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CHAN 5137
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CHAN 5137

Massenet: Fantaisie etc.

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2014

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2013


Neeme Jarvi

Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

Truls Mork



Victoria Hall, Geneva, Switzerland


Brian Pidgeon


Jonathan Cooper

Ralph Couzens

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 86:22
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Suite de ballet from 'Le Cid' (1885)

  Opéra in Four Acts  
1 Castillane. Animé - Modéré (sans lenteur) 2:59
2 Andalouse. Modéré (sans lenteur) - 2:17
3 Aragonaise. Assez animé et très brillant - En animant peu à peu - 1:47
4 Aubade. Mouvement de Marche (gai et assez animé) - 1:16
5 Catalane. Assez animé (pas trop cependant) - Lent - Très animé - 3:46
6 Madrilène. Un peu lent et mélancolique - Animé - 4:32
7 Navarraise. Assez animé et très brillant - En animant peu à peu - 2:56

Le Dernier Sommeil de la Vierge (1877-78)

  Prélude from Part 4 'L'Assomption' of La Vierge Légende sacrée in Four Parts  
  Andante religioso  
 Truls Mork cello

Overture to 'Le Roi de Lahore' (1876)

  Opéra in Five Acts  
  Allegro con fuoco - Andante - Un peu plus lent et plus soutenu -  

Fantaisie (1896-97)

  for Cello and Orchestra  
  À mon ami J. Hollmann  
10 Animé, alerte (Allegro) - En animant peu à peu - Tempo I - 9:00
11 Lent (Quasi cadenza) - Modéré (Allegretto con spirito) - 3:16
12 Animé. Allegro - A tempo I - Un peu retenu - 5:07
  A tempo I (Animé) - Très animé  
 Truls Mork cello

Ouverture de 'Phedre' (1874)

  Andante molto sostenuto - Plus vite et animant jusqu'à l'Allegro -  

Scene religieuse from 'Les Erinnyes' (1872)

  Tradédie antique in Two Acts  
  Andantino. Avec calme et simplicité -  
  Invocation. Très lent et avec un grand sentiment  
 Truls Mork cello

Entr'acte Sevillana from 'Don Cesar de Bazan' (1872)

  Opéra comique in Three Acts  
  Allegro brillante  

Scenes pittoresqyes (1874)

  Quatrième Suite d'orchestre  
  À mon ami É. Paladilhe  
16 1 Marche. Allegro moderato 4:01
17 2 Air de ballet. Allegretto scherzando 2:32
18 3 Angelus. Andante sostenuto - Sans retenir - Stesso tempo 4:52
19 4 Fête bohème. Allegro moderato - Tempo I - 5:00
  Un peu retenu et avec ampleur -  
  TT 81:30      
  Bonus download only track:  

Meditation from 'Thais' (1894)

  Comédie lyrique in Three Acts  
  Andante religioso - Poco a poco appassionato - Poco più appassionato -  
  Orchestre de la Suisse Romande
 Neeme Jarvi
  11-12 July 2013  

Massenet: Orchestral Works
Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Neeme Järvi

Jules Massenet has long been associated primarily with opera, while his orchestral works have gone unappreciated. This collection of overtures, ballet music, and concert pieces, each with its own unique orchestral colour, showcases Massenet’s orchestral writing at its finest. The Orchestre de la Suisse Romande is conducted by its Music and Artistic Director, Neeme Järvi.

From the opening diminished seventh chord of the Ouverture de ‘Phèdre’ it is clear that we are in a world of high drama. Commissioned in 1874 for performance in Paris, it is based on Racine’s play. Written in the same year, but in complete contrast, is the Scènes pittoresques, full of a grace and elegance that often recall Tchaikovsky. The ‘Suite de ballet’ from Le Cid evokes yet another soundworld, one of exotic colours and exuberant celebration, its seven movements featuring dance music from different regions of Spain.

Also featured on this download are a number of works involving a solo cello, performed here by Truls Mørk, one of the pre-eminent cellists of our time. He shines a light on Massenet’s little-known Fantaisie for cello and orchestra, a fine piece rarely heard on disc or in the concert hall.

                                        Album **** (Excellent)                   Sound Quality *** (Good) 

Jacques Bonnaure – Classica magazine (France) – February 2015  

 “… A CD to warm the heart and lift the spirits.”

Adrian Edwards – Gramophone magazine – August 201

        **** (Excellent album)

Maurizio Modugno - Musica magazine (Italy) - July/August 2014

"...Massenet is justly famous for his popular, often sweet, sentimental operas, notably Manon and Werther. His orchestral music remains much less celebrated and is not as well known. This new Järvi recording is distinguished by vibrant performances in very good and finely balanced sound. It propels this collection to the top of its few competitive recordings... A rich, spicy feast. The best recording yet of Massenet’s too-often-forgotten orchestral music."

 Ian Lace - - 3 June 2014

“… hugely enjoyable listening…  Järvi is in his element, and his Geneva orchestra responds with spirit and style.” ****

Andrew Clark – The Financial Times – 24-25 May 2014


 “… Another winner from Neeme Järvi, then, and with informative notes from Roger Nichols complementing these fine accounts, it’s hard to imagine even the most morose of spirits remaining unmoved by this disc.”

Michael Jameson – International Record Review – June 2014

                     Performance ****       Recording ****

"... the suite of Spanish regional dances from El Cid and the atmospherically varied Scènes pittoresques - are played by Neeme Järvi and his Swis orchesra with infectious panache and finesse ..."

Mark Pappenheim - BBC Music magazine - July 2014

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