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CX 7583
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CX 7583

Cantatas - STEFFANI, A. / VIVALDI, A. / LOTTI, A. / SCARLATTI, D. / MANCINI, F. / BONONCINI, A.M. (Italian Love Cantatas) (Vajente)

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release date: March 2012


Silvia Vajente


Epoca Barocca

Record Label


Vocal & Song


Total Time - 72:30
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Cantatas - STEFFANI, A. / VIVALDI, A. / LOTTI, A. / SCARLATTI, D. / MANCINI, F. / BONONCINI, A.M. (Italian Love Cantatas) (Vajente)

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Spezza, Amor (Amor, break your bows)

1 Aria: Spezza, Amor, l'arco e li strali (Amor, break your bows and arrows) 3:35
2 Recitative: Cosi dicea Fileno (And so he spoke, Philenos) 1:07
3 Aria: Zeffiretti placidetti (Soft Zephyr) 5:08
4 Recitative: O ragion vuol che sia (Perhaps it is good the way it is) 0:48
5 Aria: Fortuna crudele (Cruel Fortuna) 5:07



All'ombra di sospetto, RV 678

6 Recitative: All'om bra di sospetto 0:18
7 Aria: Avezzo non e il core 5:20
8 Recitative: O quanti amanti, o quanti 0:51
9 Aria: Mentiti contenti 3:52



Ti sento, o Dio bendato

10 Aria: Ti sento, o Dio bendato 4:56
11 Recitativo: Non rifiuto i tuoi dardi 0:44
12 Aria: Fai soave il languir, caro l'affanno 1:42
13 Aria: Vieni pur, ferischi in piaga 4:43



Di Fille vendicarmi vorrei

14 Aria: Di Fille vendicarmi 5:23
15 Recitative: Come puoi tanto 1:03
16 Aria: Se gia mi saettasti 4:15



Quanto dolce e quell' ardore

17 Aria: Quanto dolce e quell'ardore 5:58
18 Recitativo: Purche a te sia vicina 0:45
19 Aria: Aprimi il petto 4:27



Idol mio bel tesoro

20 Aria: Idol mio, mio bel tesoro 6:42
21 Recitative: Cinto di pieno amore 0:40
22 Aria: Io mi parto 5:06
 Silvia Vajente Soloist

The oboe was often employed as a wordless partner of the singer – and the special appeal of such poetic dialogue is presented here in exemplary fashion by some of the best-known masters of the Italian baroque. Soprano Silvia Vajente joins the Epoca Barocca ensemble and engages in highly intensive discourse. Her ability to do so lies in the fact that she was originally trained on the oboe. The vocalist captivates the listener above all with her tenderly swelling tones and with her gently finished, carefully cushioned phrase conclusions.

"... the range of color, affect, and emotion acheived by Vajente and the ensemble adds so much depth and beauty that the effect is Baroque chamber music at its most intimate and satisfying ... A close and intimate soundstage enhances the chamber effect of this recording. While there is enough space between instruments and voice to let each sound independent and clear, they are close enough to create a welcoming yet balanced whole that yields a real treat for the senses."

Henry Lebedinsky - Fanfare - September/October 2012

"...Epoca Barocca, all well-established and eminent period instrumentalists, are irreproachable both technically and as vocal accompanists. The continuo team provides attractive support for the soloists throughout the programme ..."

Christopher Price - International Record Review - July/August 2012

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