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DA 5083
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DA 5083

Russian Piano Music, Volume 3

The Classical Shop
release date: March 2010

Originally recorded in 2010


Anthony Goldstone



St John the Baptist, Alkborough


Record Label
Divine Art



Total Time - 67:15
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  Russian Piano Music, Vol 3  



25 Preludes, Op.30 (1907)

1 No.1 in C major 1:11
2 No.2 in C minor 2:53
3 No.3 in D flat major 0:55
4 No.4 in C sharp minor 2:31
5 No.5 in D major 3:21
6 No.6 in D minor 1:12
7 No.7 in E flat major 1:54
8 No. 8 in E flat minor 1:03
9 No.9 in E major 3:24
10 No.10 in E minor 2:43
11 No.11 in F major 1:57
12 No.12 in F minor 1:08
13 No.13 in F sharp major 2:04
14 No.14 in F sharp minor 2:47
15 No.15 in G major 2:34
16 No.16 in G minor 1:00
17 No.17 in A flat major 0:45
18 No.18 in G sharp minor 1:17
19 No.19 in A major 1:50
20 No.20 in A minor 2:42
21 No.21 in B flat major 3:11
22 No.22 in B flat minor 1:21
23 No.23 in B major 1:37
24 No.24 in B minor 0:38
25 No.25 in C major 1:28

3 Mazurkas, Op.29 (1906)

26 No.1 in B minor 1:13
27 No.2 in A flat major 1:06
28 No.3 in B flat minor 1:53

12 Esquisses, Op.47 (1909)

29 No.1 - Molto sostenuto 1:47
30 No.2 - Con leggerezza 0:59
31 No.3 - Gaiamente 1:00
32 No.4 - Andante affettuoso 1:23
33 No.5 - Volante 0:46
34 No.6 - Andantino 1:44
35 No.7 - Agitato 0:54
36 No.8 - Religioso 1:47
37 No.9 - Poco agitato 1:44
38 No.10 - Allegretto ma non troppo 1:12
39 No.11 - Allegro giocoso 0:47
40 No.12 - Vivace 1:34

Divine Art American Branch is issuing a series of discs of Russian Piano Music, much of it rare and all full of tuneful energy. The first five CDs feature top British pianists Anthony Goldstone and Murray McLachlan:
vol. 1 Shostakovich and Comrades (McLachlan) dda25080
vol. 2 Rebikov (Goldstone) - well worth discovering - dda25081
vol. 3 Glière (Goldstone) dda25083
vol. 4 Lyapunov (Goldstone) dda25084
vol. 5 Arensky (Goldstone) dda25085

“It is clear from the very first bars that [Goldstone] is totally at ease with both the technical aspect of this far from simple music but more importantly the idiom of it too. Golsdtone’s particular musical skill is the way in which he pitches these performances so perfectly. [Glière’s] natural gift for melody... makes his music thoroughly enjoyable. The recording suits the music well....  a most desirable series and one that I hope to hear more of.”

Nick Barnard -

            **** Excellent

Ricard Risaliti - Musica magazine (Italy) - September 2011

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