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GS 2512

BERTEAU, M.: Sonatas and Airs for Cello (Coin, Hünninger)

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2014

Originally recorded in 2014


Christophe Coin


Markus Hunninger


Petr Skalka



Eglise de Malbosc, Ardeche, France


Record Label




Total Time - 64:02
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BERTEAU, M.: Sonatas and Airs for Cello (Coin, Hünninger)

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Cello Sonata in E-Flat Major, Op. 1, No. 5

1 I. Grave 01:35
2 II. Moderato 02:27
3 III. Aria: Amoroso 03:19
4 IV. Air: Gratieux 01:28
 Markus Hunninger Soloist

Cello Sonata in D Major, Op. 1, No. 1

5 I. Spirituoso 02:13
6 II. Vivace 02:32
7 III. Grave 01:55
8 IV. Allegro assai 02:20
 Markus Hunninger Soloist

Sixieme ecercice in G Major


Cello Sonata in G Major, Op. 1, No. 3

10 I. Allegro 03:37
11 II. Grave 03:11
12 III. Allegro 02:49
13 IV. Rondo: Amoroso 02:52
 Markus Hunninger Soloist

Cello Sonata (Trio) in E Minor, Op. 1, No. 6

14 I. Allegretto 02:31
15 II. Siciliana 02:50
16 III. Gratioso 01:21
 Petr Skalka Soloist

Cello Sonata No. 7 in A Minor, Op. 2

 Markus Hunninger Soloist


 Markus Hunninger Soloist

Air: Gratieux

 Markus Hunninger Soloist

Menuet: Gratieux

 Markus Hunninger Soloist

Air: Gay

 Markus Hunninger Soloist

Air: Gratieux [GCD922512, track 22]

 Markus Hunninger Soloist

Cello Sonata in F Major, Op. 1 , No. 4

23 I. Cantabile 02:57
24 II. Allegro ma non troppo 03:28
25 III. Andantino 04:00
26 IV. Tempo di Minuetto 01:32
27 V. Amoroso 01:07
28 VI. Tempo di Minuetto da capo 00:41
29 VI. Air: Gay 01:03
 Markus Hunninger Soloist
 Christophe Coin Soloist

Whatever composer, period or style Christophe Coin turns his attention to, it is certain to be full of interest and musicality. Such is the case with a new recording from the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis – where Coin teaches – whose focus is one of the founding fathers of modern cello playing, the Frenchman active in the middle of the 18th century, Martin Berteau. Known both for training many of the important cellists from later in that century and for introducing technical innovations which extended the instrument’s range and expressiveness, Berteau’s composing voice has been very little known (some of his compositions also being confused with those by others).

An ideal candidate, therefore, for a thorough-going reappraisal from a musician as talented as Christophe Coin (who, like the composer, played the viola da gamba before turning to the cello), with the help of two of his own former cello students in Petr Skalka and Felix Knecht. Cello Sonatas and Airs make up this programme – including one sonata in which all three cellists take part. The three of them play on instruments from the epoch, whilst Markus Hünninger provides harpsichord accompaniment.

In the accompanying booklet essay for this new release (issued by Glossa as part of its ongoing relationship with the SCB), Thomas Drescher traces the lifespan of Martin Berteau, an overlooked compositional figure who leads us back to the roots of an important instrument of our musical culture.


 "... I have nothing but praise for Christophe Coin’s playing on this album. He gets a beautiful dark tone outof his unnamed instrument, but is also capable of great agility in the Exercise in G major. There is no strain in his playing, but plenty of suave, flexible phrasing that points to a musician who doesn’t have to worry about the devilish pasages under their fingers. Coin utilizes dynamics persuasively, and ornaments with care. Above all, he takes stage. These are the opposite of over-studied readings, full of life and immensely enjoyable. In short, recommendable to cellists, cello lovers, fanciers of the galant, and people who just enjoy a good tune."

Barry Brenesal - Fanfare - September/October 2014

 "...This is a veritable masterclass."

David Vickers - Gramophone magazine - June 2014

 "Berteau, undeservedly forgotten, is revealed as wonderfully tuneful, harmonically logical and rhythmically light-footed in sonatas and airs. An unqualified delight."  *****

George Pratt - BBC Music magazine (Brief Notes Section) - June 2014

                       ****  - Excellent disc     **** Exceptional sound

Jérémie Bigorie - Classica magazine (France) - May 2014

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