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CHAN 9706
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - The Consul

Menotti: The Consul

The Classical Shop
release date: February 1999

Originally recorded in 1998


Spoleto Festival Orchestra

Richard Hickox

Graeme Broadbent

baritone - Assan

Louis Otey

baritone - John Sorel

Herbert Eckhoff

baritone - Mr Kofner

Charles Austin

bass - Secret Agent

Jacalyn Kreitzer

contralto - Mother

Malin Fritz

contralto - Vera Boronel

Victoria Livengood

mezzo-soprano - Secretary

Robin Blitch Wiper

soprano - Anna Gomez

Giovanna Manci

soprano - Foreign Woman

Susan Bullock

soprano - Magda Sorel

John Horton Murray

tenor - Magician

Spoleto Festival Choir


Teatro Nuovo, Spoleto, Italy


Ralph Couzens


Ralph Couzens

Richard Smoker


Michael Collins


Record Label



Total Time - 130:51
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Opera - The Consul

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The Consul

  Opera in three acts  
  Libretto by the composer  
  Act I 44:43      
  Scene 1 23;30      
1 'Tu reviendras et voudras m'enfermer dans tes bras' 5:28
  Voice on record, John, Magda, Mother  
2 'Quick, John! The Police!' 7:19
  Mother, Magda, Police Agent  
3 'Don't move yet' 5:01
  Magda, Mother, John  
4 'Now, O lips, say goodbye' 5:41
  Magda, Mother, John  
5 Interlude 2:36
  Scene 2 18:37      
6 'Next. Yes . . . What can I do for you?' 3:22
  Secretary, Mr Kofner  
7 'Next. Next!' 4:37
  Secretary, Magda, Foreign Woman, Mr Kofner  
8 'Next. Hello. Oh! It's you!' 5:58
  Secretary, Magda  
9 'I beg your pardon, Madam' 4:40
  Magician, Vera Boronel, Magda, Foreign Woman, Mr Kofner  
  Act II 54:17      
  Scene 1 22:45      
10 'Tu reviendras et voudras m'enfermer dans tes bras' 3:46
  Voice on record, Mother, Magda  
11 'I shall find for you shells and stars' 2:49
12 'John, John, why did you bring me . . .' 5:07
  Magda, John, Mother  
13 'It is the signal!' 6:16
  Magda, Mother, Police Agent, Assan  
14 'Mother, why are you so still, Mother!' 4:48
  Magda, Mother  
15 Interlude 2:21
  Scene 2 29:11      
16 'What did you say your name was?' 3:21
  Secretary, Anna Gomez, Vera Boronel, Mr Kofner, Magda, Magician  
17 'My charming Ma'moiselle' 10:52
  Magician, Secretary, Anna Gomez, Vera Boronel, Mr Kofner, Magda, Foreign Woman  
18 'Any news for me?' 2:47
  Magda, Secretary  
19 'To this we've come' 8:44
  Magda, Vera Boronel, Mr Kofner, Secretary  
20 'You're being very unreasonable, Mrs Sorel!' 3:28
  Secretary, Anna Gomez, Vera Boronel, Mr Kofner  
  Act III 31:50      
  Scene 1 17:09      
21 'How often must I tell you, Mrs Sorel' 5:43
  Secretary, Vera Boronel, Assan, Magda  
22 'Don't forget to sign' 2:51
  Secretary, Vera Boronel, Magda, Assan  
23 'Oh, those faces! All those faces!' 2:22
24 'Who are you? How did you get in?' 1:59
  Secretary, John  
25 'You cannot arrest him here' 0:53
  Secretary, Police Agent, John  
26 'Don't be afraid, Mr Sorel!' 3:21
  Scene 2 14:41      
27 'I never meant to do this' 2:58
28 'Lo, Death's frontiers are open' 7:07
  Foreign Woman, Anna Gomez, Secretary, Vera Boronel, Mother, John, Mr Kofner, Magda, Voice, Magician  
29 'No! Wait! Wait! . . . I'm coming with you' 4:36
  Magda, Mother, John, Magician, others  
 Susan Bullock soprano - Magda Sorel
 Louis Otey baritone - John Sorel
 Jacalyn Kreitzer contralto - Mother
 Charles Austin bass - Secret Agent
 Victoria Livengood mezzo-soprano - Secretary
 Herbert Eckhoff baritone - Mr Kofner
 Giovanna Manci soprano - Foreign Woman
 Robin Blitch Wiper soprano - Anna Gomez
 Malin Fritz contralto - Vera Boronel
 John Horton Murray tenor - Magician
 Graeme Broadbent baritone - Assan
 Richard Hickox
  4, 7, 9 & 10 July 1998  
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