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EM 2011
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EM 2011

Bart - Oliver! & Blitz!

The Classical Shop
release date: February 2014

Originally recorded in 1968

Record Label
Evergreen Melodies


Film & TV Music

Vocal & Song

Total Time - 71:40
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1 Food, Glorious Food 4:02
  vocal Oliver (Keith Hamshere) & Boys  
2 Oliver! 1:35
  vocal Mr Bumble (Paul Whitsun-Jones), Widow Corney (Hope Jackman), Oliver & Boys  
3 I Shall Scream 2:50
  vocal Widow Corney & Mr Bumble  
4 Boy for Sale 1:54
  vocal Mr Bumble  
5 That's Your Funeral 2:24
  vocal Mr Sowerberry (Barry Humphries) & Mrs Sowerberry (Sonia Fraser) & Mr Bumble  
6 Where is Love? 2:51
  vocal Oliver  
7 Consider Yourself 4:07
  vocal Artful Dodger (Martin Horsey), Oliver & Crowd  
8 You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two 3:00
  vocal Fagain (Ron Moody), Oliver & Boys  
9 It's a Fine Life 3:39
  vocal Nancy (Georgia Brown), Bet (Diane Gray) & Boys  
10 Be Back Soon 2:38
  vocal Fagin, Artful Dodger, Oliver & Boys  
11 Oom-pah-pah 3:17
  vocal Nancy & Chorus  
12 My Name 2:38
  vocal Bill Sikes (Danny Sewell)  
13 As Long As He Needs Me 3:52
  vocal Nancy  
14 I'd Do Anything 3:22
  vocal Artful Dodger, Nancy, Oliver, Bet, Fagin & Boys  
15 Who Will Buy? 4:32
  vocal Oliver & Chorus  
16 Reviewing the Situation 4:25
  vocal Fagin  
17 Oliver! 0:38
  vocal Mr Bumble & Widow Corney  
18 Finale 2:53
  vocal Boys & Company  


19 We're Going to the Country 1:57
  vocal Evacuees & Mums  
20 Who's This Geezer, Hitler? 2:34
  vocal Amelia Bayntun & Company  
21 Opposites 2:43
  vocal Graham Jones & Grazina Frame  
22 Down the Lane 2:06
  vocal Toni Palmer & Company  
23 Mums and Dads 2:18
  vocal Kids  
24 Is This Going to be a Wedding? 1:58
  Amelia Bayntun & Friends  
25 Duty Calls 2:42
  vocal Thomas Kempinski & Company  
26 Reprise 0:45
  vocal Company  
  TT 71:40      

 OLIVER! & BLITZ!: Two brilliant Lionel Bart musicals for the price of one. Oliver! is arguably one of the greatest ever West End shows with several well-known smash hit songs. Blitz! is not far behind, especially with the great tune Mums and Dads.

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