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DY 7664
MARCO, T.: Chamber Works for Guitar (Fantoni)

MARCO, T.: Chamber Works for Guitar (Fantoni)

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Piercarlo Sacco


Davide Gandino


Marcello Fantoni


Stefano Sanzogni


Quartetto Archimia



VM Studio, Arese, Milan, Italy


Q Recording Studio, Milan, Italy


Record Label




Total Time - 66:44
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MARCO, T.: Chamber Works for Guitar (Fantoni)

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Tapices y Disparates

 Piercarlo Sacco Soloist
 Marcello Fantoni Soloist

Verde viento

2 I. Lejana y sola 01:46
3 II. Muerte de perfil 01:27
4 III. Ninos con blancas sabanas 00:48
5 IV. Sangre cantando 00:43
6 V. Arboles de lagrimas 01:25
7 VI. Guitarra bajo la arena 02:10
8 VII. De plomo las calaverna 01:06
9 VIII. Elipse del grito 00:54
10 IX. Caballo de nubes quietas 01:48
11 X. Un llanto como un rio 01:28
 Marcello Fantoni Soloist
 Stefano Sanzogni Soloist

Imprecacion de tindaya

 Davide Gandino Soloist
 Marcello Fantoni Soloist

Partita de Espejos

13 I. Preludio de reflejos 03:04
14 II. Espejo de oriente 03:03
15 III. Murmullo de espejos I 03:03
16 IV. Espejo lontano 04:05
17 V. Murmullo de espejos II 04:45
 Marcello Fantoni Soloist

La nuit de Bordeaux

 Marcello Fantoni Soloist

Marcello Fantoni decided to investigate the chamber output of Tomás Marco, and thanks to the collaboration of the same composer his desire was amply satisfied. He discovered so many works written for the most diverse ensembles, not yet known to the public at large, not yet recorded (as is the case of the present ones) and also seldom - if at all - performed (like the wonderful Tapices y Disparates) that what was just an idea became a project that could not be delayed. To record some of his chamber works was indeed a natural consequence, all the more so as he had already recorded, for Dynamic, a first album of Marco’s works, (CDS708) containing some of his most important 1990s pieces for solo guitar (22 Tarots, Sonata de Fuego e Presto Mormorando). All the works presented here belong to the same creative period as those solo pieces. Some take their inspiration from the pictorial masterpieces of Francisco Goya (Tapices y Disparates e La Nuit de Bordeaux), and others from the poems of Garcia Lorca or from works the composer had previously written for different instruments.

All works make free - one could even say willingly simple and elementary - use of the tonal language and of its elements, in which Marco inserts elements of improvisation (often chromatic), as well as polytonal and atonal ones. There is frequent use of what one could define as harmonic and/or melodic stratifications, obtained through layers of diatonic chords or by fourths, or even through the canonic development of simple melodies, sometimes semitonal or pentatonic.

The overall effect is that of a modal, somewhat traditional style, which is however highly imaginative and evocative.

"... Fantoni and his colleagues play with considerable skill and efect. There are no evident technical problems, though the music is challenging, and each seems comfortable with Marco’s voice. People interested inchamber msuci for guitar will find some fresh discoveries here."

Kenneth Keaton - American Record Guide - March/April 2014

 "...This varies program is well played by these Italian musicians ... Fantoni is definately the star of the show; his technique and musicianship are highly impressive. Sound is close but not too dry  ... Recommended to those wanting to explore the scope of the Spanish guitar repertoire."

Phillip Scott - Fanfare - March/April 2014

                          Repertoire *****          Sound ***       Interpretation ****


Detlev Bork - Ensemble magazine - December 2013/Janaury 2014

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