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DK 6053
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DK 6053
TARP, S.E.: Piano Music (Lemoh)

TARP, S.E.: Piano Music (Lemoh)

The Classical Shop
release date: January 2014

Originally recorded in 2011


Tonya Lemoh



Concert Hall at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Esbjerg, Denmark


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Total Time - 58:43
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TARP, S.E.: Piano Music (Lemoh)

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Tema med variationer, Op. 43, "Carillon"

1 Theme: Andante semplice 01:19
2 Variation 1: L'istesso tempo 00:39
3 Variation 2: Vivace 01:00
4 Variation 3: Lento pesante 01:41
5 Variation 4: Molto vivace 01:13
6 Variation 5: Andante molto espressivo 01:52
7 Variation 6: Moderato con moto 02:46

Piano Suite

8 I. Prelude: Allegro molto agitato - quasi presto 02:29
9 II. Intermezzo lirico in modo di Improvisazione - Molto sostenuto 04:11
10 III. Minuetto serioso - Sostenuto e grave 00:56
11 IV. Bourre: Allegro giusto, ma con brio 02:26

Piano Sonatina, Op. 48, No. 1

12 I. Allegro con brio 02:34
13 II. Sostenuto 01:40
14 III. Vivace 01:56

Piano Sonatina, Op. 48, No. 2, "Fantasietta"

15 I. Lento e grave - Molto sostenuto 02:42
16 II. Allegretto - Vivo 01:59

Piano Sonatina, Op. 48, No. 3

17 I. Allegro moderato 02:16
18 II. Lento in modo d'una Sarabanda 03:02
19 III. Allegro animato 03:13

3 Improvisations, Op. 21

20 No. 1. Allegro non troppo 02:16
21 No. 2. Lento 02:35
22 No. 3. Allegro molto vivace 01:20

Piano Sonata, Op. 60

23 I. Allegro con brio 03:54
24 II. Lento 04:08
25 III. Allegro 04:36
 Tonya Lemoh Soloist

Svend Erik Tarp (1908-94) was one of a group of Danish composers who were more inspired by the French than by the German musical culture that was otherwise predominant in his time. On this album one can hear Tonya Lemoh’s vital interpretation of piano music ranging from the compser’s youth in the 1920s to 1956, when Tarp was at the height of his career. It is music of great seriousness but also great expressiveness, with a wealth of lyrical passages, infectious rhythms and captivating melodies.

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