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CHAN 5133
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CHAN 5133

Atterberg: Orchestral Works, Volume 2

The Classical Shop
release date: February 2014

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2013


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Neeme Jarvi


Concert Hall, Gothenburg, Sweden


Lennart Dehn

Ralph Couzens



Torbjorn Samuelsson

Lennart Dehn

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 60:48
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Symphony No. 2, Op. 6 (1911-13)

  in F major - in F-Dur - en fa majeur  
1 1 Allegro con moto - Pesante - A tempo, tranquillo - 10:06
  Tempo I (subito) - Agitato - Tranquillo - Tempo I -  
2 II Adagio - Presto - Adagio - Presto - Tranquillo - Adagio 11:26
3 III Allegro con fuoco - Con moto - Tranquillo - Con moto - 9:46
  Adagio - Tempo I, furioso - Pesante - Tranquillo -  

Symphony No. 8, Op. 48 (1944)

  in E minor - in e-Moll - en mi mineur  
  Composed on Swedish National Melodies  
4 I Largo - Allegro 9:00
5 II Adagio 7:04
6 III Molto vivo 5:30
7 IV Con moto 7:56

Neeme Järvi and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra present Vol. 2 in their series of the Symphonies of Atterberg. It is part of a larger recording project focussed on Scandinavian music, which has already seen Neeme Järvi give highly regarded performances of works by the Norwegian composers Halvorsen and Svendsen with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. During his lifetime, Kurt Atterberg was the most renowned Swedish composer both at home and abroad, as well as a successful conductor, critic, and administrator. He was a composer of clearly structured and brightly melodic music, whose large orchestral output includes nine symphonies, of which the Third and Sixth have already been released.

 Symphony No. 2 was started in 1911 when the twenty-four-year-old Atterberg was still a student of engineering. It was originally conceived and premiered as a two-movement work, but after a hostile critical response Atterberg added a third movement. Like much of Atterberg’s music the symphony is deeply rooted in tradition, following classical forms closely but filling them with harmonies and melodies inspired by Swedish folk music. Atterberg composed the Eighth Symphony in 1944. It features a rich tapestry of Swedish folk material which Atterberg gave fresh harmonies. A playful, vigorous, and light piece, the symphony was well received at its premiere in 1945, even soliciting a congratulatory telegram from Sibelius.

 "...I’m convinced by Järvi’s performance of the Eighth ... The Chandos sound is bold and detailed and Stig Jacobsson’s notes are very useful ..."

John Quinn - - 1 July 2015

                       ****   - Excellent

Emanuele Amoroso - Music magazine (Italy) - October 2014

                       *** - Good Disc        *** - Good sound

Jean-Luc Caron – Classica magazine (France) – May 2014

“A largely self-taught composer, Atterberg also headed the Swedish national patent office. Exuberantly fresh-air symphonies, expansively performed here.”  *****

Michael Scott Rohan – BBC Music magazine (Brief Notes Section) – May 2014

 "... Järvi directs a relaxed, affectionate performance and the Gothenburg orchestra responds with full-blooded, life-asserting playing which ensures that the music leaps from the page as coercively and convincingly as one could wish. Better recorded and far better played than the world premiere recording under Jurowski ..."

Michael Jameson - International Record Review - March 2014

Järvi's Excellent Atterberg Series Continues I've been eagerly awaiting the second installment of Neeme Järvi's Atterberg series since last spring's excellent, Grammy-nominated debut. This second volume features the late-Romantic Swedish composer's heroic Second and folk-hued Eighth symphonies. Järvi and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra take the Second Symphony at a blistering pace, chopping nearly 10 minutes off the 40-minute span of Ari Rasilainen's masterful reference recording for the CPO label. At first, this was disappointing because Rasilainen's slower tempos seem to impart more gravitas, yielding more dramatic climaxes, at least in the first movement. But after repeated listenings, Järvi proves equally convincing, especially in his luminous second movement and sizzling third. The Eighth Symphony strikes me generally as a somewhat less captivating work--tuneful but less epic than the Second--and Järvi and the Gothenburgers give it an energetic and enjoyable performance. It's a shame that Atterberg's consistently winning music isn't heard more often; perhaps this series will help address that. (And if you like what you hear here, you should certainly consider investing in Rasilainen's complete CPO cycle on CD too.) This album is already one of my 2014 favorites.
M Estabrook