 9 Finale. Allegro giusto - Allegro vivo - Presto - 7:40
  Andante con moto - Grave - Allegro vivo - Poco più vivace -  
  Act II  
  First Tableau (beginning) 9:55      
22 10 Entr'acte et Scène. Allegro con spirito - Un poco più tranquillo 2:44
23 11 Colin-maillard. Allegro vivo 1:47
  Scène et Danses  
24 12 a) Scène. Moderato 0:53
25 b) Danse des duchesses. Moderato con moto 0:55
  (Tempo di Minuetto)  
26 c) Danse des baronnes. Allegro moderato 0:42
  (Tempo di Gavotte)  
27 d) Danse des comtesses. Allegro non troppo 0:33
28 e) Danse des marquises. Allegro non troppo 0:50
  Farandole (Scène et Danse)  
29 13 a) Scène. Poco più vivo 0:15
30 b) Danse. Allegro non troppo (Tempo di Mazurka) - 1:13
  Act II  
  First Tableau (conclusion) 22:16      
31 14 Scène. Allegro con spirito - Andantino - Allegro vivace 5:28
32 15 a) Pas d'Action (Scène d'Aurore et de Désiré). 4:45
  Andante cantabile - Pochissimo più animato - Tempo I - Più mosso - Allegro  
 Robert deMaine cello
33 b) Variation d'Aurore. Allegro con moto 1:36
34 c) Coda. Presto 1:33
35 16 Scène. Allegro agitato 0:45
36 17 Panorama. Andantino 2:01
37 18 Entr'acte. Andante sostenuto 6:06
 James Ehnes violin
  Second Tableau 8:01      
38 19 Entr'acte symphonique (le Sommeil) et Scène. 5:42
  Andante misterioso - Allegro vivace  
39 20 Finale. Allegro agitato - Un pochettino più tranquillo - 2:18
  Tempo I  
  Act III 47:33      
40 21 Marche. Allegro non troppo 3:09
41 22 Polacca (Cortège des Comtes de Fées). 4:22
  Allegro moderato e brillante  
42 23 Pas de Quatre (La Fée-Or, la Fée-Argent, la Fée-Saphir et la Fée-Diamant). 1:31
  Allegro non tanto  
43 Variation I. La Fée-Or. Allegro (Tempo di Valse) 1:06
44 Variation II. La Fée-Argent. Allegro giusto 0:48
45 Variation III. La Fée-Saphir. Vivacissimo 0:46
46 Variation IV. La Fée-Diamant. Vivace 0:43
47 Coda. L'istesso tempo 0:45
48 24 Pas de Caractère (Le Chat botté et la Chatte blanche). 1:58
  Allegro moderato -  
49 25 Pas de Quatre (Cendrillon, Prince Fortuné, L'Oiseau Bleu, La Princesse Florine). 2:07
50 Variation I. Cendrillon et Prince Fortuné. 0:54
  Allegro (Tempo di Valse)  
51 Variation II. L'Oiseau Bleu et la Princesse Florine. Andantino 0:45
52 Coda. Presto 1:31
  Pas de Caractère  
53 26 a) Chaperon Rouge et le Loup. Allegro moderato - Più mosso 1:10
54 b) Cendrillon et Le Prince Fortuné. Allegro agitato - 2:47
  Tempo di Valse (Moderato) - Vivace assai - Presto  
55 27 Pas Berrichon (Le Petit Poucer, ses frères et l'Ogre). 0:59
  Allegro vivo  
56 Coda. [ ] 0:13
57 28 Pas de Deux (Aurore et Désiré). Allegretto 0:10
58 a) Entrée. Allegro moderato 1:33
59 b) Adagio. Andante non troppo - Poco più mosso - Tempo I 4:46
60 Variation I. Désiré. Vivace - Prestissimo 1:03
61 Variation II. Aurore. Andantino 1:59
 James Ehnes violin
62 Coda. Allegro vivace 1:27
63 29 Sarabande. Andante 2:10
64 30 Finale. Allegro brillante (Tempo di Mazurka) - Presto 5:51
65 Apothéose. Andante molto maestoso 2:39
 Neeme Jarvi
  18-23 June 2012  

This two-album set marks the beginning of a new project devoted to Tchaikovsky’s ballet scores. We start the survey with the complete score of The Sleeping Beauty, recorded on SACD. Swan Lake and The Nutcracker will follow in 2013 and 2014, respectively.
Tchaikovsky was approached by the Director of the Imperial Theatres in St Petersburg, Ivan Vsevolozhsky, in 1888 about a possible ballet adaptation of Charles Perrault’s La Belle au bois dormant (The Sleeping Beauty). The vision was to stage the production in the style of Louis XIV, allowing the musical fantasy to run high and melodies to be written in the spirit of Lully, Bach, and Rameau. This proposal for a fairy-tale ballet rooted firmly in both the rococo and baroque periods appealed to Tchaikovsky, and The Sleeping Beauty was premiered in 1890, with choreography by Petipa, the principal choreographer of his day.
Elaborately constructed, the ballet places its focus undeniably on the two main conflicting forces of good (the Lilac Fairy) and evil (Carabosse). Each has a representative leitmotif, which runs through the entire ballet, serving as an important thread to the underlying plot. Tchaikovsky’s use of what, at the time, were considered new and unorthodox instrumental combinations went on to inspire a new generation of composers, among them Stravinsky, who declared The Sleeping Beauty to be Tchaikovsky’s chef d’œuvre. 
The Sleeping Beauty is here performed by the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra under Neeme Järvi, who is celebrating two major milestones this year: a thirty-year recording career with Chandos Records, and his own seventy-fifth birthday. Orchestra and conductor are joined by the pre-eminent violinist James Ehnes, one of the most dynamic and exciting performers in classical music today.

“This is an outstanding recording of the complete ballet, one of the finest I’ve heard... Teh Bergen Philharmonic’s playing has a polish and sheen to it  ... Violinist James Ehnes and cellist Robert deMaine appear to have brought into play the susbstantial solos for their instruments and they fully match the playing of the orchestra. And Chandos’s hybrid SACD recorded sound surpasses them all, with a warm, clarity, and spaciousness that completely supports what the musicians have achieved.”

Lawrence Hansen – American Record Guide – May/June 2013 

“...The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra is magnificent, and the violin and cello solos are played gorgeously by James Ehnes and Robert deMaine respectively...”

Arthur Lintgen – Fanfare – May/June 2013

               Music ****(Very Good)      Sound ****(Very Good)


Thomas Schulz – Fono Forum magazine – May 2013   

"... if you are looking for an up-to-date Sleeping Beauty, Järvi’s will amply reward you..."

Peter J Rabinowitz - International Record Review - February 2013

“...making a list of the high spots is impossible; there are too many... James Ehnes and Robert deMaine have been parachuted in to play the big violin and cello solos, It’s all stunning – possibly one of the greatest ballet recordings ever made ... Unmissable.”
Graham Rickson – the – 12 January 2013

                       Album of the Week

“... A Christmas treat.”
Hugh Canning – The Sunday Times – 23 December 2012

               Performance  ****      Recording *****

“The Bergen Philharmonic proves an ideal instrument for one of Tchaikovsky’s most magical scores. Neeme Järvi’s every demand is met with immaculate playing, recorded in a warm but not too resonant acoustic, and you are soon swept up by their characterful account of the prologue and Act I ... the wonderfully detailed playing of the waltz, that follows demonstrate the strengths of this performance ...”
Daniel Jaffé -  BBC Music magazine – February 2013

“...The playing is ravishing ... a couple of guest instrumentalists, James Ehnes and Robert deMaine, add real lustre to the concertante violin and cello solos respectively.” ***
Tim Ashley – The Guardian – 11 January 2013

 "...The complete score for Tchaikovsky’s the Sleeping Beauty comes from the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra under Neeme Jarvi ... Notably on this recording, the violin solos are played by the superb James Ehnes, a bonus indeed! The sound is spectacular..."

Peter Spaull - Liverpool Daily Post - 20 December 2012

"...This is a great work in a very fine performance beautifully recorded." 
Dave Billinge - - 11 January 2013

“This is a good, practical interpretation of The Sleeping Beauty. The playing by the Bergen Philharmonic is strong and spirited; Järvi’s conducting is rational, adopting as it does the natural pacings and colouristic inflections from which it is possible to appreciate the character of the dances in one’s mind’s eye, all the more so with the excellent synopsis included in the booklet ...”
Geoffrey Norris – Gramophone magazine – January 2013

M Hartt-Palmer