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DV 4144
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DV 4144
WILLIAMSON, J.: Piano Music, Vol. 2 (McLachlan)

Williamson: Music for Piano, Volume 2

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2009

Originally recorded in 2009


Murray McLachlan



Whiteley Hall, Chetham's School of Music, Manchester


Jim Pattison


Jim Pattison

Joyce Pattison


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Total Time - 74:05
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WILLIAMSON, J.: Piano Music, Vol. 2 (McLachlan)

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(b. 1929)

Song of Nature(1993)

  Slow - sultry - with beauty  

12 Palandromic Preludes, set 5 (2000)

2 No. 1 in C: with an easy swing 1:24
3 No. 2 in C sharp: unhurried - with intensity 3:04
4 No. 3 in D: amiable - no too fast 1:59
5 No. 4 in E flat: in relaxed tempo 2:04
6 No. 5 in E: spritely - dancing 1:06
7 No. 6 in F: lulling - archaic 1:45
8 No. 7 in F sharp: funereal 2:58
9 No. 8 in G: careering - emotional - powerful 1:33
10 No. 9 in A flat: gently flowing 3:01
11 No. 10 in A: martial - with precision 2:18
12 No. 11 iin B flat: slow - ruminative - morose 4:20
13 No. 12 in B: vigorous - stubborn 2:11

Piano Sonata - The Palindromic (1998)

14 I Fiery 4:32
15 II Pastorale - slow - serene 8:26
16 III Alla scherzo - fast - sweeping 2:31
17 IV Fast - driving - vigorous 5:21

Seven Intercval Studies (2001)

18 No. 1: 7ths in F sharp - with alacrity 1:26
19 No. 2: 6ths in B - slow - pitiful 2:55
20 No. 3: 5ths in E - quite fast - with freedom 2:22
21 No. 4: 4ths in A - lyrical - relaxed 4:46
22 No. 5: 3rds in D - vigorous - rushing 1:45
23 No. 6: 2nds in G - alla lullaby - serene 3:25
24 No. 7: Octaves in C - fast - dramatic 1:52

Lament for Sarah (1998)

  Slowly - sadly  
  Played by the composer  

The music of John R Williamson, a composer from Manchester, England, is deserving of greater recognition. Murray McLachlan is a champion of Williamson’s music and presents the second of a series of 3 CDs in which his stylistic and virtuosic playing enhances further the individuality of these works. The final piece on the disc, ’Lament for Sarah’, is played by the composer.

“Here is a remarkable trio of CDs featuring the piano music of John R. Williamson. He has forged a style that convincingly fuses disparate elements into an organic whole. The lyrical impulse is very strong and the emotional world is often intense and heartfelt. Time and time again the listener is carried along by sweeps of modal contours that are enlivened and even subverted by the churning harmonies. The world is lucky to have a fine composer such as Williamson and he himself is lucky to have a pianist so dedicated to playing his music as Murray McLachlan. The three CDs are attractively packaged...recordings are clear and have plenty of gain... powerful music and committed performances. Williamson is making an important contribution to piano repertoire in a style all his own.”

David Hackbridge Johnson

Music Web

“Eloquently persuasive performances of Williamson’s unusual and finely crafted works”

John Pitts

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