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CO 6103
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CO 6103

Handel - Saul

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2012

Originally recorded in 2012


Harry Christophers

Tom Raskin


Sarah Connolly


Ben Davies


Stuart Young

<i>Ghost of Samuel<i>

Mark Dobell

<i>High Priest</i>

Robert Murray


Elizabeth Atherton


Joélle Harvey


Christopher Purves


Jeremy Budd

<i>With of Endor</i>

The Sixteen


St Augustines Church, Kilburn, London

Jan 2012


Mark Brown


Mike Hatch

Record Label
Coro Records



Total Time - 161:55
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1 Overture 11:55
  Scene 1  
  An Epinicion or Song of Triumph, for the victory over Goliath and the Philistines.  
2 How excellent Thy name 2:45
  Chorus of Israelites  
3 An infant rais'd 1:37
  Air Merab  
4 Along the monster 1:02
5 The youth inspir'd 1:48
  Chorus of Israelites  
6 How excellent Thy name 0:49
  Chorus of Israelites  
7 Hallelujah! 1:40
  Chorus of Israelites  
  Scene 2  
8 He comes, he comes! 0:04
  Recitative Michal  
9 O godlike youth 3:15
  Air Michal  
10 Behold, O king 0:53
  Recitative Abner, Saul, David  
11 O king, your favours 5:23
  Air David  
12 Oh, early piety! 0:23
  Recitative Jonathan  
13 What abject thoughts 2:04
  Air Merab  
14 Yet think on whom this honour 0:12
  Recitative Merab  
15 Birth and fortune I despise! 4:57
  Air Jonathan  
16 Go on, illustrious pair! 0:19
  Recitative High Priest  
17 While yet thy tide 2:04
  Air High Priest  
18 Thou, Merab, first in birth 0:18
  Recitative Saul, Merab  
19 My soul rejects 3:18
  Air Merab, Michal  
20 Sinfonia 1:04
  Scene 3  
21 Already see the daughters 0:18
  Recitative Michal  
22 Welcome, welcome, mighty king! 1:30
  Chorus of Israelites  
23 What do I hear? 0:24
  Accompagnato Saul 0:24      
24 David his ten thousands slew 0:31
  Chorus of Israelites  
25 To him ten thousands 0:13
  Accompagnato Saul  
26 With rage I shall burst 1:14
  Air Saul  
  Scene 4  
27 Imprudent women! 0:44
  Recitative Jonathan, Michal  
28 Fell rage and black despair 2:36
  Air Michal  
  Scene 5  
29 Racked with infernal pains 0:16
  Recitative Abner  
30 O Lord, whose mercies 4:03
  Air David  
31 Symphony (Harp) 1:29
32 'Tis all in vain 0:18
  Recitative Jonathan  
33 A serpent, in my bosom warm'd 1:54
  Air Saul  
34 Has he escap'd my rage? 0:21
  Recitative Saul  
35 Capricious man 3:39
  Air Merab  
  Scene 6  
36 O filial piety! 1:21
  Accompagnato Jonathan  
37 No, cruel father, no! 1:24
  Air Jonathan  
38 O Lord, whose providence 1:27
  Air High Priest 1:27      
39 Presereve him for the glory 3:45
  Scene 1  
40 Envy, eldest born of hell 2:59
  Scene 2  
41 Ah, dearest friend 0:34
  Recitative Jonathan  
42 But sooner Jordan's stream 2:10
  Air Jonathan  
43 Oh, strange vicissitude! 0:55
  Recitative David, Jonathan  
44 Such haughty beauties rather move 5:09
  Air David  
45 My father comes 0:52
  Recitative Jonathan  
  Scene 3  
46 Sin not, O king, against the youth 2:05
  Air Jonathan  
47 As great Jehovah lives, I swear 1:06
  Air Saul  
48 From cities stormed, and battles won 2:02
  Air Jonathan  
  Scene 4  
49 Appear, my friend 0:30
  Recitative Jonathan, Saul  
50 Your words, O king, my loyal heart 1:04
  Air David  
51 Yes, he shall wed my daughter! 1:01
  Recitative Saul  
  Scene 5  
52 O fairest of ten thousand fair 2:49
  Duet Michal, David  
53 Is there a man, who all his ways 1:40
54 Sinfonia 6:45
  Scene 6  
55 Thy father is as cruel 0:41
  Recitative David  
56 At persecution I can laugh 1:11
  Duet David, Michal  
  Scene 7  
57 Whom dost thou seek? 0:41
  Recitative Michal, Doeg  
58 No, no, let the guilty tremble 1:23
  Air Michal  
  Scene 8  
59 Mean as he was, he is my brother now 0:52
  Recitative Merab  
60 Author of peace 3:35
  Air Merab  
  Scene 9 Saul at the Feast of the New Moon  
61 Symphony 1:10
62 The time at length is come 0:37
  Scene 10  
63 Where is the son of Jesse? 1:04
  Recitative Saul, Jonathan  
64 Oh, fatal consequence 5:10
  Scene 1 Saul disguised, at Endor  
65 Wretch that I am, of my own ruin author! 2:10
  Accompagnato Saul  
66 'Tis said, here lives a woman 0:54
  Accompagnato Saul  
  Scene 2 Saul and the Witch of Endor  
67 With me what would'st thou? 0:44
  Recitative Witch, Saul  
68 Infernal spirits, by whose pow'r 1:53
  Air Witch  
  Scene 3 Apparition of Samuel  
69 Why hast thou forc'd me from the realms of peace? 3:16
  Accompagnato Samuel, Saul  
70 Sinfonia 0:36
  Scene 4  
71 Whence comest thou? 1:03
  Recitative David, Amalekite  
72 Impious wretch, of race accurst! 1:51
  Air David  
73 Symphony: Dead March 3:16
  Scene 5 Elegy on the death of Saul and Jonathan  
74 Mourn. Israel, mourn thy beauty lost 3:35
75 Oh, let it not in Gath be heard 2:20
  Accompagnato High Priest  
76 From this unhappy day 2:37
  Air Merab  
77 Brave Jonathan his bow never drew 2:06
  Air David  
78 Eagles were not so swift as they 0:21
  Chorus of Israelites  
79 In sweetest harmony they lived 4:02
  Air Michal  
80 O fatal day! 4:00
  Solo/Chorus David, Israelites  
81 Ye men of Judah, weep no more! 0:28
  Recitative High Priest  
82 Gird on thy sword, thou man of might 5:21
  Chorus of Israelites  

Renowned for their Handel interpretations, Harry Christophers and his award-winning choir, The Sixteen, add to their glittering catalogue of Handel discs with this new recording of Saul.

In his Biblical oratorio, Saul, Handel wrote an epic work of great and noble drama, and of thrilling musical inventiveness. He gifted singers with roles of vivid characterisation and the soloists on this disc are some of the finest Handelian interpreters of today including Christopher Purves, a baritone whose talent for dramatic realisation is matched by superb musical craftsmanship, and Sarah Connolly, whose intensely radiant performance of David on this album confirms her status as one of our most sought-after Handel performers. Robert Murray, Elizabeth Atherton and Joélle Harvey along with The Sixteen regulars, Mark Dobell, Jeremy Budd and Stuart Young, complete the stellar line-up of soloists on this new recording.

                          ***** - Exceptional

Bernardo Pieri - Musica magazine - April 2013

 "... The recording was made in St Augustine’s Church Kilburn, London, and is first-class in every respect... if you’re looking for a new, period performance you won’t go wrong with this set."

Jonathan Woolf - Fanfare - March/April 2013

                     Performance ****        Recording *****

Paul Riley - BBC Music magazine - Christmas 2012

                          ***** - Highly Recommended

2...The music portrays a whole gamut of human emotions from envy, rage and jealousy to bewilderment, sorrow and love. Christophers is in his element, drawing from his performers a stunning interpretation of the work. The lovely mezzo-soprano voice of Sarah Connolly makes a remarkable and totally credible David, matched by Christopher Purves’s well-judged interpretation of Saul’s self-destruction. From the remainder of the soloists to the chorus and orchestra there isn’t a weak performance. This is Handel at his very best."

Shirley Ratcliffe - Choir & Organ magazine - November/December 2012


Pauline Guilmant - Pizzicato magazine - November 2012

"Harry Christophers doesn’t disappoint with this three-CD set, showing off a fabulous array of vocal talent in the cast"  ****

The Times

                    Recording of the Month
"...Christopher Purves charms, broods, fumes implacably, plots villainously and confronts his doom vividly in the manner of a Shakespearean tragedian." 

David Vickers - Gramophone magazine - October 2012

"...Do buy it."

Clifford Bartlett - Early Music Review - Ocotber 2012

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