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HR 088
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HR 088

Gould Paino Trio: Mendelssohn

The Classical Shop
release date: September 2014

Originally recorded in 2012


Pablo Held Trio


Music Room, Champs Hill, West Sussex


Matthew Bennett

Andrew Mellor


Dave Rowell

Andrew Mellor

Record Label
Champs Hill



Total Time - 72:30
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Piano Trio No.1 in D minor Op.49

1 Molto allegro agitato 9:17
2 Andante con moto tranquillo 6:19
3 Scherzo 3:41
4 Finale 8:35

Variations Concertantes For Cello & Piano In D Major Op.17

  Thema: Andante con moto  
  Variation I  
  Variation II  
  Variation III. Più vivace  
  Variation IV. Allegro con fuoco  
  Variation V. L'istesso tempo  
  Variation VI. L'istesso tempo  
  Variation VII. Presto ed agitato  
  Variation VIII. Tempo I  

Piano Trio No.2 in C Minor Op.66

6 Allegro energico e con fuoco 10:47
7 Andante espressivo 6:39
8 Scherzo 3:33
9 Finale 7:34

Albumblatt For Piano In E Minor Op.117


Song Without Words For Cello & Piano in D Major Op.109

  TT 72:30      
  Tracks 1-4,6-9:  
  recorded 28th-30th November 2012  
  Tracks 5,10,11  
  recorded 8th April 2013  

Mendelssohn: Piano Trios Nos 1 and 2, etc. – Gould Piano Trio

Champs Hill Records adds to its Mendelssohn discography a new download of the Piano Trios from the acclaimed Gould Piano Trio. The album includes a priceless cello miniature in the form of the Song without Words in D major, Op. 109 and the charming Albumblatt for piano in E minor, Op. 117.

Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor received its first performance in Leipzig in February 1840, with the composer at the piano, the string parts played by the leader of the Gewandhaus Orchestra, Ferdinand David, and its principal cellist, Franz Carl Wittmann. Robert Schumann’s review of the published score declared the work to be the ‘master trio of today’ and it is universally recognised as one of Mendelssohn’s greatest works, along with the Octet.

Piano Trio No. 2 in C minor, composed and published four years later, was dedicated to the violinist Louis Spohr and takes the melody of a German chorale, known in English as ‘Old Hundredth’ for its association with Psalm 100. The Variations concertantes for violin and cello were written when the composer was twenty: a simple homespun melody put through a series of classical variations, the set culminating in a full-blown romantic finale.

Benjamin Frith, the pianist of the Gould Piano Trio, writes: ‘His cultural inheritance was the great classical repertoire that Mendelssohn imbibed as a child. In the two masterly Piano Trios and his Variations concertantes he adapts those former principles of structure and form to his own inimitable musical personality.’

"... They play crisply with plenty of fire, and the lyric sections are expressive but not too sweet..."

Paul Althouse - American Record Guide - January/February 2015

                              Performance ****         Recording **** 

Erik Levi - BBC Music magazine - Christmas 2014

"...Throughout the performances, Benjamin Frith revels in the brilliance of mendelssohn’s pianism, yet without overshdowing the strings who, in their turn, enjoy finding tones of gentleness, solemnity or agitation as the music suggests..."

Duncan Druce - Gramophone magazine - November 2014

 "... The Goulds have a generous, warm-hued view, finding a rich, golden sound with no want of fire or gossamer lightness when required... this is an obvious recommendation..." *****

Guy Weatherall - Classical Music magazine - September 2014

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