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GS 1515
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HANDEL: Aci, Galatea e Polifemo (Abadie, Staskiewicz, La Risonanza, Bonizzoni)

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release date: November 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Fabio Bonizzoni


Roberta Invernizzi


Blandine Staskiewicz


Risonanza, La



Saint-Michel-en-Thierache Abbey, Thierache, France


Record Label


Vocal & Song


Total Time - 89:57
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HANDEL: Aci, Galatea e Polifemo (Abadie, Staskiewicz, La Risonanza, Bonizzoni)




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Aci, Galatea e Polifemo, HWV 72

1 Duetto: Sorge il di (Aci, Galatea) 03:10
2 Recitativo: Vanti, o cara (Aci, Galatea) 01:09
3 Aria: Sforzano a piangere (Galatea) 05:14
4 Recitativo: E qual nuova sventura (Aci, Galatea) 00:57
5 Aria: Che non puo la gelosia (Aci) 04:06
6 Recitativo: Ma qual horrido (Galatea, Aci) 00:35
7 Recitativo: Ahi! Che da l'ombre eterne (Galatea, Aci) 00:53
8 Aria: Sibilar l'angui d'Aletto (Polifemo) 04:05
9 Recitativo: Deh lascia, o Polifemo (Galatea, Polifemo) 01:05
10 Aria: Benche tuoni (Galatea) 02:59
11 Recitativo: Cadrai depressa e vinta (Polifemo, Galatea) 00:32
12 Aria: Non sempre, no, crudele (Polifemo) 03:36
13 Recitativo: Folle quanto mi rido (Galatea, Polifemo, Aci) 00:56
14 Aria: Dell'aquila l'artigli (Aci) 03:19
15 Recitativo: Meglio spiega i tuoi sensi (Polifemo, Aci) 00:43
16 Aria: Precipitoso nel mar che freme (Polifemo) 02:40
17 Recitativo: Si t'intendo inhumano (Galatea) 00:50
18 Aria: S'agita in mezzo all'onde (Galatea) 03:41
19 Recitativo: So che le cinosure (Polifemo, Aci) 01:12
20 Terzetto: Provera lo sdegno mio (Polifemo, Galatea, Aci) 01:45
21 Recitativo: Ingrata se mi nieghi (Polifemo, Galatea, Aci) 01:31

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1 Aria: Fra l'ombre e gl'orrori (Polifemo) 04:48
2 Recitativo: Ma che? non andra inulta (Polifemo, Aci) 01:15
3 Aria: Qui l'augel (Aci) 06:19
4 Recitativo: Giunsi al fin (Galatea, Aci) 00:54
5 Aria: Se m'ami, o caro (Galatea) 04:31
6 Recitativo: Qui su l'alto del monte (Polifemo, Aci, Galatea) 01:25
7 Terzetto: Dolce amico amplesso (Aci, Galatea, Polifemo) 02:34
8 Recitativo: Or poiche sordi sono (Polifemo, Aci) 01:01
9 Aria: Verso gia l'alma col sangue (Aci) 04:52
10 Recitativo: Misera, e dove sono? (Galatea) 01:33
11 Aria: Impara, ingrata (Polifemo) 02:18
12 Recitativo: Ah tiranno inhumano! (Galatea, Polifemo) 01:20
13 Aria: Del mar fra l'onde (Galatea) 01:52
14 Recitativo: Ferma! (Polifemo) 00:44
15 Recitativo: Vissi fedel, mia vita (Polifemo) 02:12
16 Terzetto: Chi ben ama (Aci, Galathea, Polifemo) 01:13

Cor fedele (Clori, Tirsi e Fileno), HWV 96

 Roberta Invernizzi Soloist
 Blandine Staskiewicz Soloist
 Fabio Bonizzoni Conductor

Fabio Bonizzoni returns with his long-awaited recording of Aci , Galatea and Polyphemus in Handel, serving both as an annex to its winning series of Italian cantatas of Caro Sassone as new delivery of your exploration Serenade ( with two gems already published , dedicated to Vivaldi and Alessandro Scarlatti ) .

And Bonizzoni , once again , has chosen as a traveling companion in this case for the role of the hapless shepherd Aci - the sparkling soprano Roberta Invernizzi , whose captivating contributions to the Handel series with The Risonanza and recently published tour of the Baroque Neapolitan Antonio Florio in hand I Viaggi di Faustina received huge critical acclaim and enthusiastic fans . Next to Roberta Invernizzi , and to do justice to the dramatic energy and hectic virtuosity required by the score of Handel , written for a wedding in 1708, during the composer’s stay in Naples (Carlo Vitali relives the moment in his delightful essay ) are French mezzo Blandine Staskiewicz , which admirably portrays the highlights of Galatea, and Argentine Lisandro Abadie low , whose haunting vocal range gives life to the Polyphemus monster .

No less attractive are the requirements posed to a young Handel instrumental forces at their disposal , and that the good work of The Risonanza provides us with his usual elegance and exuberance, in a recording made in June 2012 in Saint- Michel in thiérache , France.

 "... An admirable job all round."

John W Barker - American Record Guide - March/April 2014

 "... a survey of music that should be snapped up by handelians everywhere - with thanks to Bonizzoni and all those who have worked with him over the years to make these Glossa issues such a success."

Barry Brenesal - Fanfare - March/aApril 2014

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