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CU 3229
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CU 3229
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
ZUMSTEEG, J.R.: Geisterinsel (Die) [Opera] (Bernius)

ZUMSTEEG, J.R.: Geisterinsel (Die) [Opera] (Bernius)

The Classical Shop
release date: July 2011


Hofkapelle Stuttgart

Bernius, Frieder

Frieder Bernius


Stuttgart Chamber Choir

Record Label


Total Time - 139:06
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ZUMSTEEG, J.R.: Geisterinsel (Die) [Opera] (Bernius)




Die Geisterinsel


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1 Act I: Overture 5:57
2 Act I: Aria: Sterbt auf meiner Maja Grabe (Miranda) 3:35
3 Act I: Wolken verschweben (Chorus) 1:29
4 Act I: Duet: Vernimm die Schrecken, die uns drohn (Prospero, Miranda) 4:29
5 Act I: Aria: Mein Eifer kann dem Schicksal (Ariel) 3:49
6 Act I: Aria: Ein schlaues Blendwerk (Caliban) 3:25
7 Act I: Finale 18:59
1 Act II: Recitative and Aria: Der du des Grabes offnem Schlunde (Fernando, Ariel) 10:03
2 Act II: Duet: Ich zolle dir im Staube (Fernando, Prospero) 1:59
3 Act II: Rondo: Froher Sinn und Herzlichkeit (Miranda) 3:26

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4 Act II: Aria: Fremdling, hore meinen Willen (Prospero) 3:50
5 Act II: Trio: Mogen unsre Weiber doch (Oronzio, Stefano, Caliban) 3:05
6 Act II: Trio: Vertrauet meiner Macht (Caliban, Oronzio, Stefano) 1:10
7 Act II: Quintet: Ehrt meine Macht (Caliban, Oronzio, Stefano, Ariel, Fabio) 4:34
8 Act II: Romanze: Sanft und herrlich, gleich der Sonne (Fernando) 5:04
9 Act II: Finale 17:09
1 Act III: Duet: Traurige Korallen, zahlen soll ich euch (Miranda, Fernando) 5:40
2 Act III: Geisterpantomime 1:46
3 Act III: Heiliger Strand (Chorus) 0:54

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4 Act III: Duet: Welch ein wonnevolles Chor (Prospero, Ariel) 5:37
5 Act III: Aria: Waren lusterne Najaden (Fabio) 3:01
6 Act III: Duet: Welche wohlbekannte Stimme (Fernando, Fabio) 6:50
7 Act III: Duet: Gegrusst sei mir (Ariel, Caliban) 2:16
8 Act III: Quartet: Hurtig, was soll's werden (Caliban, Oronzio, Stefano, Prospero) 2:25
9 Act III: Es weichen die Schatten (All) 4:29
10 Act III: Quintet: Es eilen die Stunden (Ariel, Prospero, Miranda, Fernando, Fabio) 2:33
11 Act III: Frohlocket, ihr Bruder (All) 2:35
12 Act III: Finale 8:57
 Frieder Bernius Soloist
 Bernius, Frieder
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"I’ll get right to the point: This is one of the most enjoyable, best-sung, best conducted, best played and best-recorded discs I have heardthis year, and it’s going right onto my Want List... The performance is vitually faultless, the playing immaculate. Right from the first blast of sound from the period-instrument orchestra, there is a tingle of excitement that does not let up for more than two hours. There is bite, weight, and elegance as needed. Every phrase is lovingly shaped, rhythms are crisp, intonation is well-nigh perfect... There is not a weak link in the cast..."

Robert Markow - Fanfare - November/December 2011

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