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CHAN 9520
(multiple CD Set)

Gerhard: La Dueña

The Classical Shop
release date: March 1997

Recorded in 24 Bit / 44.1Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 1996


English Northern Philharmonia

Antoni Ros Marba

Adrian Clarke

baritone - DOn Ferdinand

Eric Roberts

baritone - Don Isaac

Richard van Allen

bass-baritone - Don Jerome

Ann Taylor

mezzo soprano - Donna Clara d'Almanza

Claire Powell

mezzo soprano - The Duenna

Susannah Glanville

soprano - Donna Luisa

Neill Archer

tenor - Don Antonio

Paul Wade

tenor - Father Paul

Opera North Chorus


Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham


Brian Couzens


Ralph Couzens

Richard Smoker


Ben Connellan


Record Label




Total Time - 148:06
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La Dueña/La Duenna, An Opera in three acts

  ACT I  
  Scene 1  
1 Don Antonio - 'Ah! Devil take this plaguey string!' 5:33
2 Don Jerome - 'What vagabonds are those I hear?' 4:30
  Scene 2  
3 Don Ferdinand - 'Peace, booby, peace I say.' 4:52
4 Don Antonio - 'Hey, Ferdinand, I say.' 7:55
  Scene 3  
5 Donna Luisa - 'But, my charming Duenna...' 6:36
6 Don Jerome - 'I suppose you've been serenading too...' 4:43
7 Don Jerome - 'I'm astounded!' 7:06
  Scene 4  
8 Donna Luisa - 'Clara! Clara, Clara' 11:18
  Scene 5  
9 Don Isaac - 'I tell thee, Father...' 6:27
10 Ladies of Fashion - 'Who's she?' 4:53
  ACT II  
  Scene 1  
11 Don Jerome - 'Donna Clara?' 8:45
12 The Duenna - 'When a tender maid...' 13:10
13 Don Jerome - 'Well, my friend, have you softened her?' 9:10
  Melodrama and Interlude  
14 Don Jerome - 'Why, I must confess...' 4:21
  Scene 2  
15 Donna Luisa - 'Was ever truant daughter...' 7:49
  Scene 3  
16 Don Antonio - 'Indeed, my god friend...' 8:39
  Scene 1  
17 Two Brethren of Deadly Sin - 'Jam est hora sugere.' 5:35
18 Donna Luisa - 'Antonio! Don Fernando is at the porch...' 2:29
19 Donna Luisa - 'Turn thee round I pray thee.' 5:24
  Scene 2  
20 Done Jerome - 'Why, I never was so amazaed...' 4:36
21 López - 'Don Isaac Mendoza.' 7:01
22 Don Jerome - 'Nowcome for dance and song...' 7:14
 Richard van Allen bass-baritone - Don Jerome
 Adrian Clarke baritone - DOn Ferdinand
 Susannah Glanville soprano - Donna Luisa
 Claire Powell mezzo soprano - The Duenna
 Neill Archer tenor - Don Antonio
 Ann Taylor mezzo soprano - Donna Clara d'Almanza
 Eric Roberts baritone - Don Isaac
 Paul Wade tenor - Father Paul
 Antoni Ros Marba
  30 May - 3 June 1996  
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