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CX 7694
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

AUBER, D.-F.: Muette de Portici (La) (Hermus)

The Classical Shop
release date: September 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Dessau Anhalt Philharmonic Orchestra


Antony Hermus


Diego Torre


Oscar de la Torre


Dessau Anhalt Theater Chorus



Grosses Haus des Anhaltischen Theaters Dessau, Germany


Record Label




Total Time - 134:29
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AUBER, D.-F.: Muette de Portici (La) (Hermus)




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La muette de Portici, S. 16

1 Overture 7:57
2 Act I: Introduction et Air: Du prince object de notre amour (Chorus, Alphonse) 4:29
3 Act I: Recitative: Lorenzo, je te vois (Alphonse, Lorenzo) 2:39
4 Act I: Mais du cortege qui s'avance (Alphonse, Chorus) 1:52
5 Act I: Recitative: Plaisier du rang supreme (Elvire) 3:20
6 Act I: Air: O moment enchanteur! (Elvire) 3:36
7 Act I: Scene: Dans ces jardins (Elvire, Dame d'honoeur, Selva, Lorenzo) 5:34
8 Act I: O Dieu puissant! (Chorus, Selva) 4:42
9 Act I: Finale: Il sont unis! (Chorus, Elvire, Alphonse, Lorenzo, Selva) 4:06
10 Act I: Finale (continuation): Rendez le calme (Elvire, Alphonse, Lorenzo, Selva, Chorus) 4:02
11 Act II: Amis, le soleil va paraitre (Chorus, Borella, Masaniello) 3:36
12 Act II: Barcarolle: Amis, la matinee est belle (Masaniello, Borella, Chorus) 4:30
13 Act II: Recitative: Mais j'apercois Pietro (Masaniello, Pietro) 1:03
14 Act II: Duet: Mieux vaut mourir que rester miserable! (Masaniello, Pietro) 3:49
15 Act II: Recitative: Que vois-je? Fenella! (Masaniello) 3:48
16 Act II: Finale: Venez, amis, venez portager mes transports (Masaniello, Borella, Pietro, Chorus, Elvire, Borella, Alphonse) 6:44

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1 Act III: Duet: N'esperez pas me fur (Alphonse, Elvire) 7:11
2 Act III: Au marche qui vient de s'ouvir (Chorus) 2:12
3 Act III: Finale: Non, je ne me trompe pas (Selva, Masaniello, Chorus) 3:32
4 Act III: Finale (continution): Priere: Saint bienheureux (Masaniello, Pietro, Borello, Chorus) 3:42
5 Act III: Finale (continution): Courons a la vengeance! (Masaniello, Pietro, Borello, Chorus) 1:24
6 Act IV: Air et Cavatine: Spectacle affreux (Masaniello) 6:28
7 Act IV: Air et Cavatine (continuation): Du pauvre seul ami fidele (Masaniello) 2:48
8 Act IV: Cavatine: Mais on vient (Masaniello, Pietro, Chorus, Alphonse, Elvire) 5:57
9 Act IV: Arbitre d'une vie (Elvire) 4:47
10 Act IV: Scene: Des strangers dans ma chaumiere (Masaniello, Alphonse) 0:44
11 Act IV: Scene (continuation): Par le peuple conduits (Pietro, Masaniello, Alphonse, Elvire, Chorus) 5:20
12 Act IV: March: Honneur et gloire! (Chorus, Pietro, Masaniello) 4:42
13 Act V: Barcarolle: Voyez du haut de ces rivages (Pietro, Morenom, Chorus) 5:42
14 Act V: Finale: On vient! Silence, amis! (Pietro, Borello, Chorus, Masaniello) 6:29
15 Act V: Finale (continution): L'Ennemi! (Pietro, Masaniello, Chorus) 7:44
 Diego Torre Soloist
 Oscar de la Torre Soloist
 Antony Hermus Conductor
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"... this recording is a must-get for any lovers of truly dramatic opera of the ottocento period. This music is so great as to almost beggar belief, driving forward with an impulse tht is sheerly visceral and practically irresistable. .."

Lynn René Bayley - Fanfare - January/February 2014

"...The opera is fairly short and its music is consistently engaging ... The chorus has lots to do and is up to the job. Conductor Hermus really keeps things moving ... truly delightful music..."

Ralph Lucano - American Record Guide - January/Feruary 2014


              *** - (Good Disc)

Nicola Cattò - Musica magazine - September 2013

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