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DV 4157
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DV 4157
Brahms: Piano Works

Peter Katin plays piano music by Johannes Brahms

The Classical Shop
release date: December 2011


Peter Katin



Salen Church Hall, Ski, Norway


Arne Akselberg

Record Label




Total Time - 77:23
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Brahms: Piano Works

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Fantasias, Op. 16, Set 1

1 I Capriccio in D minor 2:00
2 II Intermezzo in A minor 3:17
3 III Capriccio in G minor 2:46

Fantasias, Op. 16, Set 2

4 I Intermezzo in E major 5:11
5 II Intermezzo in E minor 2:18
6 III Intermezzo in E major 3:11
7 IV Capriccio in D minor 2:23

Three Intermezzos, Op. 117

8 I No. 1 in E flat major 4:53
9 II No. 2 in G flat minor 4:55
10 III No. 3 in C sharp minor 5:42

Two Rhapsodies, Op. 79

11 I No. 1 in B minor 8:25
12 II No. 2 in G minor 5:54

Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel, Op. 24

13 I Aria 0:52
14 II Variation I 0:49
15 III Variation II 0:43
16 IV Variation III 0:39
17 V Variation IV 0:54
18 VI Variation V 1:01
19 VII Variation VI 1:01
20 VIII Variation VII 0:39
21 IX Variation VIII 0:36
22 X Variation IX 1:22
23 XI Variation X 0:39
24 XII Variation XI 0:53
25 XIII Variation XII 0:56
26 XIV Variation XIII 1:28
27 XV Variation XIV 0:39
28 XVI Variation XV 0:46
29 XVII Variation XVI 0:34
30 XVIII Variation XVII 0:30
31 XIX Variation XVIII 0:37
32 XX Variation XIX 0:57
33 XXI Variation XX 1:13
34 XXII Variation XXI 0:37
35 XXIII Variation XXII 0:53
36 XXIV Variation XXIII 0:37
37 XXV Variation XXIV 0:36
38 XXVI Variation XXV 0:44
39 XXVII Fuga 5:13
 Peter Katin piano

Peter Katin is now regarded as one of the most accomplished pianists of the modern age, having enjoyed a long and extremely successful career. His recordings for Decca and other companies from the 1950s onwards reveal a musician of the highest calibre of artistry and sensitivity. This recital shows Katin at his best in the Romantic style of Brahms. It was recorded in 1990, and has been unavailable for some time (previously issued as Olympia OCD263). A very fine recital which we are honoured to have in our catalogue.

"Peter katin has an obvious love for the music of Brahms and the technique to pull it off. One gets the impression that his Brahms is a powerful one, thick in tecture and serious, yet he never sounds monotonous. Brahms’s late music truly shines in Katin’s hands ... a formidable recording."

Scott Noriega - Fanfare - September/October 2012

"...It is evident immediately that Peter Katin is an arresting pianist with a fine command of the instrument. These miniatures demand amazing sensitivity, and Katin delivers... he is a dexterous performer, and his Op. 117 Intermezzos bring out the beautiful density of texture in these pieces, with great consideration for the buried lines in the accompaniment... The Variations are the perfect way to close the recording, with their brilliance and sparkling wit. While this interpretation may not be as grand as others, Katin displays the richness of these variations, from the light playfulness of Variation 1 to the exuberant fanfare of Variation 25. The fugue builds up to a climactic finish, and there’s plenty of energy... many should enjoy this testament to a fine pianist’s storied career..."

Kang - American Reocrd Guide - August 2012

"Katin was once one of British pianism’s big beasts, and this CD, though short on the requisite soulful beauty, reflects his swashbuckling style. The variations have compelling force."

Michael Church - BBC Music magazine - January 2012

“The Op. 116 pieces are not as familiar as they might be, but this is a performance to remind one just how good they are. [Katin’s] rubato is of the best kind that one doesn’t notice as such... we also get the richness that is characteristic of the music, We must also than the chosen piano and location as well as the engineer for the very natural sound. [In the Variations].. this is an attractive performance... satisfying to and beautifully recorded.. splendid value at mid-price and nearly 80 minutes of music.”

Christopher Headington - Gramophone magazine

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