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D8 0164
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D8 0164
OSWALD, J.: Airs for the Seasons (The Broadside Band)

OSWALD, J.: Airs for the Seasons (The Broadside Band)

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release date: December 2012

Originally recorded in 2011


Broadside Band, The


Broadside Band, The

Record Label
Dorian - Sono Luminus




Total Time - 60:42
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OSWALD, J.: Airs for the Seasons (The Broadside Band)

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Airs for the Spring: Ranunculus

1 I. Aria: Moderato 1:19
2 II. Allegro andante 0:53
3 III. Tempo di minuetto 1:25

Airs for the Summer: Veronica

4 I. Aria: Largo affettuoso 1:44
5 II. Allegro 0:43

Airs for the Autumn: Marvel of Peru

6 I. Scortese: Moderato 1:10
7 II. Comic: Allegro ma non presto 1:08
8 III. Musette: Allegro moderato 1:14

Airs for the Winter: Golden Rod

9 I. Pastorale: Andante 1:29
10 II. Musette: Allegro moderato 1:04
11 III. Tempo di minuetto: Allegro 1:37

Airs for the Spring: Lady's Mantle

12 I. Plaintive: Languente 2:28
13 II. Allegro 0:57
14 III. Aria: Vivace 1:06

Airs for the Summer: Myrtle

15 I. Mezza Voce: Moderato 2:26
16 II. Allegro 1:13
17 III. Minuetto: Vivace 1:12

Airs for the Spring: Narcissus

18 I. Air: Pastorale andante 1:42
19 II. Giga: Vivace 1:05

Airs for the Summer: Heliotrope

20 I. Siciliana: Affettuoso 1:21
21 II. Allegro 0:51
22 III. Largo: Amoroso 1:48

Airs for the Autumn: Night Shade

23 I. Aria: Pastorale vivace 1:10
24 II. Sostenuto: Moderato 1:33
25 III. Hornpipe: Con spirito 1:03

Airs for the Winter: Heart's-Ease

26 I. Siciliana: Andante 1:55
27 II. Allegretto amoroso 2:14

Airs for the Autumn: Oriental Mallow

28 I. Allegro 1:22
29 II. Largo 0:40
30 III. Tempo di minuetto: Vivace 1:50

Airs for the Winter: Hawthorn

31 I. Plaintive: Amoroso 3:03
32 II. Allegro 0:44
33 III. Presto 0:39

Airs for the Spring: Crocus

34 I. Aria: Moderato 1:21
35 II. Allegro assai 1:23

Airs for the Summer: Poppy

36 I. Aria: Andante 2:16
37 II. Gavotta: Allegro 1:19

Airs for the Autumn: Belvedere

38 I. Cantabile: Amoroso largo 2:45
39 II. Non presto: Allegro 1:09

Airs for the Winter: Snow Drop

40 I. Affettuossimo: Larghetto 3:27
41 II. Gavotta: Allegro 0:54
  Broadside Band, The Ensemble
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