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CU 3296
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CU 3296
DANZI, F.: Berggeist, oder Schicksal und Treue (Der) [Opera] (Bernius)

DANZI, F.: Berggeist, oder Schicksal und Treue (Der) [Opera] (Bernius)

The Classical Shop
release date: July 2013


Hofkapelle Stuttgart


Frieder Bernius


Colin Balzer


Stuttgart Chamber Choir



Live recording, Musikhochschule Stuttgart, Germany


Record Label




Total Time - 77:26
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DANZI, F.: Berggeist, oder Schicksal und Treue (Der) [Opera] (Bernius)

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Der Berggeist, oder Schicksal und Treue

1 Overture 5:05
2 Act I: Scene: Zu hart ist diese Sache (Rubezahl, Der Geist, Chorus) 10:17
3 Act I: Es lebt sich herrlich auf der Welt (Chorus) 2:49
4 Act I: Lied: Dort oben im Gebirge (Anne, Chorus) 2:06
5 Act I: Septet: Wohl wankt auf Erden weit und breit (Jacob, Marthe, Anne, Heinrich, Rubezahl, Konrad, Hanns) 2:30
6 Act I: Aria: Ja, schon im Geist seh ich es ragen (Jacob) 3:15
7 Act I: Recitative and Aria: So war's gemeint (Anne) 7:43
8 Act I: Duet: Wo in ewigjungen Lauben (Anne, Heinrich) 2:55
9 Act I: Finale: Schlaf nicht so lang (Chorus, Pux, Meerungeheuer) 4:51
10 Act II: In den Höhlen haust der Wilde (Url, Chorus) 2:58
11 Act II: Trio: Sollt ich mich vor dem Knaben scheuen (Jacob, Anne, Heinrich) 3:10
12 Act II: Trio: Es kann nicht sein (Jacob, Konrad, Marthe) 1:54
13 Act II: Aria: O Meister (Pux) 1:48
14 Act II: Aria: Ich bleibe hier (Heinrich) 2:16
15 Act II: Durch die Felsenpforte (Chorus) 0:41
16 Act II: Scene: Welche unsichtbare Macht (Anne) 1:41
17 Act II: Zage nicht, du Auserwählte (Chorus, Anne, A Voice, Heinrich's Voice) 3:34
18 Act II: Recitative and Aria: Um Mitternacht treff ihn der Rache Strahl (Rubezahl, Chorus) 5:01
19 Act II: Das Meerschloss 2:38
20 Act II: In der stillen Mitternacht (Nachtwachter) 1:47
21 Act II: Finale: O schreckliches Erwachen 8:27
 Colin Balzer Soloist
 Frieder Bernius Conductor

Frieder Bernius lives up to his reputation for re-discoverering neglected masterpieces of romance. On this occasion, he was just in time to commemorate the anniversary of Ignaz Danzi (1763-1826). Together with the Stuttgart Chamber Choir and court orchestra he has restored Danzi’s opera  The Mountain Spirit from undeserved oblivion to the former glory of its unveiling in Karlsruhe in 1813. The premiere 200 years ago of this opera based on the myth of Rubezahl,  was notable for its contribution to early Romantic opera in Germany.

                                      Music **** (Very Good)          Sound **** (Very Good) 

Werner Pfister - Fono Forum magazine (Germany) - March 2015

 "... The music, unfailingly tuneful, remainds one of Mozart, Weber, and even the lighter moments of Fidelio. Danzi wrote pleasant arias and choruses, however short. He employs a small orchestra, producing a chamber music quality, and he makes great use of instrumental solos, especially the woodwinds, to describe the emotions of the characters as well as the natural phenomena of the setting- certainly a trait of romantic music. Frieder Bernius conducts the performance, using  the orchestra and chorus he founded. Apparently Bernius has been a champion of reviving little-known German music, and he presides lovingly over this score. .. all the soloists sing well, especially the tenors Colin Balzer and Robert Buckland and the the baritone Patrick Pobeschin..."

Richard Sininger - American Record Guide - September/October 2013

"...this is an attractive and well wrought opera, well-worth hearing."

John Warrack - International Record Review - September 2013

 "...Strongly recommended."

Brian Robins - Early Music Review - August 2013

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