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DA 1372
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

STEVENSON, R.: Piano Music (McLachlan)

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release date: August 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Murray McLachlan



Haden-Freeman Concert Hall, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester England, United Kingdom


Haden-Freeman Concert Hall, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, United States


Record Label
Divine Art




Total Time - 216:49
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STEVENSON, R.: Piano Music (McLachlan)




Komm, susser Tod, BWV 478 (arr. R. Stevenson)


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Prelude and Chorale (An Easter Offering)


L'art nouveau de chant applique au piano, Vol. 1

3 I. Eleanore: Moderato, appassionato 3:18
4 II. So we'll go no more a-roving: Andantino 4:36
5 III. Plus blanche que la plus blanche hermine: Andantino grazioso 5:37
6 IV. In the silent night: Lento 3:14
7 V. Go not, happy day: Allegrissimo con gioia sfiatata e con freschezza primevale 1:55

L'art nouveau de chant applique au piano, Vol. 2

8 I. Fly home little heart: Andante comodo 2:32
9 II: We'll gather lilacs: Andante comodo 3:23
10 III: Demande et reponse: Andante 1:13
11 IV. Will you remember?: Tempo di valse 1:07

3 Scottish Ballads


Fugue on a Fragment of Chopin


6 Pensees sur des Preludes de Chopin

14 No. 1. Agitato 1:15
15 No. 2. Lento funebre 1:49
16 No. 3. Andantino (alla Mazurka) 1:21
17 No. 4. Lento sostenuto 1:25
18 No. 5. Allegro agitato, con urgenza 1:41
19 No. 6. Non agitato 2:01

Variations-Study on a Chopin Waltz


Etudette d'apres Korsakov et Chopin


Chopin, 3 Waltz Transcriptions

22 No. 1. Waltz in A flat, Op. 34 3:58
23 No. 2. Waltz in A flat, Op. 42 5:34
24 No. 3. Double Waltz 3:36

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Le festin d'Alkan, "Petit Concert"

1 I. Free Composition: Allegro senza allegrezza 6:36
2 II. Free Transcription: Andante ipnotico 10:21
3 III. Free Multiple Variations: Moderato macabre 10:15

Piano Sonata No. 1 in G minor (after E. Ysaye's Violin Sonata, Op. 27, No. 1)

4 I. Preludio: Grave Lento assai 4:50
5 II. Fugato: Molto moderato 4:46
6 III. Allegretto poco scherzoso 4:15
7 IV. Finale con brio Allegro 2:52

Piano Sonata No. 2 (after E. Ysaye's Violin Sonata No. 2 in A minor, Op. 27, No. 2)

8 I. Prelude, "Obsession": Poco vivace 3:09
9 II. Malinconia: Poco lento 2:36
10 III. Sarabande, "Danse des ombres": Lento 5:24
11 IV. Les furies: Allegro furioso 3:08

Norse Elegy for Ella Nygard


Canonic Caprice on Grunfeld's 'The Bat'


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Fantasy in F minor, K. 608 (arr. R. Stevenson)


Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, K. 466: II. Romance (arr. R. Stevenson)




Melody on a Ground of Glazunov


Ricordanza di San Romerio (A Pilgrimage for Piano)


3 Grounds (after H. Purcell)

5 No. 1. Andante quasi fado 3:42
6 No. 2. Andante arioso 3:21
7 No. 3. Allegretto 2:16



Toccata in A major (arr. R. Stevenson)




Little Jazz Variations on Purcell's New Scotch Tune




The Fairy Queen, Z. 629, II. Hornpipe (arr. R. Stevenson)


The Queen's Dolour in A minor, Z. 670 (arr. R. Stevenson)




2 Music Portraits

12 No. 1. Valse Charlot 0:47
13 No. 2. Valse Garbo 1:24

3 Elizabethan Pieces after John Bull

14 No. 1. Pavan: Con dignita 5:58
15 No. 2. Galliard: Moderato e maestoso 3:11
16 No. 3. Jig, "The King's Hunt" 3:55
 Murray McLachlan Soloist

Ronald Stevenson is one of the most original minds in the world of the composition of music. - So said Yehudi Menuhin. This magnum opus set is a magnificent culmination of several years of planning and a great acheivement by Murray McLachlan. Stevenson’s most remarkable work, Le Festin d’Alkan, is given a superb performance as are his incredibly varied transcriptions and fantasies on Bach, Ysaÿe and Chopin (and others) and a number of his other original works.

“The obscurity which envelopes [Stevenson’s] art is a cause for enormous regret. I guarantee that as you work your way through these recordings, you will shake your head in dumbfounded disbelief that music of such remarkable quality should have gone unheard for so long. Murray McLachlan deserves enormous praise for these recordings. Some of these pieces erect some formidable barriers .. but McLachlan negotiates their difficulties with chamois surefootedness.  One’s predominant emotion is gratitude to the musician, recording company and composer who made [the set] possible.  Its importance can hardly be overstated.” 

Martin Anderson - Tempo

“...For me the outright best release of the past year [2013], bar none ... That a composer of this stature should have to wait so long for record­ings of his music (and he’s still waiting for the vast bulk of his huge output to get anywhere near the microphones) is shameful; this set will let you hear why.” 

Martin Anderson - Fanfare

"... This release will be required for followers of Stevenson, of course, and listeners interested in Sorabji, Alkan, Bousoni, et al., should consider it as well..."

Stephen Estep - American Record Guide - September/October 2013

“Murray McLachlan’s playing throughout these discs is as masterly as one would expect and he is superbly recorded. The pianists also contributes extensive booklet notes which explore every facet of the music. A superlative collection of some superlative arrangements and realisations by one of the great masters of the keyboard. A big thank you to everyone concerned with this marvellous release.” 
Paul Godfrey -

“This is a very noteworthy release, and I am going to go out on a limb and predict that it will end up on many ‘Best of’ lists. McLachlan’s performances on these discs are conscientiousness and intelligence personified. McLachlan’s Stevenson buffet has enough delights to make it well worth your while.” 
Raymond Tuttle - Fanfare

“Stevenson has composed almost 500 pieces for solo piano, many of which are fiendishly difficult to play. Even three well-filled discs can hardly scratch the surface of such a vast amount of piano music. It’s never, ever dull, and its sheer imagination and energy are irrepressible. So too are McLachlan’s performances; the dedication of his playing is without doubt immensely impressive.” 
Andrew Clements - The Guardian

“I was telling a friend about the arrival of Ronald Stevenson’s piano music CDs on my doorstep. What surprised him most was that for once in my life I was lost for words. I was overwhelmed by the sheer width and depth of the repertoire. Ronald Stevenson is one of the most important living composers. I was extremely impressed by Murray McLachlan’s playing on these three superb discs. This complex, usually technically difficult - if not nearly impossible, at times - music demands a huge technique and considerable confidence to play and interpret successfully. The liner-notes by Murray McLachlan are excellent, comprehensive and interesting. [This set] will long remain as a monument to the achievement of Ronald Stevenson.” 
John France -

 “What a collection of treasures... McLachlan proves the ideal guide through this unendingly fascinating array of works. McLachlan’s technique is equal to the most challenging of the composer’s virtuosic demands, his musical sensibilities attuned to shaping the torrents of notes into real works of art and his lightness of touch able to draw out the subtle tones and colours that are the lifeblood of the music. The recording is very clear, no mean achievement given the music’s wide dynamic and textural range. Very strongly recommended.” 

Guy Rickards - International Piano magazine

“{A} handsomely packaged and illustrated, thoughtfully and provocatively programmed three-disc set. [including] beautiful, reverential and entirely effective reimagining of the Romanza from Mozart’s D minor Concerto ... dumbfounding realizations of the first two of Ysaÿe’s Op. 27 Sonatas.. Le Festin d’Alkan is massive and sometimes incandescent. Stevenson also emerges as a notable champion of English Baroque. McLachlan plays most of this programme with a pianism worthy of Stevenson’s own – not merely equal to all the music’s considerable technical demands but ... with real beauty and poetry of tone. The set, to which I find myself returning repeatedly, is a triumph.” 
Calum MacDonald - International Record Review

“An excellent view of Stevenson’s art, showing the vast scope of his piano transcriptions, variations and arrangements. Murray McLachlan fully does justice ... in playing that is impeccably accomplished ... a tremendous advocate for these pieces. The recordings are clear and detailed. This new release should appeal to all lovers of fine piano music and indeed, music lovers in general.” 
The Classical Reviewer

“Three well-filled CDs. McLachlan proves an impressive advocate, coping well with all the virtuoso demands ... an important, groundbreaking issue celebrating the work of a composer too long neglected.” 
Edward Greenfield - Gramophone magazine

“One of the very most important and entertaining piano recordings of the year..mind-boggling originality and daring. [played by his] equal as a piano wizard Murray McLachlan... the collection as a whole will give lasting satisfaction.”  
Peter Grahame Woolf - Musical Pointers

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