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HB 2801
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HB 2801
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)


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release date: December 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Tony Mottola Orchestra


Marais and Miranda


Tom Glazer


Dorothy Collins


Dottie Evans


The Singing Scientists and Adam


Marais and Miranda


Record Label
Harbinger Records


Pop & Rock

Pop & Rock

Total Time - 178:20
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Space Songs

1 Zoom a Little Zoom (Rocket Ship) 02:12
2 What Is the Milky Way? 02:30
3 Constellation Jig 02:06
4 Beep, Beep! (Here Comes the Satellite) 01:45
5 Why Does the Sun Shine? 02:42
6 What Is a Shooting Star? 01:15
7 Longitude and Latitude 02:12
8 It's a Scientific Fact 01:46
9 Ballad of Sir Isaac Newton 02:52
10 Friction 02:35
11 Why Are Stars of Different Colors? 02:01
12 Why Do the Stars Twinkle? 01:58
13 What Is Gravity? 02:35
14 Planet Minuet 01:42
15 Why Go up There? 01:48
 Tom Glazer Soloist
 Dottie Evans Soloist

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Experiment Songs

1 It's a Magnet 02:08
2 Vibration 01:51
3 We Know the Air is There (Hi, Ho, Fiddle Dee Dee) 02:47
4 We're Making Heat 01:55
5 Ice is a Solid 01:50
6 Why do I Have a Shadow? 02:30
7 Rocks and Gems and Minerals 01:21
8 The Earth Goes Around the Sun 02:19
9 Why is it Raining Raindrops? 02:32
10 Where Does the Sun Go at Night? 01:17
11 What's Inside Our Earth? 01:44
12 Where Does the Sun Rise? 01:56
13 How Many Colors Are in the Rainbow? 01:25
14 Who's Afraid of Thunder? 02:01
15 It's a Magnet (reprise) 00:40
 Dorothy Collins Soloist

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Nature Songs

1 Introduction to Nature Study 01:33
2 Why do Leaves Change their Color? 02:02
3 What are the Parts of a Tree? 02:28
4 What Is an Insect? (Cricket In a Thicket) 02:41
5 What Is a Mammal? 01:48
6 How do the Fish Swim? 02:27
7 Song of the Rocks 03:25
8 The Birds Have a Language 03:07
9 How Does a Bird Sing? 01:34
10 What Does a Bird Have that I Have Not? 01:52
11 How Silk Is Made 02:37
12 What's In the Ocean? 01:52
13 How Do the Seeds of Plants Travel? 01:55
14 The Balance of Nature 02:44
 Marais and Miranda Ensemble

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More Nature Songs

1 Metamorphosis 01:44
2 How Does a Frog Become a Frog? 01:55
3 What is an Animal? (What is a Plant?) 02:24
4 Bobo the Bear (The Hibernation Song) 01:56
5 Song of the Fossils 02:10
6 How Does a Cow Make Milk? 01:43
7 Eohippus (The Evolution of the Horse) 02:41
8 The Conservation Song 02:42
9 Why is the Sky Blue? 01:59
10 What Makes a Rainbow? 02:10
11 Let's Wander Through the Seasons 02:30
12 Why Does a Bee Bzzz? 01:50
13 What are the Parts of a Flower? 02:28
14 The Face of the Earth is Changing 03:08
 Marais and Miranda Ensemble

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Energy and Motion Songs

1 What Is Energy? (Part I) 00:59
2 Grand Coulee Dam (How Energy Changes Its Form) 01:48
3 E-lec-tri-city 03:15
4 Engines (Mechanical Energy) 01:16
5 Solar Energy 01:53
6 Energy in Roundabout Ways 02:27
7 What Is Energy? (Part II) 01:00
8 Kinetic and Potential Energy 01:59
9 Jets (Action and Reaction) 01:38
10 Ultra Violet and Infra Red 02:31
11 What Is Chemical Energy? 02:38
12 How Do We Measure Energy? 01:07
13 Motion, Motion, Everywhere 02:03
14 Thumbnail Introduction to Atomic Energy 01:43
 Tom Glazer Soloist
 Dottie Evans Soloist

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Weather Songs

1 What Makes the Weather? - What Is the Atmosphere? 01:18
2 Where Is the Stratosphere? 02:06
3 The Water Cycle Song 02:34
4 Why Does the Wind Blow? 02:19
5 How Clouds Are Formed 01:46
6 Warm Fronts, Cold Fronts 02:26
7 What Is Humidity? 01:03
8 The Hurricane Song 01:46
9 Why Is It Hot in the Summer? 01:32
10 Highs and Lows 01:12
11 What Makes the Lightning 01:37
12 Stratus and Cumulus 02:24
13 Snowflake, Snowflake 01:36
14 What Does the Glass of a Greenhouse Do? 01:21
15 What Is Climate? 02:23
16 What Makes the Weather? (Reprise) 01:00
 Tom Glazer Soloist

Harbinger Records HB 2801

Ballads for the Age of Science

Harbinger Records is proud to release as a download (the equivalent of six CDs) Ballads for the Age of Science, one of the most successful educational recording projects of all time, made available now for the first time for over fifty years. Even today, baby boomers have fond memories of these catchy songs. The original recordings are cherished by collectors for both their beautiful covers and the nostalgic memories of their youth.

These songs introduce scientific concepts and terms using catchy, easily learned words and music. They were originally published as monophonic LPs in 1961 by Motivation Records, a division of Argosy. They were available as individual albums and as a boxed set. The set is officially titled Ballads for the Age of Science but is also known as Singing Science Records.

People have said many nice things about these songs, but perhaps the most gratifying praise is that, decades after these recordings went out of print, fans created websites and Facebook pages in their honour.

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