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DA 1204
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DA 1204
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
Schubert - Piano Masterworks, vol. 3

Schubert: Piano Music

The Classical Shop
release date: December 2007


Anthony Goldstone



St. John the Baptist, Alkborough


Anthony Goldstone

Record Label
Divine Art



Total Time - 146:46
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Schubert - Piano Masterworks, vol. 3




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Seventeen Landler, D. 366


Impromptu in C minor, D. 899 no. 1


Impromptu in E flat major, D. 899 no. 2


Impromptu in G flat major, D. 899 no. 3


Impromptu in A flat major, D. 899 no. 4


Piano Sonata in A minor, D. 845

6 I 1. Moderato 8:34
7 II 2. Andante poco mosso 11:54
8 III 3. Scherzo and Trio 7:14
9 IV 4. Rondo: Allegro vivace 4:47

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Allegretto in C minor, D. 900

  completed by Anthony Goldstone  

Diabelli Variation, D. 718


Piano Sonata in C major, D. 840 ('Reliquie')

3 I 1. Moderato 10:50
4 II 2. Andante 9:31
5 III 3. Menuetto: Allegretto 5:14
  completed by Anthony Goldstone  
6 IV 4. Allegro 7:10
  completed by Anthony Goldstone  

Piano Sonata in D major, D. 850

7 I 1. Allegro vivace 8:17
8 II 2. Con moto 11:10
9 III 3. Scherzo: Allegro vivace 8:29
10 IV 4. Rondo: Allegro moderato 7:49
 Anthony Goldstone piano

The third of three volumes containing some of the greatest piano music ever written, played by Schubert specialist Anthony Goldstone.

This issue is rather special and historically important as it contains the first recordings of Goldstone’s own completions of two unfinished works, the D. 900 Allegretto and the Reliquie Sonata,  D.840

“… outstanding sound, and performances never less than excellent, round out Anthony Goldstone’s series of Schubert’s piano masterworks… Goldstone holds his own with the exceptional recordings by Kempff, Uchida and Cooper. An additional plus is that each of the 2CD sets can be had for just the price of one premium disc. I heartily recommend that Schubert piano enthusiasts find a spot in their music libraries for Mr. Goldstone.”

Donald Satz

Music Web

"Goldstone is a Schubert pianist of exceptional ability...his notes on the music illuminate it and are of the highest standard...magnificent performance [D899 Impromptus] one has presented better advocacy as in the beautifully plateed and presented set of which this is the third and final part. Recommended without reservation"

Arthur Baker

FRMS Bulletin

“…outstanding readings that easily compete with the best available. There is both joy and elation to the interpretations--and an intensity and natural flow that is not always easy to achieve… a recital that cannot be praised too highly. Schubert lovers will know how to proceed.”

American Record Guide

"I must confess an increasing admiration for the playing of pianist Anthony Goldstone. The final volume in the series of Schubert’s piano music continues to reveal new depths to his playing. There is a refreshing, almost down-to-earth quality in Goldstone’s musicianship which leaves it free of pretension, artificial poeticism, or over-dramatisation. The resulting naturalistic quality of pianism benefits the music, it seems to me, and is reflected throughout this double CD, which includes the famous Impromptus and Bagtelles [sic], a delicious set of Ländler, and three big sonatas - including the Reliquie in a completion by Goldstone himself (though there is no experience quite like that where Schubert’s music is allowed to stop in mid-breath, where the composer laid down his pen). No matter; at mid-price, a seriously good bargain."

Michael Tumelty

The Glasgow Herald

“Goldstone’s feel for phraseology and motion are notable… Goldstone the composer is to be admired”

International Piano

“...[the Reliquie] sonata receives a worthy performance without excesses and with great clarity of articulation; Goldstone’s composition of the four bars missing from the original edition in the second (variation) movement -Schubert’s manuscript having been lost - sound natural in their place. Two additional pleasures come in the shape of an Allegretto in C (also completed by Anthony Goldstone) and Schubert’s single Diabelli Variation - and Goldstone should now be congratulated on the completion of his three-volume account of Schubert’s piano masterworks.”

Arnold Howarth

The Schubertian

“The playing, the booklet notes (Goldstone, commendably, writes his own) and the whole production speak of a dedication which is entirely praiseworthy… The set of seventeen Ländler that open this collection is immediately attractive. The clean fingerwork and careful pedalling are in fact typical of Goldstone’s playing throughout this set. The recording is a model of clarity, retaining at the same time the fullness of the piano tone… Goldstone’s innate musicality is ever-present here (in the Impromptus)… The sense of dramatic tension Goldstone brings to the A minor Sonata, D845, is more than welcome”. 

Colin Clarke

Music Web

“At his best, Goldstone is an excellent Schubert pianist, as is witnessed particularly in some of the shorter pieces… [Goldstone’s completions of the unfinished Sonata] have a sensitive feeling for what Schubert might have done…”

John Warrick

International Record Review

“Anthony Goldstone is quite the superb artist, and it is obvious from these recordings that Schubert is very near and dear to him… it becomes clear that Goldstone has lived with this music and brings to it a depth of understanding.” 

Jerry Dubins



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