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CHAN 9971
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - The Saint of Bleecker Street

Menotti: The Saint of Bleecker Street

The Classical Shop
release date: March 2002

Originally recorded in 2001


Spoleto Festival Orchestra

Richard Hickox

Vitali Rozynko

baritone - Salvatore

John Marcus Bindel

bass-baritone - Don Marco

Yvonne Howard

mezzo-soprano - Assunta

Pamela Helen Stephen

mezzo-soprano - Desideria

Julia Melinek

soprano - Annina

Sandra Zeltzer

soprano - Carmela

Amelia Farrugia

soprano - Maria Corona

Timothy Richards

tenor - Michele

Spoleto Festival Choir


Teatro Nuovo, Spoleto, Italy


Ralph Couzens

Aidan Oliver



Ralph Couzens

Christopher Brooke


Record Label



Total Time - 124:37
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Opera - The Saint of Bleecker Street

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(b. 1911)

The Saint of Bleecker Street

  Musical Drama in Three Acts (Five Scenes)  
  Words and Music by Gian Carlo Menotti  
  Act I  
  Scene 1  
  [Introduction] -  
1 'Rosa Mystica' - 3:15
  Assunta, Chorus, A Young Man  
2 'Well . . . I'm tired of waiting!' - 3:25
  Maria Corona, Assunta, Carmela, Chorus, A Young Woman  
3 'The vision has begun' - 3:50
  Don Marco, Chorus  
4 'Ah, sweet Jesus, spare me this agony' - 8:30
  Annina, Chorus  
5 'Look! The stigmata' - 0:55
6 'Stop it!' - 4:44
  Michele, Carmela, Chorus, Don Marco  
7 'Ah, poor Michele, it is not I your rival' - 2:49
  Don Marco  
8 [Interlude] - 2:09
  Scene 2  
9 'Canta ninna, canta nanna al mio bambino' - 2:35
  Assunta, Carmela, An Old Woman, Renata, Annina, Man's Voice, Woman's Voice, Concettina  
10 'Annina, I've something to confess to you' - 5:45
  Carmela, Annina, Assunta  
11 'Annina, Annina!' - 2:14
  Maria Corona, Assunta, Carmela, Annina, Son of Maria Corona  
12 'Michele, Michele!' - 4:27
  Annina, Michele  
13 'Sister, I shall hide you and take you away' - 1:49
  Michele, Annina  
14 'Veglia su di noi, Santo del Sangue' 4:47
  Chorus, Annina, Michele  
  Act II  
  [Introduction] -  
15 'Hai l'occhio nero, nero della quaglia' - 6:29
  One Tenor, Chorus, One Baritone, Michele, Annina, Carmela, Salvatore, A Guest  
16 'Where is Michele?' - 4:02
  Desideria, Bartender, Michele  
17 'Eh già giovinotti voglion stare attorno a te' - 3:13
  Chorus, Desideria, Michele  
18 'Ah, Michele, don't you know that love can turn to hate' - 3:01
19 'You will regret it' - 1:46
  Michele, Don Marco, Chorus, Annina, Salvatore  
20 'I know that you all hate me' - 3:27
21 'You are wrong, Michele' - 1:33
  Don Marco, Annina, Michele  
22 'Yes, Michele, go home, go, go . . .' 6:29
  Desideria, Michele, Annina, Chorus  
  Act III  
  Scene 1  
  [Introduction] -  
23 'Stop worrying, Annina' - 4:54
  Maria Corona, Annina  
24 'There she is' - 5:18
  Don Marco, Maria Corona, Annina, Michele  
25 'Weeping, these, for him, are days of weeping' - 5:20
  Maria Corona, Annina, Michele  
26 [Interlude] - 4:33
  Scene 2  
27 'Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi' - 4:24
  Assunta, Chorus, Annina, Carmela  
28 'Annina, Annina, prepare yourself for a great joy' - 1:44
  Don Marco, Annina, Carmela  
29 'Oh, my Love, at last the hour has come' - 3:43
  Annina, Carmela  
30 'Maria, Salvatore!' - 1:48
  Assunta, Maria Corona, Salvatore, Don Marco, One Tenor, One Bass, Carmela  
31 'Gloria tibi Domine in saeculum et in saeculum saeculi' - 6:31
  Chorus, Don Marco, Annina  
32 'Annina, Annina!' 5:08
  Michele, Salvatore, Don Marco, Maria Corona, Carmela, Assunta, Chorus  
 Julia Melinek soprano - Annina
 Timothy Richards tenor - Michele
 Pamela Helen Stephen mezzo-soprano - Desideria
 John Marcus Bindel bass-baritone - Don Marco
 Sandra Zeltzer soprano - Carmela
 Amelia Farrugia soprano - Maria Corona
 Yvonne Howard mezzo-soprano - Assunta
 Vitali Rozynko baritone - Salvatore
 Richard Hickox
  7, 10 & 14 July 2001  
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'It is a musically and dramatically thrilling recording and an important and moving 20th century opera.'

'Strong conducting from Richard Hickox holds this Spoleto Festival performance firmly together.'
BBC Music Magazine

‘The Chandos recording is clear and refined, making one hope that Hickox and the Spoleto Festival Orchestra will continue their Menotti explorations.'
Gramophone on CHAN 9900 (Fantasia for Cello and Orchestra etc.)

‘…one of the finest operatic recordings I've experienced in nearly fifty years of listening… Richard Hickox pulls the ensemble together with a gripping reading that fully encompasses the considerable melodic content…’
American Record Guide on CHAN 9706(2) (The Consul)

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