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CM 6284
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CM 6284
EYCK, J. van: Recorder Works (Engels Liedt) (Stempfel)

EYCK, J. van: Recorder Works (Engels Liedt) (Stempfel)

The Classical Shop
release date: March 2012

Recorded in 24 Bit / 44.1Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Gerald Stempfel


Record Label
Carpe Diem




Total Time - 64:08
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EYCK, J. van: Recorder Works (Engels Liedt) (Stempfel)

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Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Book 1

1 No. 12. d' Lof-zangh Marie 2:18
2 No. 27. Engels Nachtegaeltje 4:17
3 No. 52. Janneman en Alemoer 1:05
4 No. 53. O Heyligh Zaligh Bethlehem 2:51
5 No. 55. Tweede Lavignione 7:37
6 No. 76. Prinst Robberts Masco 2:25

Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Book 2

8 No. 37. Engels Lied 5:04
9 No. 29. Lanterlu 6:39
10 No. 8. Pavaen Lachrymae 10:00
11 No. 24. Courante 2:27
12 No. 14. Stil, stil een reys 1:08
13 No. 10. Rosemont 2:10
14 No. 47. Rosemond die lagh gedoocken 3:02
15 No. 9. Lavignone 8:03
16 No. 13. Frans 33 3:28
 Gerald Stempfel Soloist

Engels Liedt is a spectacular, new and unconventional recording. A selection of solo recorder works by the blind flutist Jaco van Eyck (1590-1657 ). The recorder player, Gerald Stempfel, lets the listener immerse deeply in the world of this Dutch genius, showing both the joyful virtuoso as well as the dark and lonely side of his music.

This album is a journey into the inner soul of both composer and musician and a piece of art.

"...A different recorder is used for almost every piece on this program, and it is indeed a study in sound. But it’s not the sort of thing you put on in the background for not-very attentive listening; try that, and you’ll probably find it annoying. The playing and sound are both excellent, but this is a special treat for people who love and are interested in recorders rather than for the average listener."

Ardella Crawford - American Record Guide - September 2011

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