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GP 0604
SCHULHOFF, E.: Piano Music, Vol. 1 - Partita / Susi / Suite No. 3 / Variationen und Fugato, Op. 10 (Weichert)

SCHULHOFF, E.: Piano Music, Vol. 1 - Partita / Susi / Suite No. 3 / Variationen und Fugato, Op. 10 (Weichert)

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release date: March 2013

Originally recorded in 2012


Caroline Weichert



Hochschule fur Musik und Theater, Hamburg, Germany

Record Label
Grand Piano




Total Time - 60:59
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SCHULHOFF, E.: Piano Music, Vol. 1 - Partita / Susi / Suite No. 3 / Variationen und Fugato, Op. 10 (Weichert)

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1 I. Tempo di Fox 1:57
2 II. Jazz-like 2:00
3 III. Tango-Rag 2:19
4 IV. Tempo di Fox a la Hawai 1:43
5 V. Boston 5:15
6 VI. Tempo di Rag 1:54
7 VII. Tango 3:31
8 VIII. Shimmy-Jazz 2:02

Susi (version for piano solo)


Suite No. 3 for the left-hand

10 I. Preludio 3:33
11 II. Air 3:06
12 III. Zingara 2:16
13 IV. Improvisazione 3:52
14 V. Finale 2:22

Variationen und Fugato uber ein eigenes dorisches Thema, Op. 10

15 Thema 1:52
16 Variation 1 0:40
17 Variation 2 0:48
18 Variation 3 0:34
19 Variation 4 0:43
20 Variation 5 2:25
21 Variation 6 0:58
22 Variation 7 0:51
23 Variation 8 0:56
24 Variation 9 0:33
25 Variation 10 1:16
26 Variation 11 0:44
27 Variation 12 0:40
28 Variation 13 1:13
29 Variation 14 1:32
30 Variation 15 2:15
31 Finale: Fugato 3:17
 Caroline Weichert Soloist

During his short life Erwin Schulhoff absorbed a wide range of musical styles. The jazz-inspired Partita includes witty takes on the tango, foxtrot and shimmy. Further synthesis comes in the Suite No 3, written for the left hand alone, which adapts folk and jazz influences in a bracingly novel way, while the Variations and Fugue reveals indebtedness to Debussy, with whom Schulhoff studied.

"Caroline Weichert is a magnificent pianist, and to hear Schulhoff played at this level is revelatory. The recording is of the top rank, delivering believable presence. Fascinating repertoire, expertly performed and recorded."

Colin Clark - International Piano magazine - July 2012

"Carolyn Weichert brilliantly captures the idioms of both modernism and jazz in Partita (1922) where 1920s dances replace Bach-era ones. Transcending clichés of decadent Weimar Germany, the depth and seriousness of its jazz scene during the 1920s and ‘30s are evident; I love the charm, quirky humour, fleeting pensive moments and glimpses beyond the ordinary in the Tango-Rag. Schulhoff’s harmony is never just “bi-tonal” or “wrong-note.” Weichert balances chords and brings out subtle voice-leadings in music evocative of the era and more. The Third Suite for the left hand is a work of pianistic genius. Weichert’s fingers crawl “multi-legged” over the keyboard; as her thumb sings out one of Schulhoff’s exquisite long melodies in the Air, fingers carry on a canonic invention below! After the harmonically-adventurous Improvisazione, she delivers the mixed-metres perpetual-motion Finale with flair but without bombast." 
Roger Knox - The WholeNote - June 2012

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