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CO 6115
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CO 6115

J S Bach - Lutheran Masses, Volume 1

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Harry Christophers

The Sixteen


St Augustines Church, Kilburn, London

20-24 May 2013


Mark Brown


Mike Hatch

Record Label
Coro Records


Vocal & Song

Total Time - 73:54
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  Lutheran Masses - Volume 1  



Mass in G Minor, BWV 235

1 Kyrie 7:09
2 Gloria 3:05
3 Gratias 2:57
4 Domine Fili 5:24
5 Qui tollis - Quoniam 4:06
6 Cum Sancto Spiritu 4:39

Cantata 102 - Herr, deine Augen sehen nach dem Glauben! BWV 102

7 Coro: Herr, deine Augen sehen nach dem Glauben! 6:29
8 Recitativo: Wo ist das Ebenbild, das Gott uns eingepräget 1:07
9 Aria: Weh der Seele, die den Schaden 4:40
10 Arioso: Verachtest du den Reichtum seiner Gnade 2:53
11 Aria: Erschrecke doch 3:22
12 Recitativo: Beim Warten ist Gefahr 1:17
13 Choral: Heut lebst du, heut bekehre dich 2:02

Mass in F Major, MWV 233

14 Kyrie 4:16
15 Gloria 5:20
16 Domine Deus 3:21
17 Qui Tollis 5:11
18 Quoniam 4:03
19 Cum Sancto Spiritu 2:33

Coro CO 6115

Bach: Lutheran Masses, Vol. 1 – The Sixteen, Harry Christophers

It is with great delight that Coro announces the release of the first of two new recordings of J.S. Bach’s Lutheran Masses.

Bach was a Lutheran church musician devoted to the composition of sacred music in German. He wrote more than 200 cantatas for the liturgy, most of them in Leipzig. Despite their name, the four Lutheran Masses feature almost no Lutheran material. Sometimes listed under the category ‘Missa brevis’, musically they are almost entirely made up of movements borrowed from Bach’s cantatas, but, while they are often overshadowed by the more famous Mass in B minor, these short masses represent Bach’s own choice among his most suitable cantata movements.

Despite their exquisite beauty – splendid choruses and deeply moving arias – there are relatively few recordings of the Lutheran Masses. In this new collection the performances of the masses are given over to just eight singers drawn from The Sixteen, which allows the virtuosic vocal lines to be heard with absolute clarity.

 "...The performances are excellent and the sound quality pleaseingly clear and natural ..."

Peter Lynan - International Record Review - May 2014

 "... The Kyrie of the G-Minor Mass, a real toe-tapper, gets the ball rolling, and Christophers takes it from there, injcting the shoral movements, especially, with abundant energy. The double quartet is very effective throughout ..."

George Chien - Fanfare - March/April 2014

 "...The Sixteen is in fact an eight for this recording, and Harry Christophers’ decision to reduce his forces rewards the listener with lightness, precision and an essentially perfect blend. The orchestra are excellent, and the solos are shared equaly among the voices of the choir. Perhaps it was necessary to sacrifice weight of sound for agility - the calm of the coloratura is remarkable... this is a fine disc and highly recommended." ****

Nicholas Brown - Early Music Today magazine - March-May 2014

"... these performances come very close to what one imagines the actual sound of liturgical performance in 18th-century Leipzig might have been. Intimacy and clarity lay bare the genius of a composer who could combine intricacy and directness in one gesture ..." *****    Rebecca Tavener


"...The beautiful period-instrument ensemble accompanies eight fine singers who sing both the choruses and the solos in this charming chambe-like performance."  *****    David Ponsford

Choir & Organ magazine - Jauary/February 2014


"... Both performances and the recorded sound are clear and crisp ... The Sixteen’s singers aquit themselves superbly and,  particularly impressive, throw off the exacting passagework in fast movements with crystalline sparkle ... a very  successful disc..."

Peter Lynan - International Record Review - January 2014

                         Performance ****                Recording ****

"... Christopher’s customary precision and gracefulness are evident throughout.

Paul Riley - BBC Music Magazine - January 2014

"... the freshness, agility and precision of the performances, animated by Christophers’s buoyant direction, are a constant pleasure ..."

Richard Wigmore - Gramophone magazine - December 2013

                          ***/****    Good/Excellent

Claudio Bolzan - Musica magazine (Italy) - November 2013

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