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DY 0567
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DY 0567
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
ROSSINI, G.: Gazza ladra (La) [Opera] (Lu Jia)

ROSSINI, G.: Gazza ladra (La) [Opera] (Lu Jia)

The Classical Shop
release date: July 2013


Bolzano-Trento Haydn Orchestra


Lu Jia


Mariola Cantarero


Prague Chamber Chorus



Rossini Opera Festival, Pesaro, Italy


Record Label




Total Time - 190:48
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ROSSINI, G.: Gazza ladra (La) [Opera] (Lu Jia)




La gazza ladra (The Thieving Magpie)


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1 Sinfonia 9:34
2 Act I: Oh che giorno fortunato (Chorus) 2:53
3 Act I: Marmotte, che fate? (Lucia) 6:21
4 Act I: Oh cospetto! (Fabrizio) 1:42
5 Act I: Di piacer mi balza il core (Ninetta) 3:07
6 Act I: Tanto sorridere (Ninetta) 3:36
7 Act I: Alfin sei giunta, amabile Ninetta (Fabrizio) 1:50
8 Act I: Stringhe e ferri (Isacco) 2:05
9 Act I: Ma qual suono! (Ninetta) 1:22
10 Act I: Vieni fra queste braccia (Giannetto) 5:43
11 Act I: Tocchiamo, beviamo (Pippo) 4:58
12 Act I: O madre, ancor non mi diceste (Giannetto) 3:57
13 Act I: Come frenare il pianto! (Ninetta) 2:40
14 Act I: Per questo amplesso, o padre figlia (Ninetta, Fernando) 2:21
15 Act I: Deh, m'ascolta (Fernando) 2:44
16 Act I: Il mio piano e preparato (Il Podesta) 2:33
17 Act I: Si, si, Ninetta (Il Podesta) 2:40
18 Act I: Buon giorno, bella fanciulla (Il Podesta) 5:49
19 Act I: Respiro (Ninetta) 3:16

Select Complete Single Disc for
1 Act I: Siamo soli! (Il Podesta) 5:46
2 Act I: Non so quel che farei (Il Podesta, Fernando, Ninetta) 2:52
3 Act I: Stringhe e ferri da calzette (Isacco) 4:30
4 Act I: In casa di Messere (Il Podesta) 7:41
5 Act I: Mi sento opprimere (Ninetta, All) 8:37
6 Act II: In quell'orrendo carere (Antonio) 2:27
7 Act II: Forse un di conoscerete (Ninetta) 5:17
8 Act II: O mio signor, partite (Antonio) 3:36
9 Act II: Ah, destino crudel! (Antonio) 2:14
10 Act II: Si per voi, pupille amate (Il Podesta) 3:49
11 Act II: Udrai la sentenza (Il podesta) 3:54
12 Act II: Podesta, podesta! (Antonio) 2:32
13 Act II: E ben, per mia memoria (Ninetta) 6:37
14 Act II: A mio nome, deh condegna (Ninetta) 2:19
15 Act II: Vedo in quegli ocochi il pianto (Pippo, Ninetta) 1:53
16 Act II: Infelice Ninetta! (Lucia) 2:21

Select Complete Single Disc for
1 Act II: Accusata di furto … Oh, rossore! (Fernando) 6:02
2 Act II: A pieni voti e condannata (Il Pretore) 9:27
3 Act II: Aspettate, sospendete (Giannetto) 4:48
4 Act II: Che abisso di pene! (Ninetta, Giannetto, Fernando, Fabrizio, Il Podesta) 8:12
5 Act II: Ora mi par che il core (Lucia) 0:31
6 Act II: A questo seno (Lucia) 4:06
7 Act II: Che razza di villaggio! (Ernesto) 2:03
8 Act II: Infelice, sventurata (Chorus) 8:30
9 Act II: Giorgio, Giorgio? O me felice! (Pippo) 5:04
10 Act II: Queste grida di letizia (Ninetta) 6:29
 Mariola Cantarero Soloist
 Lu Jia Conductor

La Gazza Ladra is an ”opera semiseria” which developed from the middle of the eighteenth century with the vogue for ”Larmoyant” tales. By Rossini’s time this genre was classified into a rigidly defined series of conventions: a drama with a happy ending, in which the innocent victim, unjustly condemned, should be saved from the scaffold at the eleventh hour and the rascal persecutor punished. The social setting of these operas always delt with a conflict between a feudal aristocracy (that in La Gazza Ladra is replaced by arrogant welders of power) and a world of humble people , nearly always peasants. - Known as ’The Thieving Magpie’ in English, La Gazza Ladra deals with a servant girl accused of stealing some silverware with which the magpie of the title has actually absconded for its nest. Seemingly lightweight, the opera was rooted in a true story in which a young woman was actually put to death for the bird’s ”crime”. - The overture neatly melds episodic colour with the weightier drama of symphonic sonata form. It features a parade of effects and lovely themes, including an especially famous one introduced by an oboe, that anticipates the characters and action to come, and then, following a spectacular crescendo, reworks several of these themes in a mini-development section.

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