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DA 5007
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DA 5007

Galuppi: Complete Piano Sonatas, Volume 2

The Classical Shop
release date: September 2007

Originally recorded in 2007


Peter Seivewright



Matt Thomson Concert Hall, Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama


Stephen Sutton


Douglas Doherty

Record Label
Divine Art



Total Time - 61:49
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Sonata in C major

1 Andante 2:48
2 Allegro 2:26

Sonata in G major

3 Andantino 4:13
4 Presto 3:02

Sonata in F major

5 Andantino 6:09
6 Allegro 2:20
7 Giga 1:43

Sonata in C minor

8 Allegro moderato 3:11
9 Allegretto 2:48

Sonata in F major

10 Introduction (Arpeggio) 2:13
11 Allegro 3:26
12 Allegro 2:59

Sonata in D minor

13 Allegro 2:27
14 Variations 1:12

Sonata in D major

15 Andante grazioso 3:23
16 Allegro moderato 3:42

Sonata in B flat major

17 Larghetto 5:15
18 Allegro 3:35

Sonata in A major

19 Larghetto 2:35
20 Allegro assai 2:22

In the second  of a series of 10 CD’s containing Galuppi’s 90 sonatas, we present a further nine of these masterpieces. All music lovers should sample these seminal works, which made Galuppi one of the greatest composers of his day; all the more strange that he should have fallen into such obscurity.

Peter Seivewright has spent a good deal of time on a research mission to Venice and other European cities, retrieving the unpublished manuscript scores and preparing performing editions.  One of the great revelations brought about by this work is that Galuppi, far from being a straightforward baroque composer writing for the traditional keyboard instruments (harpsichord and clavichord), which have been employed in all previous recordings, actually waited until the piano had been developed before creating most of his phenomenal output.     Many of the original manuscripts are titled "Sonata for Pianoforte", and much of the writing, making substantial use of the sustain pedal, simply do not work on the earlier instruments.

“movements are built often quite imaginatively and always resourcefully.. [Seivewright] is a sensitive artist and obviously enjoys this repertoire, and he communicates this enjoyment to us.  **(* )  (in relation to volumes 1-3)

Penguin Guide - 2005

"Peter Seivewright plays with a caressing style which reminds me of Glenn Gould (a pianist whom I admire). He is also clearly a scholar and musical historian of merit as the essays provided by him in the record booklets demonstrate. The CDs are well presented and with excellent notes as indicated in the last paragraph. The one thing that is lacking are notes about the individual pieces. I enjoyed these two volumes and can recommend them to anyone looking for piano music away from the beaten track."  (review of volumes 1 and 2)

Arthur Baker

FRMS Bulletin

"well recorded….well played"

Musical Opinion

"Absolutely immaculate execution matched by the clarity of the recorded sound… is difficult to imagine this particular repertoire being presented to better advantage"

International Piano Magazine

"There is much melodic beauty in these relatively brief and generally bipartite works … the music could not have a more sophisticated or dedicated advocate. In each sonata [Seivewright] unwraps a musical gift of exquisite beauty, gently embracing and caressing the slow movements with Italianate grace and lyrical expression that border upon the romantic while the more lively sections are permeated with a delightful and appropriate bounce and spontaneity. Seivewright’s gentle coaxing produces a kaleidoscopic array of dynamics and a rainbow of colors. These sonatas may never challenge the place of honor held by those of Mozart, but Seivewright pleads both an elegant and eloquent case for a re-examination of his shadowy repertoire."

Michael Carter


"Seivewright is an enthusiastic and accomplished pianist.. he plays with great conviction and flair..pleasant listening from first note to last..a top class product.. the recording is beyond reproach" 

Gerald Fenech

Classical Net

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