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CHAN 5138

Grundman: A Mortuis Resurgere (The Resurrection of Christ)

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2014

Recorded in 24 Bit / 48Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2013


Susana Cordon


Brodsky Quartet


IES San Fernando, Madrid


Javier Monteverde

Ralph Couzens



Javier Monteverde

Record Label




Total Time - 53:59
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(b. 1961)
premiere recording

A Mortuis Resurgere (2013)

  (The Resurrection of Christ)  
  for String Quartet and Soprano  
  Evangelium secundum loannem  
  Capitulo XIX  
1 Largo 5:28
2 Salmodia ad libitum: 'Post haec autem rogavit Pilatum 4:14
  Ioseph ab Arimathaea' - [Vocalise] -  
3 A tempo 3:53
  Capitulo XX  
4 'Prima autem sabbatorum Maria Magdalene venit ma ne' - 4:44
5 'Nondum enim sciebant Scripturam' - 2:31
6 [Vocalise] - [Vocalise] - 3:10
7 [Vocalise] - 'Dum ergo fleret, inclinavit se in monumentum' - 4:44
8 '"Iam noli me tenere, nondum enim ascendi ad Patrem"' - 4:12
  Salmodia ad libitum ma non troppo: 'Venit Maria Magdalene annuntians discipulis' -  
9 'Thomas autem, unus ex Duodecim, qui dicitur Didymus' - 5:27
10 [Instrumental] 4:24
11 'Credo in unum Deum' - 4:57
  'Et in unum Dominum Iesum Christum, Filium Dei unigenitum' -  
  'Et in Spiritum Sanctum, Dominum et Vivificantem' -  
12 [Vocalise] - 'Hosanna in excelsis Deo' - [Vocalise] - 6:15
  'Hosanna in excelsis Deo' - [Bocca chiusa] - [Vocalise] -  
  [Vocalise] - 'Hosanna in excelsis Deo' - [Vocalise] -  
  'Hosanna in excelsis Deo' - 'Hosanna in excelsis Deo'  
  TT 54:05      
 Susana Cordon soprano
  Daniel Rowland violin  
  Ian Belton violin  
  Paul Cassidy viola  
  Jacqueline Thomas cello  
  This work is dedicated to God, for giving me the inspiration; and to my wife, Mar, for letting me steal the little time we have.  
  January 2013  
  4-6 June 2013  

Jorge Grundman uses his unique compositional voice to create music which, above all, communicates with remarkable directness. The simplicity and strength of his artistic vision, intended to reach the widest audience possible, is clear in A Mortuis Resurgere, a work here receiving its premiere recording. Scored for soprano and string quartet, A Mortuis Resurgere sets passages from chapters XIX and XX of St John’s Gospel telling the story of the resurrection of Christ.

Throughout its extended single movement the soprano soloist is required to use a wide range of expressive vocal techniques to communicate the meaning of the Latin text. Supporting the soprano voice is the string quartet, its slowly changing harmonies animated by a surface of rapid rhythmic figurations, all of which combine to produce shifting textures. The contemplative modal-based harmonies are typical of Grundman’s style and form a part of his artistic vision to bridge the gap between pop and classical music.

Joining the Brodsky Quartet is the Spanish soprano Susana Cordón, for whom the challenging vocal part was written. Renowned for its diverse and pioneering collaborations, the Brodsky Quartet has been vital in the development of Grundman’s style, having worked closely with the composer on a number of his earlier works.


“… this is one of the most moving musical presentations of this subject I know, and should be of great interest to anyone interested in Christian sacred music… I was completely taken aback by this. Ms Cordon, the work’s dedicatee, acquits herself well , as does the fine quartet. … SACD sound is fine and unobtrusive … Don’t miss this.”

Allen Gimbel  - American Record Guide – November/December 2014


“…Grundman holds the listener for the entire piece. Moments of lyrical, and inspired, beauty sit next to music of great drama, and Grundman’s skill is his ability to knit them together in a whole that has a sense of shape and a sense of inevitability. He also recognizes that an essential ingredient of music, particularly any piece of this length, is the element of tension and release, and he is the master of building one and providing the other. The performance could hardly be better. Grundman worked with soprano Cordón and the Brodsky Quartet on the composition, and has worked with them before as well. They clearly believe in this music, and play it with that sense of belief evident in every phrase…”     Henry Fogel

“… it is impossible to imagine a finer performance or recording than this. Cordón sings beautifully … The Brodsky Quartet is impeccable throughout …”  Colin Clarke

“… Warmly recommended …” – Peter J Rabinowitz

Fanfare – November/December 2014

"Musical communication and expressive energy flow unhindered amongst the musicians, as much when accompanying Cordón as when performing purely instrumental passages... The assiduous sound engineering work increases the quality of this recording as well as the purity of sound."

 Delia Agúndez - - December 2014


                   Repertoire ***      Sound  *****      Interpretation *****

Ernst Hoffmann - Ensemble magazine (Germany) - October/November 2014

“…Everything unfolds at a Brucknerian pace, with good reason – Grundman conceived the work for church performance, the slowness of movement accommodating the increased reverberation. Susana Cordón’s soprano line unfolds with calm authority and clear diction, repeated listening revealing just how her singing reflects what’s happening in the narrative. The relative lack of musical incident is never a problem, making the occasional changes of tack more surprising and effective, as with the more animated quartet writing accompanying the closing Hosanna. Beguiling, emotionally charged music, sensitively performed and beautifully recorded.”

Graham Rickson – 9 August 2014

“…Grundman’s writing for string quartet is expert and resourceful, his loose-limbed melodic lines and rich while rarely cloying diatonic harmonies providing a variegated context for soprano-writing which ranges from confiding to histrionic – all securely encompassed by Susana Cordón … The Brodsky perform with their customary tonal warmth and attention to detail, the spaciously immediate sound testify to the composer’s concern for presenting his music within a sympathetic ambience…”

Richard Whitehouse – Gramophone magazine – August 2014

"... The Brodsky Quartet, known for its adventurous programming, plays wonderfully well. Susana Cordón is an accomplished singer, and has the composer’s blessing ..."

William Hedley - International Record Review - July/August 2014

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