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FG 0709
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
DEFOORT, K.: Woman Who Walked Into Doors (The) [Opera] (Siebens)

DEFOORT, K.: Woman Who Walked Into Doors (The) [Opera] (Siebens)

The Classical Shop
release date: September 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Etienne Siebens


Claron McFadden


Jacqueline Blom




Record Label
Fuga Libera


Vocal & Song


Total Time - 74:05
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DEFOORT, K.: Woman Who Walked Into Doors (The) [Opera] (Siebens)




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The Woman Who Walked Into Doors

1 Act I: Overture 4:53
2 Act I: Policeman Brings News (Policeman) 0:24
3 Act I: First Meeting with Charlo (Narrator, Charlo) 4:43
4 Act I: Paula Falls on the Floor (Narrator, Charlo) 1:08
5 Act I: First Time Making Love with Charlo (Narrator, Charlo) 2:43
6 Act I: How did he die? (Policeman, Charlo) 1:55
7 Act I: Paula With Her Sisters (Paula, Carmel) 1:33
8 Act I: Facts of Life (Narrator, Headmaster, Derek, Others, Martin) 5:08
9 Act I: Me then (Paula) - Interlude 4:50
10 Act I: Me Now (Narrator) 2:21
11 Act II: Charlo was Shot (Policeman) 1:35
12 Act II: SLUT! (Narrator, Roger, Father, Others, Charlo) 3:10
13 Act II: Paula with her Sisters About Daddy (Carmel, Paula, Denise) 3:10
14 Act II: Nicola Hears About her Father's Death (Denise, Carmel, Nicola) 1:39
15 Act II: Charlo on the News (Narrator) 0:25
16 Act II: Alcoholscene: My Name is Paula Spencer (Paula) 2:53
17 Act II: Alcoholscene: Jack is my Baby (Paula) 3:30
18 Act II: Alcoholscene: I am an Alcoholic (Paula) 4:11
19 Act II: Alcoholscene: Searching the Key (Nicola, Leanne, Jack, Paula) 4:34

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1 Act III: Marriage and Honeymoon (Narrator, Photographer, Uncle Willy) 3:03
2 Act III: Newspaper About Mrs. Fleming (Narrator) 0:54
3 Act III: The Beating (Charlo, Paula, Kids, Leanne) 4:42
4 Act III: Ask me (Charlo, Doctor, Nurse) 4:24
5 Act III: Paula Throws Charlo Out of the House (Narrator, Charlo) 2:34
6 Act III: Epilogue (Nicola, Charlo) 3:43
 Claron McFadden Soloist
 Jacqueline Blom Soloist
 Etienne Siebens Conductor

 Before publishing other aspects of his personality – jazz, instrumental compositions – here is the opera which revealed Kris Defoort to the public: created in 2001, The Woman Who Walked into Doors has been staged over fifty times in Europe. This strong and poignant work, inspired by the Irish novelist Roddy Doyle, gives universal meaning to a social drama on the fringes of society. Mixing storytelling and song, classical, contemporary, pop and jazz music (with the Prometheus Chamber Orchestra and Dreamtime jazz ensemble), the music leads its own life and by this successful fusion and its lucidity, leads us into the heart of the story’s emotions. Art at its best.

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