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G2 1628
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VOGEL, J.C.: Toison d'or (La) [Opera] (Kalinine, Bou, Nuremberg State Theatre Chorus, Niquet)

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release date: January 2014

Originally recorded in 2014


Concert Spirituel Orchestra


Hervé Niquet


Marie Kalinine



Staatstheater Numberg, Germany


Record Label




Total Time - 104:26
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VOGEL, J.C.: Toison d'or (La) [Opera] (Kalinine, Bou, Nuremberg State Theatre Chorus, Niquet)




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La Toison d'or

1 Overture 02:26
2 Act I Scene 1: Ou sommes-nous … (Hipsiphile, Arcas) 02:26
3 Act I Scene 1: Helas! A peine un rayon d'esperance … (Hipsiphile) 03:45
4 Act I Scene 2: Des fiers taureaux de la Colchide … (Hipsiphile, Medee, Arcas, Choeur de Jeunes Filles) 02:12
5 Act I Scene 2: Gavotte 02:03
6 Act I Scene 2: Dans ces combats … (Deux Suivantes, Choeur de Jeunes Filles) 01:00
7 Act I Scene 2: Qu'entends-je? Quel hymen? (Hipsiphile, Medee) 00:38
8 Act I Scene 2: Quelle trahison! Quel outrage! (Hipsiphile, Medee, Chorus) 02:12
9 Act I Scene 2: Grands dieux! Pour une infortunee … (Hipsiphile) 02:18
10 Act I Scene 3: Quoi! Jason a forme les noeuds de l'hymenee … (Medee) 03:47
11 Act I Scene 4: Marche 01:03
12 Act I Scene 4: Nous triomphons, princesse … (Medee, Jason) 01:53
13 Act I Scene 4: Pourquoi m'as-tu cache cet hymen … (Medee, Jason) 03:08
14 Act I Scene 5: Quelle ferocite! (Jason, Choeur des Argonautes) 03:49
15 Act I Scene 6: Que vois-je? Quel objet … (Hipsiphile, Jason) 01:06
16 Act I Scene 6: Vous avez fait naître ma flamme … (Jason) 00:44
17 Act I Scene 6: Quels sont donc les discours … (Hipsiphile, Jason) 01:25
18 Act I Scene 6: Viens donc finir des jours … (Hipsiphile, Jason) 02:29
19 Act I Scene 6: N'abandonnons pas notre reine! (Hipsiphile, Jason, Choeur des Argonautes) 02:43

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1 Act II Scene 1: Ma soeur, qui vous amene … (Mede, Calciope) 01:24
2 Act II Scene 1: Ah! bannissez un funeste desir … (Calciope) 02:14
3 Act II Scene 2: C'en est donc fait … (Medee) 00:41
4 Act II Scene 2: Invocation magique : O nuit, dans ces forets … (Medee) 02:28
5 Act II Scene 2: Des mers, vents orageux … (Medee) 00:44
6 Act II Scene 2: Mais, helas! qui pourrait … (Medee) 01:42
7 Act II Scene 2: Les elements troubles … (Medee) 00:58
8 Act II Scene 3: Tempete : Vois-tu blanchir les flots … (Hipsiphile, Jason, Choeur des Argonautes, Choeur de Matelots) 04:57
9 Act II Scene 4: Ce jour sera marque … (Hipsiphile, Medee, Jason) 01:46
10 Act II Scene 4: Soleil, auteur de la lumiere … (Medee, Jason) 01:53
11 Act II Scene 4: Je suis venu chercher les palmes … (Jason, Medee, Hipsiphile) 03:17
12 Act II Scene 4: Oui ce fer va percer ton sein … (Hipsiphile, Medee, Jason, Choeur des Argonautes) 02:23
13 Act II Scene 5: O crime epouvantable! (Jason, Choeur des Argonautes) 02:53
14 Act II Scene 5: Allons lui preparer … (Jason, Chœur des Argonautes) 02:24
15 Act III Scene 1: Avancez! Dans les airs … (Deux Suivantes de la Sybille, Choeur de Suivantes) 04:46
16 Act III Scene 2: Oui ce jour … (Medee, Calciope, Choeur du Peuple de Colchos) 01:14
17 Act III Scene 2: Ah! ne me parlez plus … (Medee, Calciope) 03:22
18 Act III Scene 2: Ah! si la pitie … (Medee, Calciope, Choeur du Peuple de Colchos) 02:48
19 Act III Scene 3: Viens, o divinite terrible … (Medee) 01:55
20 Act III Scene 3: Quel hymen! (La Sybille, Choeur de Voix souterraines) 01:13
21 Act III Scene 3: Fuis! Derobe ta tete … (La Sybille) 01:29
22 Act III Scene 3: Va, laisse-moi remplir … (Medee) 02:50
23 Act III Scene 4: La tristesse, la crainte et la rage … (Medee) 02:49
24 Act III Scene 5: Quoi, deja dans les airs … (Medee, Jason, Choeur des Argonautes) 04:21
25 Act III Scene 5: Tout obstacle est detruit … (Medee) 00:55
26 Act III Scene 5: Quel triomphe! (Medee, Jason, Choeur des Argonautes) 04:19
27 Act III Scene 5: Voila donc le dessein …(Medee) 01:34
 Marie Kalinine Soloist
 Hervé Niquet Conductor

A contemporary of Mozart, Johann Christoph Vogel died at an early age. Forward looking in approach, this composer of a tormented provision sought to extend the operatic revolution undertaken by Gluck in the 1770s. First performed in 1786 at the Paris Opera, The Golden Fleece reveals that search for an expressive art demanded an all-embracing involvement from the performers and the music supplied with a sometimes unbearable intensity at the time forof its original performance. The heroine Medea, allows her despair to break out with the same emphasis as in the later representation of the character by Cherubini in 1797. It is no wonder that Berlioz considered Vogel as one of the pioneers of French Romanticism.

After recent successes Obtained by their recordings devoted to the sacred music, which is so close to all of them (Bouteiller, Striggio, The Prince), Hervé Niquet and Le Concert Spiritual return to of another of their great specialties, the lyric tragedy, with a new broad-scale operatic revival. Marie Kalinin, Judith Van Wanroij and Jean-Sébastien Bou embody to perfection those mythological figures so dear to French 18th century audiences. This opera will definitely surprise modern-day listeners by its clear Germanic influences all of which arise, ultimately, from the composer’s nationality!

 "...This is a performance which resonates with all the positive qualities of the music... It’s the perfect year to revive La Toison d’or ..."

Simon Heighes - International Record Review - April 2014

 "... the music is effective, with excellent writing for the chorus and orchestra, including a scene where Medea conjoures up a storm and Jason’s crew is shipwrecked. marie Kalinine is superb, whether raging at jason, summoning the Sibyl in an ’invocation’ or reflecting miserably on her situation. Judith Van Wanrij sings strongly as Hipsipyle ... Jean-Sébastien Bou is equally powerful as the duplicitous Jason. Hervé Niquet directs admirably. Vogel is a reakfind ..."

Richard Lawrence - Gramophone magazine - March 2014

"... Hervé Niquet’s direction is thoroughly idiomatic and he draws from Le Concert Spirituel some impressive playing of the richly rewarding score..." 

Brian Robins - Early Music magzine - February 2014

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