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HR 028
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HR 028

Franics Poulenc - Complete Chamber Works

The Classical Shop
release date: February 2012

Originally recorded in 2011


London Conchord Ensemble


Music Room, Champs Hill, West Sussex

13 Jul 2009

Music Room, Champs Hill, West Sussex

15-16 Nov 2002

Music Room, Champs Hill, West Sussex

25/26 Jul 2005

Music Room, Champs Hill, West Sussex

26 Apr 2006

Music Room, Champs Hill, West Sussex

26 Feb 2002

Music Room, Champs Hill, West Sussex

27 Jun 2011

Music Room, Champs Hill, West Sussex

28-30 Sept 2001

Music Room, Champs Hill, West Sussex

31 Mar 2004

Music Room, Champs Hill, West Sussex

4 Jul 2011

Music Room, Champs Hill, West Sussex

7 Nov 2011


Alexander van Ingen

Andrew Keener

Chris Craker

Richard Sutcliffe


Alexander van Ingen

Phil Rowlands

Chris Craker

Richard Sutcliffe

Record Label
Champs Hill



Total Time - 147:48
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  Complete Chamber Works  



Sonata for Cello and Piano (1940/1948)

1 Allegro - Tempo di Marcia 5:56
2 Cavatince - Très calme 6:36
3 Ballabile - Très animé et gai 3:26
4 Finale - Largo, tres librement - Presto subito - Largo 6:56

Sonata for Violin and Piano (1943)

5 Allegro con fuoco 6:24
6 Intermezzo - Très lent et calme 5:39
7 Presto tragico - Strictement la double plus lent 5:18

Sonata for Flute and Piano (1957)

8 Allegretto malincolico 4:08
9 Cantilena - Assez lent 3:57
10 Presto giocoso 3:26

Sonata for Oboe and Piano (1962)

11 Elegie - Paisiblement 5:03
12 Scherzo - Très animé 3:56
13 Deploration - Très calme 4:08

Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (1962)

14 Allegro tristamente - Très calme - Tempo allegretto 5:33
15 Romanza - Très calme 5:01
16 Allegro con fuoco - Très animé 3:20

Sextet for Piano, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon & Horn (1932/1939)

17 Allegro vivace - Très vite et emporté 7:46
18 Divertissement - Andantino 4:46
19 Finale - Prestissimo - Subito très lent 5:58

Un Joueur De Flute Berce Les Ruines (1942)


Villanelle for Piccolo (Pipe) and Piano (1934)

21 Modéré 2:04

Sonata for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone (1922)

22 Allegro moderato - Grazioso 3:54
23 Andante - Très lent 3:02
24 Rondeau - Animé 1:50

Sarabande for Solo Guitar (1960)

25 Molto calmo e melanconico 3:30

Sonata for Two Clarinets (1918)

26 Presto 1:50
27 Andante - Très lent 2:37
28 Vif - Vite avec joie 1:57

Sonata for Clarinet and Bassoon (1922)

29 Allegro - Très rythmé 1:48
30 Romance - Andante très doux 3:03
31 Finale - Très animé - Andante 3:08

Élégie for Horn and Piano

  (In momry of Dennis Brain) (1957)  

Trio for Piano, Oboe and Bassoon (1926)

33 Lent - Presto 5:06
34 Andante con moto 3:24
35 Rondo - Très vif 3:03

Poulenc: Complete Chamber Music – London Concord Ensemble

This new recording from the acclaimed London Concord Ensemble presents the complete chamber music of Francis Poulenc, including the Sextet and Trio for piano and winds, which are arguably the greatest written for their combination of instruments. His chamber music is unfailingly inventive and often evokes feelings of profound reflection, as well as offering the dazzling wit for which he is so famous. The disc is a must for lovers of both chamber music and the French repertoire.

"...Even if you already own one or another Poulenc chamber music collections, this one should definately be on your to-buy list."   - Jerry Dubins

"...Anyone who is famailiar with any of Poulenc’s music will be delighted by this set..." - Lynn René Bayley

Fanfare - September/October 2012

"...these performances show a joyous and intimate involvement with this immensely rewarding music, and I think Poulenc would have approved."

JD Moore - American Record Guide - July/August 2012

"This is an extremely enjoyable set of Poulenc’s chamber music. It’s certainly one of the best around and, along with the familiar works, these two well-filled discs also include a couple of rarities that may well give the London Conchord Ensemble set an additional appeal to serious Poulenc collectors..."

Nigel Simeone - International Record Review - June 2012

"...This is an excellent, spirited two-CD set encompassing 14 works for various combinations ... The London Conchord Ensemble manifestly relish what Poulenc has to offer, playing with panache, wit and discreet sensitivity in performances that are a constant joy."

Geoffrey Norris - Gramophone magazine - June 2012

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