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CHAN 9862
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CHAN 9862

Gade: Symphonies, Vol. 1

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2000

Recorded in 24 Bit / 44.1Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2000


Danish National Symphony Orchestra

Christopher Hogwood


Danish Radio Concert Hall, Copenhagen


Claus Due


Jorn Jacobsen

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 69:05
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Gade: Symphonies, Vol. 1



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  Symphonies, Volume 1  

Symphony No. 2, Op. 10*

  in E major - in E-Dur - en mi majeur  
1 I Andantino quasi allegretto - Molto allegro 7:35
2 II Andante con moto 6:36
3 III Scherzo. Molto allegro - Allegretto 3:45
4 IV Finale. Allegro energico - Molto allegro 8:07

Symphony No. 8, Op. 47*

  in B minor - in h-Moll - en si mineur  
5 I Allegro molto e con fuoco 8:27
6 II Allegro moderato 4:57
7 III Andantino 7:13
8 IV Finale. Allegro non troppo (molto marcato) 6:19
premiere recording

Allegretto, un poco lento*

  Discarded slow movement from Symphony No. 8  
premiere recording

In the Highlands, Op. 7

  I Højlandene  
  Scottish Overture  
  Andante - Allegro moderato - Allegro di molto  
Christopher Hogwood conducts the Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, in Volume one of a series of works by Niels W. Gade.

This disc features two premiere recordings, the ‘Scottish Overture’ In the Highlands (‘I Højlandene’) and Allegretto from Symphony No. 8 in the original version.

This disc offers rarely recorded repertoire. There is only one other recording of Symphony No. 8 currently available and this is only the third recording of Symphony No. 2.

Gade’s music is one of the best kept secrets of Denmark; it s extremely attractive and is a welcome addition to the catalogue.

The Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra has released many best selling recordings with Chandos. Recent discs of note include the premiere recording of Langgaard’s The End of Time (CHAN 9786) and two discs of Schumann’s Symphonies and Choral Ballades (CHAN 9760 and CHAN 9846) , all of which have received excellent reviews.

Gade, born in Copenhagen in 1817, the son of a joiner and instrument maker, had first achieved fame with his remarkable Opus 1, the overture Echoes of Ossian (‘Efterklange af Ossian’), which had been awarded a prize by the Copenhagen music Society in 1840. The Society looked less favourably on his First Symphony, although Mendelssohn had taken it up enthusiastically.

Gade went to Leipzig in 1843 where he completed his Second Symphony, and he conducted Mendelssohn’s Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra in its first performance. It was well received at this performance, but the reviews of the symphony were mixed, with claims that it stood too much in the shadow of the First, being less obviously Nordic although still with a marked individuality. Gade never seems to have conducted the work again and it had only one performance in Denmark during his lifetime.

The ‘Scottish Overture’ In the Highlands (‘I Højlandene’) is a more conventional sequel to the Ossian overture, and its first performance was given in 1844, again conducted by the composer in Leipzig. In 1848 Gade was forced to return to Denmark after the outbreak of war between Prussia and Denmark. It was in 1871 that he conducted the premiere of his Eighth and final symphony, a work that has been described as recapturing the Nordic atmosphere of Gade’s early works. It may have also have been influenced by Schubert’s ‘Unfinished Symphony’ which, after its recent discovery, received its first performance in Denmark in 1869 under Gade. Gade’s Smyphony No. 8 in B minor, Op. 47, took some time to reach its final form. He abandoned a slow introduction to the finale and also a slow movement, of which he first made sketches and then a virtually complete draft; this discarded Allegretto, un poco lento is written in A major, but here, according to the composer’s specific instructions, is transposed to G major.

‘Excellent performances under Hogwood…’
The Guardian on CHAN 9553 (Schulz)

‘…excellent disc…’
Classic CD on CHAN 9553 (Schulz)

‘Hogwood and the DNRSO sound wonderfully matched, the orchestral playing bursting with energy and personality… a full bright recording.’
The Daily Telegraph on CHAN 9609 (Frøhlich/Gade)

‘Even collectors who already have both previous cycles will at least find Hogwood’s well worth the duplication… I certainly hope this beautiful recording of 8 is the true harbinger of things to come’.
American Record Guide

‘Thoroughly recommendable’.
International Record Review

H Bird

L Bertolo