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CU 3260
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
HOMILIUS, G.A.: St. Mark Passion (Nay)

HOMILIUS, G.A.: St. Mark Passion (Nay)

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release date: June 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Fritz Naf


Fritz Naf


Basler Madrigalisten


L' Arpa festante



Reformierte Kirche Arlesheim


Record Label




Total Time - 130:08
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HOMILIUS, G.A.: St. Mark Passion (Nay)




So gehst du nun (St. Mark Passion)


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1 Chorale: So gehst du nun, mein Jesu (Chorus) 7:29
2 Recitative: Und nach zween Tagen (Evangelist) 0:23
3 Ja nicht auf das Fest (Chorus) 0:54
4 Recitative: Und da er zu Bethanien (Evangelist) 0:32
5 Was soll doch dieser Unrat (Chorus) 0:52
6 Recitative: Und murreten uber sie (Evangelist, Jesus) 1:19
7 Aria: Mensch, empfinde doch Erbarmen (Soprano) 8:01
8 Recitative: Und Judas Ischarioth (Evangelist) 0:45
9 Wo willt du (Chorus) 0:24
10 Recitative: Und er sandte (Evangelist, Jesus) 1:50
11 Chorale: Wo soll ich, der du alles weisst (Chorus) 0:35
12 Recitative: Und sie wurden traurig (Soprano, Evangelist, Jesus) 1:11
13 Chorale: O weh demselben (Chorus) 0:59
14 Recitative: Und indem sie assen (Soprano, Evangelist, Jesus) 1:36
15 Aria: Wenn euch eure Sunden drucken (Alto) 4:04
16 Dir Heiland, die weihn wir (Chorus) 1:11
17 Recitative: Und da sie den Lobgesang (Evangelist, Jesus) 1:53
18 Chorale: Hilf, dass ich stets (Chorus) 0:58
19 Recitative: Desselbengleichen (Evangelist, Jesus) 1:42
20 Chorale: Wache, dass dich Satans List (Chorus) 0:49
21 Recitative: Und ging ein wenig (Evangelist, Jesus) 3:00
22 Aria: Ich geh, von Leiden ganz (Jesus) 11:20
23 Recitative: Und alsbald (Evangelist) 1:01
24 Chorale: Sei getreu in deinem Herzen (Chorus) 1:03
25 Recitative: Die aber legten (Evangelist, Jesus) 1:53
26 Chorale: Mir nach, spricht Christus (Chorus) 0:49
27 Recitative: Und er war da (Evangelist) 0:44
28 Arioso: Wir haben gehoret (Evangelist) 0:36
29 Recitative: Aber ihr Zeugnis (Evangelist, Jesus) 1:05
30 Chorale: O Jesu, hilf zur selben Zeit (Chorus) 1:01
31 Recitative: Da zuriss der Hohepriester (Evangelist) 0:26
32 Aria: Verdammt ihn nur (Evangelist) 5:19
33 Recitative: Da fingen an etliche (Evangelist) 0:12
34 Weissage uns (Chorus) 0:06
35 Recitative: Und die Knechte (Evangelist) 1:08
36 Wahrlich, du bist der einer (Chorus) 0:44
37 Recitative: Und er fing an (Evangelist) 0:13
38 Aria: Verkennt ihn nicht (Alto) 7:15
39 Recitative: Und der Hahn krahete (Evangelist) 1:01
40 Chorale: O Vater der Barmherzigkeit (Chorus) 1:25

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1 Chorale: Weint, izt wird (Chorus) 1:11
2 Recitative: Und bald am Morgen (Evangelist, Jesus) 0:42
3 Aria: Mit Preis und Ruhm gekront (Jesus) 6:54
4 Recitative: Und die Hohenpriester (Evangelist) 2:00
5 Kreuzige ihn (Chorus) 0:27
6 Recitative: Pilatus aber sprach (Evangelist) 0:13
7 Kreuzige ihn (Chorus) 0:30
8 Chorale: Herzliebster Jesu (Chorus) 0:51
9 Recitative: Pilatus aber gedachte (Evangelist) 0:42
10 Gegrusset seist du (Chorus) 0:39
11 Recitative: Und schlugen ihm (Evangelist) 0:55
12 Accompagnato: Jerusalem (Soprano) 1:46
13 Aria: Er hat dich erretten wollen (Soprano) 2:36
14 Accompagnato: Nein, du hast nicht (Soprano) 1:31
15 Aria: Er will leiden (Soprano) 1:51
16 Recitative: Und sie brachten ihn (Evangelist) 0:25
17 Chorale: Dein Durst und Gallentrank (Chorus) 0:36
18 Recitative: Und da sie ihn (Evangelist) 1:23
19 Pfui dich (Chorus) 0:41
20 Recitative: Desselbigengleichen (Evangelist) 0:09
21 Er hat andern geholfen (Chorus) 0:38
22 Recitative: Und die mit ihm (Evangelist) 0:11
23 Chorale: Ich werde dir zu Ehren (Chorus) 0:45
24 Recitative: Und nach der sechsten (Jesus) 1:54
25 Aria: Verstummet, ihr Himmel! (Evangelist) 6:44
26 Recitative: Und etliche (Evangelist) 0:08
27 Siehe, er rufet (Chorus) 0:07
28 Recitative: Da lief einer (Evangelist) 0:47
29 Aria: Ihr Tranen fliesst (Soprano) 7:15
30 Recitative: Und der Vorhang (Evangelist) 0:13
31 Chorale: Ihr Graber brecht (Chorus) 0:46
32 Recitative: Der Hauptmann aber (Evangelist) 2:10
33 Chorale: Der Hirt ist tot (Chorus) 0:51
34 Recitative: Und er kaufte (Evangelist) 0:52
35 Gott ist versohnt (Chorus) 2:57
 Fritz Naf Soloist
 Fritz Naf Conductor

With the first recording of the St. Mark Passion by Gottfried August Homilius Carus continues his acclaimed series continues with music by Homilius Passions (St John Passion and Passion cantatas). Bach pupil and Dresdner Kreuzkantor one of the last composers of the 18th Century, continue composing alongside the popular Passions Passions over completely sealed texts, using the biblical text. With compassionate arias, unusual orchestral sounds and expressive Turba choruses Homilius has the traditional passion translates into his time. Fritz Naef, the Basel Madrigal Singers and L’arpa festante dedicated to this forgotten passion of sensibility.

"...This is sheer delight. The chorus is spot on with its intonation and expression. The soloists are brilliant, balancing affect with technical virtuosity and ornamentation. The orchestra plays as if of a single mind, matching their ornamentation and articulation."

Peter Loewen - American Record Guide - September/October 2013

 "... The choir is well-balanced and beautifully prepared, taking the character parts between them. The solo singers are experienced, and although their sound blends well with the choir, they are capable of dramatic accents as well as lyrical lines. This gives every promise of being a recording of an excellent as well as ground-breaking performance, and bodes well for the other recordings of Homilius’ work using the textxs Uew Wolf has prepared for Carus which include a Christmas Oratorio and cantatas."

 David Stancliffe - Early Music Review - August 2013

"...The Carus label has a strong commitment to the music of Homilius, and its recording of Homilius’s Markuspassion has more strengths than weaknesses and goes a long way to explain its widespread acclaim in the 60 or so years after it was written ...I shall return to this recording with pleasure."

Andrew O’Connor - International Record Review - July/August 2013

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