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CX 7876

CHARPENTIER, M.-A.: Couronne de fleurs (La) / La descente d'Orphee aux enfers (Boston Early Music Festival Chorus and Orchestra, O'Dette, Stubbs)

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2014

Originally recorded in 2014


Paul O'Dette


Amanda Forsythe


Jason McStoots


Dorothee Mields


Zachary Wilder


Boston Early Music Festival Chorus



Sendesaal Bremen, Burgermeister-Spitta-Allee 45, Bremen, Germany


Record Label


Vocal & Song


Total Time - 78:42
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CHARPENTIER, M.-A.: Couronne de fleurs (La) / La descente d'Orphee aux enfers (Boston Early Music Festival Chorus and Orchestra, O'Dette, Stubbs)

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La couronne de fleurs, H. 486

1 Overture 01:30
2 Scene 1: Renaissez, paraissez (Flore) 03:42
3 Scene 1: Marche des Bergers 01:13
4 Scene 2: Puisque Flore en ces lieux nous convie (Roselie, Bergeres) 01:23
5 Scene 2: Trio: Trop indiscrets Zephirs (Sylvandre) - Et vous, fontaines et ruisseaux (Un Berger) 01:52
6 Scene 2: Prelude pour animer les bergers au combat 00:33
7 Scene 2: Recitative: Lorsqu'un torrent enfle par un soudain orage (Amaranthe, All) 01:32
8 Scene 2: Recitative: La foudre menacant qui perce avec fureur (Forestan, All) 01:25
9 Scene 2: Menuet 00:37
10 Scene 2: Recitative: Des Heros fabuleux que la Grece a chantes (Hyacinthe, All) 01:13
11 Scene 2: Recitative: Louis fait a nos temps, par ses faits inouis (Mirtil, All) 01:31
12 Scene 3: Quittez, quittez Bergers, ce dessein temeraire (Pan, All) 02:33
13 Scene 3: Nous nous taisons: Pan nous l'ordonne (Roselie) 01:34
14 Scene 3: Bien que, pour etaler les Vertus immortelles (Flore, Pan) 01:28
15 Scene 3: Ballet: Bergers et Bergeres 01:23
16 Scene 3: Belles fleurs, tous les ans (Roselie, Amaranthe, All) 02:38
 Amanda Forsythe Soloist
  Dorothee Mields Soloist

La descente d'Orphee aux enfers, H. 488

17 Overture 02:07
18 Act I Scene 1: Inventons mille jeux divers (Daphnee, Chorus) 02:09
19 Act I Scene 1: Ruisseau qui dans ce beau sejour (Enone, Arethuze) 02:15
20 Act I Scene 1: Compagnes fideles (Euridice) 02:06
21 Act I Scene 1: Qu'il se croira fortune (Daphne, Euridice, Chorus) – Recitative: L'on ne goute point de plaisirs sans douleurs (Enone) 01:10
22 Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Soutiens-moi, chere Enone (Euridice, Orphee, Chorus) - Orphee, adieu, je meurs (Euridice) 01:03
23 Act I Scene 2: Ah! Bergers, c'en est fait (Orphee, Chorus) 02:51
24 Act I Scene 2: Entree de nymphes et de bergers desesperes 01:05
25 Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Lache amant, pourrais-tu survivre (Orphee) 00:47
26 Act I Scene 3: Recitative:Ne tourne point, mon fils (Apollon, Orphee) 02:05
27 Act I Scene 3: Recitative: Que d'un frivole espoir (Orphee) - Juste sujet de pleurs (Chorus) 03:01
28 Act II Scene 1: Affreux tourments (Ixion, Tantale, Titye) 01:30
29 Act II Scene 2: Cessez, cessez, fameux coupables (Orphee) 02:12
30 Act II Scene 2: Quelle touchante voix, quelle douce harmonie (Ixion, Tantale, Titye) 01:45
31 Act II Scene 2: Je ne refuse point le secours (Orphee) - Il n'est rien aux Enfers (Chorus) 02:21
32 Act II Scene 2: Les Fantomes 01:03
33 Act II Scene 3: Prelude - Recitative: Que cherche en mon palais (Pluton) 00:58
34 Act II Scene 3: Je ne viens point ici (Orphee) - Pauvre amant (Proserpine, Chorus) 04:09
35 Act II Scene 3: Euridice n'est plus (Orphee) 02:37
36 Act II Scene 3: Recitative: Le destin est contraire (Pluton, Proserpine) - Permets qu'elle revive (Ombres Heureuses) 01:28
37 Act II Scene 3: Tu ne la perdras point, helas (Orphee) 02:17
38 Act II Scene 3: Recitative: Quel charme imperieux (Pluton, Proserpine) - Courage Orphee (Chorus) 01:31
39 Act II Scene 3: Souviens-toi du larcin (Orphee) 03:22
40 Act II Scene 3: Recitative: Je cede, je me rends (Pluton) - Recitative: Amour, brulant Amour (Orphee) 02:17
41 Act II Scene 4: Vous partez donc, Orphee (Chorus, Ixion, Tantale, Titye) - Entree des Fantomes 04:26
 Jason McStoots Soloist
  Zachary Wilder Soloist
  Paul O'Dette Conductor

CPO presents a new release from the Boston Early Music Festival. These two baroque operas, composed by Marc-Antoine Charpentier, which prove to be both complex and highly entertaining.

 "... Highly recommended."

Barry Brenesal - Fanfare - November/December 2014

               Editor’s Choice - Opera

 "... Both works include cheerful ouvertures and diverting entrées (dances), prompting O’Dette and Stubbs to employ larger and more varied resources to enhance theor characterisation, though the dramatic action is accompanied mainly by the continuo instruments... Bravo!"

Julie Anne Sadie - Gramophone magazine - September 2014

"...All is sung and played with stylish assurance and expresive sensibility under directors Paul O’Dette and Stephen Stubbs."  *****

Nicholas Anderson - Early Music Today magazine - September-November 2014

                         ***** (Exceptional album)

Claudio Bolzan - Musica magazine (Italy) - July/August 2014

"...The cast all sound well versed in the idiom, but what impresses above all, in this as in othe Boston performances, is not individual achievements but the strong sense of collective purpose and understanding that propels the project..."

David Hansell - Early Music Review - 160  - June 2014

                                   Music ***** (Outstanding)          Sound ***** (Outstanding)

Reinmar Emans - Fono Forum magazine (Germany) - June 2014

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