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DU 9272
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DU 9272
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
BRITTEN 100 (Benjamin Britten, the Birthday Collection), Vol. 3

BRITTEN 100 (Benjamin Britten, the Birthday Collection), Vol. 3

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2014

Originally recorded in 2014


Royal Opera House Orchestra, Covent Garden


Benjamin Britten


Peter Pears


Claire Watson


Royal Opera House Chorus, Covent Garden


Record Label




Total Time - 142:00
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BRITTEN 100 (Benjamin Britten, the Birthday Collection), Vol. 3




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Peter Grimes, Op. 33

1 Prologue: Peter Grimes (Hobson) 01:26
2 Prologue: You sailed your boat round the coast (Swallow) 03:04
3 Prologue: Peter Grimes, I here advise you (Swallow) 02:10
4 Prologue: The truth … the pity … and the truth (Peter Grimes) 01:54
5 Prologue: Interlude I: On the Beach 02:58
6 Act I Scene 1: Oh, hang at open doors (Auntie, Boles, Balstrode, Chorus) 05:35
7 Act I Scene 1: Hi! Give us a hand (Peter Grimes) 03:19
8 Act I Scene 1: I have to go from pub to pub (Hobson) 01:58
9 Act I Scene 1: Let her among you without fault (Ellen) 03:09
10 Act I Scene 1: Look! The storm cone! (Captain Balstrode) 02:42
11 Act I Scene 1: And do you prefer the storm (Captain Balstrode, Peter Grimes) 04:57
12 Act I Scene 1: What harbour shelters peace (Peter) 01:12
13 Act I Scene 1: Interlude II: The Storm 04:08
14 Act I Scene 2: Past time to close (Auntie) 04:22
15 Act I Scene 2: We live and let live (Captain, Balstrode, Chorus) 01:58
16 Act I Scene 2: Have you heard? The cliff is down (Ned Keene) 01:23
17 Act I Scene 2: Now the Great Bear and Pleiades (Peter Grimes, Nieces) 03:40
18 Act I Scene 2: Old Joe has gone fishing (Ned Keene, Captain Balstrode) 02:28
19 Act I Scene 2: The bridge is down (Hobson) 01:37
20 Act II: Interlude III: Sunday Morning by the Beach 02:23
21 Act II Scene 1: Glitter of waves of Sunlight (Ellen) 05:41
22 Act II Scene 1: Let this be a holiday (Ellen, Rector, Peter, Chorus) 03:00
23 Act II Scene 1: This unrelenting work (Ellen, Peter, Chorus) 04:41
24 Act II Scene 1: Fool to let it come to this! (Auntie) 02:18
25 Act II Scene 1: What is it? (Auntie, Ned, Boles, Mrs. Sedley, Balstrode, Swallow, Nieces, Rector, Chorus) 01:03
26 Act II Scene 1: People … No! I will speak! (Boles) 02:09

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1 Act II Scene 1: We planned that their lives (Ellen, Rector, Mrs. Sedley, Boles, Ned, Nieces, Auntie, Balstrode, Hobson, Swallow, Chorus) 02:25
2 Act II Scene 1: Swallow! Shall we go and see Grimes in his hut? (Pastor) 00:44
3 Act II Scene 1: Now gossip is put on trial (Mrs. Seedley, Boles, Pastor, Ned Keene, Swallow) 02:12
4 Act II Scene 1: From the gutter (Nieces, Auntie, Ellen) 04:35
5 Act II: Interlude IV: Passacaglia 05:27
6 Act II Scene 2: Go there (Peter Grimes) 07:18
7 Act II Scene 2: Now! Now! (Boles, Pastor, Swallow, Ned Keene) 02:09
8 Act II Scene 2: Peter Grimes! Nobody here? (Pastor) 03:07
9 Act III: Interlude V: Evening 04:19
10 Act III Scene 1: Assign your prettiness to me (Swallow, Nieces, Ned) 02:36
11 Act III: Pah! … Ahoy! Owen Brannigan (Swallow, Ned Keene) 02:49
12 Act III Scene 1: Come along, Doctor (Burgess, Burgesses, Rector, Mrs. Sedley, Ellen, Balstrode) 03:19
13 Act III Scene 1: Embroidery in childhood was (Ellen, Balstrode) 05:09
14 Act III Scene 1: Mr. Swallow! Mr. Swallow (Mrs. Sedley, Auntie, Swallow, Hobson) 02:00
15 Act III Scene 1: Who holds himself apart, lets his pride (Chorus) 03:45
16 Act III: Interlude VI: Fog 02:36
17 Act III Scene 2: Grimes! Grimes! (Voices, Peter) 04:56
18 Act III Scene 2: Peter, we've come to take you home (Ellen, Peter, Balstrode) 02:29
19 Act III Scene 2: To those who pass the Borough (Swallow, Fisherman, Auntie, Boles, Chorus) 04:50
 Peter Pears Soloist
  Claire Watson Soloist
  Benjamin Britten Conductor
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