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DI 0501
VIVALDI, A.: Sinfonie d'opera (I Virtuosi delle Muse, Molardi)

VIVALDI, A.: Sinfonie d'opera (I Virtuosi delle Muse, Molardi)

The Classical Shop
release date: February 2013

Originally recorded in 2011


Molardi, Stefano

Stefano Molardi


Virtuosi delle Muse, I


Roncegno, Casa Raphael, Trento, Italy

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 61:03
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VIVALDI, A.: Sinfonie d'opera (I Virtuosi delle Muse, Molardi)

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L'Olimpiade, RV 725: Sinfonia

1 I. Allegro 2:06
2 II. Andante 2:37
3 III. Allegro moderato 0:58
4 IV. Allegro molto 1:13

L'incoronazione di Dario, RV 719: Sinfonia in C major

5 I. Allegro 2:20
6 II. [Andante] 1:33
7 III. Presto 1:04

Giustino, RV 717: Sinfonia

8 I. Allegro 2:17
9 II. Andante 2:34
10 III. Allegro 0:41

Concerto for Strings in F major, RV 137

11 I. Allegro 1:57
12 II. Andante 3:34
13 III. Presto 1:05

Armida al campo d'Egitto, RV 699: Sinfonia

14 I. Allegro 1:44
15 II. Andante 2:18
16 III. Allegro 0:58

Arsilda, regina di Ponto, RV 700: Sinfonia

17 I. Allegro 1:38
18 II. Andante 1:51
19 III. Presto 0:32

La Senna festeggiante, RV 693: Ouverture

20 Part I: Allegro 2:31
21 Part I: Andante molto 2:41
22 Part I: Allegro molto 1:45
23 Part II: Adagio 0:40
24 Part II: Presto 1:42
25 Part II: Allegro molto 0:57

Sinfonia in C major, RV 112

26 I. Allegro 1:40
27 II. Andante 1:30
28 III. Presto 0:37

La fida ninfa, RV 714


Griselda, RV 718: Sinfonia

30 I. Allegro 1:53
31 II. Andante 2:24
32 III. Minuet 0:47

Dorilla in Tempe, RV 709: Sinfonia

33 I. Allegro 1:49
34 II. Andante 2:32
35 III. Allegro 0:42
 Stefano Molardi Conductor
 Molardi, Stefano

Sinfonie d’opera
The first DIVOX production with the "Virtuosi delle Muse" is devoted to Vivaldi’s opera oeuvre. It presents Vivaldi’s opera overtures not only in a form that incorporates the latest findings of Vivaldi research, but also in a new sound interpretation: thanks to a variety of tone colors, a wealth of orchestral articulations, and dynamics that are clear and rich in contrast, these overtures strikingly convey the action and atmosphere of the stage work they precede – whereby they date from a time when the "overture" did not yet exist as an acoustical preview of the operatic plot. The use of original instruments such as the viola d’amore, which was never again used in the context of Vivaldi’s operas, is also an innovation in the present-day performance practice of Vivaldi’s works.
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