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IC 5110
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IC 5110
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
CHERUBINI, L.: Medea (Callas, Vickers, Carlyle, Cossotto, Covent Garden Opera Chorus and Orchestra, Rescigno) (1959)

CHERUBINI, L.: Medea (Callas, Vickers, Carlyle, Cossotto, Covent Garden Opera Chorus and Orchestra, Rescigno) (1959)

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Covent Garden Opera Orchestra


Nicola Rescigno


Joan Carlyle


Maria Callas


Covent Garden Opera Chorus



Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, UK


Record Label
ICA Classics




Total Time - 129:33
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CHERUBINI, L.: Medea (Callas, Vickers, Carlyle, Cossotto, Covent Garden Opera Chorus and Orchestra, Rescigno) (1959)




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Medea (Medee) (Sung in Italian)

1 Act I: Overture 06:48
2 Act I: Introduction: Che? Quando gia corona (Ancelle, Chorus, Glauce) 06:59
3 Act I: Aria: O Amore, vieni a me (Glauce) 04:54
4 Act I: Recitative: No, non temer (Creonte, Glauce, Giasone) 02:16
5 Act I: March and Chorus: O bella Glauce (Chorus, Glauce) 02:27
6 Act I: Recitative: Colco! Pensier fatal (Glauce, Giasone, Creonte) 01:54
7 Act I: Aria: Or che piu non vedro (Giasone) 03:16
8 Act I: Recitative: Ah, gia troppo turbo (Creonte) 00:44
9 Act I: Trio and Chorus: Pronube dive (Creonte, Chorus, Glauce, Giasone) 05:36
10 Act I: Recitative: Signor! Ferma una donna (Capo delle Guardie, Creonte, Medea, Giasone, Glauce, Chorus) 04:14
11 Act I: Qui tremar devi tu (Creonte, Glauce, Chorus) 02:02
12 Act I: Recitative: Taci, Giason (Medea, Giasone) 02:56
13 Act I: Dei tuoi figli la madre (Medea) 05:08
14 Act I: Recitative: Son vane qui minacce (Giasone) 00:32
15 Act I: Duetto: Nemici senza cor (Medea, Giasone) 04:41

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1 Act II: Introduction 01:49
2 Act II: Recitative: Soffrir non posso (Medea, Neris, Creonte) 02:58
3 Act II: Concertato: Data almen, per pieta (Medea, Creonte, Neris, Chorus) 11:21
4 Act II: Recitative: Medea! o Medea! (Neris) 01:34
5 Act II: Solo un pianto con te versare (Neris) 06:46
6 Act II: Recitative: Creonte a me solo (Medea, Neris, Giasone) 02:39
7 Act II: Figli miei, miei tesor (Medea, Giasone) 06:40
8 Act II: Recitative: Hai dato pronto (Medea, Neris) 01:32
9 Act II: March and Chorus: Ah! Triste canto! (Medea, Chorus, Creonte, Glauce, Giasone) 09:16
10 Act III: Introduction 04:29
11 Act III: Recitative: Numi, venite a me (Medea, Neris) 04:55
12 Act III: Aria: Del fiero duol (Medea) 05:27
13 Act III: Neris, che hai fatto (Medea, Neris) 01:53
14 Act III: Finale: E che? Io son Medea! (Medea) 13:47
 Maria Callas Soloist
 Joan Carlyle Soloist
 Nicola Rescigno Conductor

Maria Callas was one of the most renowned opera singers of the twentieth century.  Hailed as La Divina, and described by Bernstein as ‘The Bible of opera’, her influence was so enduring that, in 2006, Opera News wrote of her: ‘Nearly thirty years after her death, she’s still the definition of the diva as an artist – and still one of classical music’s best-selling vocalists.’

Callas first performed Cherubini’s Medea in 1953 and continued to perform the role throughout the 1950s and 1960s. This performance on 30 June 1959 at the Royal Opera House received rave reviews: ‘Callas builds her performance into one powerful line of increasing tension. It is the kind of performance which spoils one for anything less from the opera stage.’(George Mayer, American Record Guide).

Supported by a strong cast of Jon Vickers, Fiorenza Cossotto and Nicola Zaccaria, ICA Classics’ careful remastering and excellent sound sets this recording apart from all other versions of the opera.

 "... For Callas fans then, this issure  - like the "offical" La Scala  release of La Vestale - is a must-get for your collection. You can safetly junk all prior issues of it."

Lynn René Bayley Fanfare Janusry/February 2014

"... This 1959 Medea ... was indeed a magic moment - the arrival of Callas’s full artistic maturity, just before the departure of her vocal prime. For that reason, it is perhaps her ultimate Medea, the greatest of six versions documented between 1953 and 1961. Every Callas aficionado will have his favorite; each option has unforgettable moments, worth the price of the set. This one boasts a terrific supporting cast and BBC broadcast sound, which gives the feel of the theater, while being quite listenable ..."

Ira Siff - Opera News (USA) magazine - February 2014

 "...A worthwhile addition to the historical catalogue in as good a sound as possible..."

Mike Ashman - Gramophone magazine - January 2014

                 Performance ****      Recording ***

"... Callas is stupendous..."

Micahel Tanner - BBC Music magazine - December 2013

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