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CHAN 9851
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CHAN 9851

The Film Music of Sir Malcolm Arnold, Vol. 2

The Classical Shop
release date: September 2000

Originally recorded in 1999


BBC Philharmonic

Rumon Gamba

Phillip Dyson



New Broadcasting House, Manchester


Ralph Couzens

(other works)

Mike George

(Suite from Trapeze)


Stephen Rinker

Steve Hargreaves

(Assistant) (Suite from Trapeze)

Record Label
Chandos Movies


Orchestral & Concertos

Film & TV Music

Total Time - 77:50
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The Film Music of Sir Malcolm Arnold, Vol. 2



(b. 1921)
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Suite from 'Trapeze'

  (reconstr., arr. & orch. Philip Lane)  
1 1 Prelude 1:43
2 2 Romance 3:23
3 3 Fanfare 0:53
4 3A Elephant Waltz 2:08
5 4 Mike and Lola 1:47
6 5 Tino's Arrival in Paris 0:56
7 6 Finale 2:40

Overture from 'The Roots of Heaven'


Symphonic Study 'Machines' for brass, percussion and strings, Op. 30

  Theme and Five Variations  
premiere recording

Suite from 'No Love for Johnnie'

  (reconstr. & orch. Philip Lane)  
10 I Alla marcia 2:20
11 II Moderato 8:11
  premiere recording in this version  

Suite from 'David Copperfield'

  (arr. Philip Lane)  
12 1 Main Titles and Opening Scene: Allegro - Meno mosso 4:28
13 2 The Micawbers: Allegro 2:00
14 3 Young Lovers: Allegro 2:30
15 4 Finale: Moderato 2:12

Scherzetto for Clarinet and Orchestra from 'You Know What Sailors Are'

  (arr. Christopher Palmer)  
  Maestoso - Allegro - Lento - Allegro  
  John Bradbury clarinet  
premiere recording

Ballade for Piano and Orchestra from 'Stolen Face'*

  (arr. Philip Lane)  
  Allegro energico - Andante con moto - Allegro - Allegretto - Vivace  
  premiere recording in this version  

Comedy Suite (Exploits for Orchestra) from 'The Belles of St Trinian's'

  (arr. Christopher Palmer, ed. Philip Lane)  
18 1 Prelude: Allegro - Alla marcia - 1:28
19 2 Train to Trinians: Allegro brillante - Vivace - 1:22
20 3 Flash and Miss Fritton: Andante moderato - Moderato (tempo di valse) - Allegro - 2:24
21 4 Races and Games (Tribal Warfare): Allegro - Vivace - 1:37
22 5 Finale: Allegro - Moderato - Alla marcia 1:08
  Paul Janes piano  

Fantasy on Christmas Carols from 'The Holly and The Ivy'

  (arr. Chrisopher Palmer)  
premiere recording

Postcard from the Med from 'The Captain's Paradise'

  (reconstr., arr. & orch. Philip Lane)  
This disc continues Chandos’ award-winning new film music series, and showcases popular music by Malcolm Arnold.

This new recording features a captivating selection of music from films of the 1950s and 1960s and includes music from one of Arnold’s favourite films, The Belles of St Trinian’s, as well as music from David Copperfield and Trapeze.

Of the scores included on this disc, three are premiere recordings and a further two are premiere recordings in these versions.

This is Volume Two of Arnold’s Film Music – Volume One (CHAN 9100).

Rumon Gamba has established himself as an excellent exponent of film music with the BBC Philharmonic, winning the ‘Best Classical Score Album’ from the Film Music on the Web Awards 1999 for The Film Music of Georges Auric (CHAN 9774).

Mention a title of a 1950s British film and there is a good chance that its music was composed by Sir Malcolm Arnold. The 1950s was Arnold’s most prolific period, for not only was he writing symphonies and concertos, but feature film and documentary scores as well. From his first feature film (Badger’s Green, released in 1947) Arnold began a successful career composing scores for over one hundred films, including Hobson’s Choice, the St Trinian’s series, Trapeze and his most well known The Bridge on the River Kwai. After working with some of the most gifted directors of the postwar period – David Lean, Carol Reed, John Huston and Joseph Losey – Arnold took an early retirement from the world of film in 1969, at the age of forty-eight. When asked why he retired, he replied:

By the time of the 1960s, they [producers] all wanted theme songs in the films and I didn’t want that. I also wished to devote more time to my other [concert] music.

Perhaps overshadowed to some extent by his more famous efforts, (Bridge on the River Kwai and The Inn of the Sixth Happiness), Arnold still managed to produce a remarkable and distinguished output for other films, including those represented on this CD. As many of his scores have been lost, Philip Lane has once again revealed his skilful hand in arranging and reorchestrating many of these suites.

When one now looks back at Arnold’s career and the prodigious rate at which he was able to compose, one thing will stand out: the sheer quality of his film music. Nowhere is this more evident that in the present collection of suites.

‘Add effulgent performances and luxurious sound to the mix, and you have an indispensable adjunct to the film music catalog’.
American Record Guide

‘Rumon Gamba and the BBC Philharmonic perform brilliantly, as do the Chandos engineers. I want more.’
American Record Guide on CHAN 9774 (Auric)

‘A cracking addition to the budding Chandos Movies label, and essential listening for film- and British-music fans alike… Not to be missed!’
Gramophone on CHAN 9749 (Rawsthorne)

‘From the gusto of the playing throughout, it seems clear that the BBC Philharmonic enjoyed making this disc: understandably so.’
Gramophone on CHAN 9774 (Auric)

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