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CHAN 9766
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CHAN 9766

Dukelsky: Zéphyr et Flore

The Classical Shop
release date: November 1999

Recorded in 24 Bit / 44.1Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 1999


Residentie Orchestra The Hague

Gennady Rozhdestvensky

Ilma Achmadeeva


Netherlands Theatre Choir



Dr Anton Philipszaal, The Hague, The Netherlands


Ralph Couzens


Jonathan Cooper

Richard Smoker


Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 54:54
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premiere recording

Zéphyr et Flore

1 I Ouverture et concert des Muses 5:07
2 II Allegro comodo (Introduction) - Tempo di valse e Trio - Deciso - Allegro 6:01
  Divertissements des Muses  
3 Theme 3:21
4 Variation 1: Giacoso 1:12
5 Variation 2: Quasi toccata 1:29
6 Variation 3: Molto mesto 2:36
7 Variation 4: Allegretto comodo 1:09
8 Variation 5: Risoluto 1:21
9 Coda: Andante ma non troppo 2:29
10 IV Con moto incalzando - Tempo di marcia - Molto adagio, poco lamentoso 10:59
11 V Finale 4:53
premiere recording


Gennady Rozhdestvensky conducts the premiere recording of Dukelsky’s ballet score Zephir et Flore, together with the premiere recording of Epitaphe.

This is the second disc in the on-going series of rare Russian ballet scores conducted by Rozhdestvensky. He has won many awards for his previous interpretations of Russian ballet music on Chandos, particularly his Shostakovich recordings.

It is interesting to note that although born Russian, Vladimir Dukelsky later in his life also composed popular music under the mane Vernon Duke. It was under this name that he wrote the hugely successful Ziegfeld Follies, Cabin in the Sky and Walk a little Faster.

The Residentie Orchestra The Hague has released several discs under the baton of maestro Rozhdestvensly to great acclaim, including Shostakovich’s comic opera Moskva, Cheryomuski (CHAN 9591), Nikolai Tcherepnin’s ballet Narcisse et Echo (CHAN 9670), and Scriabin orchestral works (CHAN 9728)

Born and educated in Russian Vladimir Dukelsky arrived in American in 1922 and during the following three years discovered ‘Negro music’ and jazz. His melodic manner was compared to that of Gershwin, who was ‘his chief mentor in the field of ‘light’ music’. In 1925 Prokofiev invited Dukelsky to his home and was so delighted by his ballet Zéphy et Flore that he wrote about it in his article ‘The 1925 Spring Season in Paris’, describing it as the most interesting thing this season. Although Prokofiev was not quite as enthusiastic about Dukelsky’s progress in the field of ‘commercial’ music, he devotedly and persistently promoted the music of the younger composer both in the West and the USSR.

Dukelsky was the first Russian composer who engaged with equal enthusiasm in the composition of light music and serious music. W. Austin, in his Music in the 20th century, notes Dukelsky’s fondness for ‘juggling’ styles without making the slightest attempt to draw them together into a synthesis. He wrote a good deal of serious music – including symphonies and concertos – trying different genres and moving from the imitation of Scriabin and the Impressionists in the years of his youth in Kiev to the clear and melodious manner of his European period and later to a contrapuntal way of writing with free voice-leading.

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