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DH 7810
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DH 7810
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

Faust by Charles Gounod in Italian

The Classical Shop
release date: December 2008

Originally recorded in 2008


Chorus & Orchestra of La Scala, Milan

Carlo Sabajno

Napoleone Limonta


Adolfo Pacini


Fernando Autori


Nella Garrone


Gemma Bosini


Giuliano Romagnoli


Record Label
Divine Art Historical



Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 144:31
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  CD 1  



Act I

1 Preludio (Orchestra) Act I Prelude 4:22
2 No! Interrogo invan (recit.: Rien! En vain j'interroge) 4:17
3 Ah! Vieni estremo (Salut! O mon dernier matin) 3:47
4 Ma il ciel che può (recit.: Maid ce Dieu que peût-il) 1:25
5 Sono qua! (me voici) 3:29
6 Sta ben! (Fort bien!) 5:42

Act II

7 Su, da bere ('Kermesse') (Vin ou bière) 3:56
8 O santa medaglia (O sainte medaille) 2:03
9 Dio possente ('Cavatine') (Avant de quitter ces lieux) 4:04
10 Andiam, partiam (Alons, amis) 1:30
11 Dio dell'or (Le veau d'or) 1:50
12 Èstrana assai (Merci de la Chanson) 5:29
13 Ci rivedremo (Nous nous retrouverons) 1:29
14 Walzer - Come allor (Ainsi que la brise) 2:50
15 Permette reste a me (Ne permettrez-vous pas) 5:45


16 Intermezzo 1:32
17 Le parlate d'amor ('Flower Song') (Faites-lui mes aveux) 2:52
18 Giunti siam? (recit.: C'est ici?) 3:11
19 Salve dimore (Salut! Demeure chaste et pure) 4:27
20 All'erta! Eccola qua! (recit.: Alerte! La voila) 0:45
21 Come vorrei saper (Je voudrais bien) 4:28
22 O ciel! ('The Jewel Song') (O Dieu!) 5:13
  TT CD 1: 72:29      

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  CD 2  
1 Giusto ciel! vegg'io? (Seigneur Dieu, que vois-je?) 0:32
2 Si, un dono quest'e (Oui, c'est là'e0, le cadeau) 2:45
3 V'appoggia te al braccio mio (Prenez mon bras) 7:14
4 Ètempo alfin! (recit.: Il était temps!) 1:39
5 Tardi si fa, addio! (Il se fait tard, adieu!) 3:55
6 Notte d'amor ('Love Duet') (O nuit d'amour) 3:13
7 Divina purità (Divine purité) 2:14
8 Vedete! (Tenez!) 3:35

Act IV

9 Scena della chiesa ('Church Scene') - Introduzzione 2:13
10 Signor, concesso sia (Seigneur, deignes permettre) 3:34
11 Ciel! Che voce odo mai? (Dieu! Quelle est cette voix) 4:18
12 Deponiam il brando (Deposons les armes) 2:54
13 O Gloria! ('Soldiers' Chorus') (Gloire immortelle) 3:18
14 Siebel! Nel mio tetto andiam (recit.: Allons Siebel) 1:04
15 Perchè tardate ancora? (recit.: Qu'attendez-vous encore?) 1:13
16 Tu che fai I'addormentata ('Serenade') (Vous que faites I'endormie) 2:45
17 Che fate qui, Signor ('Duel Trio') (Que voulez-vous?) 4:07
18 Per di qua venga ornun (Par ici, mes amis) 6:52

Act V

19 Va via! (recit.: Va-t'en!) 1:43
20 Penetrato è il mio cor (mon coeur est penetré) 6:49
21 All'erta! All'erta! (Alerte, alerte) 2:46
22 E salva! ('Final Chorus') (Sauve!) 1:22
  TT CD 2: 70:09      
 Giuliano Romagnoli tenor
 Gemma Bosini soprano
 Fernando Autori bass
 Napoleone Limonta baritone
 Adolfo Pacini baritone
 Nella Garrone mezzo-soprano
 Carlo Sabajno
  Original sound recording made by The Gramophone Company, Milan in 1920  

Faust first became popular in this Italian version with libretto by Achille de Lauzières, before being fully accepted in the original French. The Italian text seems to suit the music so much better! Among the many recordings of this opera, this 1920 La Scala performance, made for HMV, must be amongst the best - the main soloists are superb and despite the age of the recording (made acoustically) come through clear due to the wonderful audio restoration work of Andrew Rose.

“Divine Art seems to have done its job well. Most of the singers have rapid little vibratos, but their voices are not unattractive. Autori has a dark voice and fairly smooth delivery ... he isn’t crude and heavy”

James Miller


“Autori as Mephistopheles: a vital, vivid, vibrant interpretation. He brings the character to life without excess: one of the best. Transfers are well done”

John T. Hughes

International Record Review

“Absolutely minimal surface noise... thus we can appreciate this set as a genuine performance. The quality of this world-class opera company shines through these old discs with an excellence and unfailing deep musicianship that justifies this reissue in artistic grounds”

Robert Matthew-Walker

Musical Opinion

“Superb sound!...instrumental details are well caught, the chorus has great impact, the singers leap out of the speakers with surprising realism. Carlo Sabajno...secures fine playing and singing from the La Scala forces. The star of the performance is Fernando Autori as Mephistopheles. He has a magnificent black-tinted bass... one of the most impressive devils on any recording. Gilda Timitz is an excellent Siebel and his/her Flower Song is one of the highlights. A lot to admire on this almost 90-year old surprisingly listenable version.”

Göran Forsling

Music Web

“The crop of quality singers and the much underrated Carlo Sabajno combine together to provide a truly world class performance on all counts... stunning remastering. This is an essential historical document which is a must for all fans of opera in all guises.”

Gerald Fenech

Classical Net

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