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KK 0067
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
HANDEL, G.F.: Belshazzar [Oratorio] (Budday)

HANDEL, G.F.: Belshazzar [Oratorio] (Budday)

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2011

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Hanoverian Court Orchestra

Budday, Jurgen

Michael Chance


Maulbronn Chamber Choir

Record Label
K and K




Total Time - 147:14
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HANDEL, G.F.: Belshazzar [Oratorio] (Budday)




Belshazzar, HWV 61


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1 Act I Scene 1: Overture 4:35
2 Act I Scene 1: Behold, by Persia's hero made (Chorus of Babylonians) 2:37
3 Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Well may they laugh, from meagre famine safe (Gobrias, Cyrus) 1:47
4 Act I Scene 2: Aria: Oppress'd with never-ceasing grief (Gobrias) 3:19
5 Act I Scene 2: Aria: Dry those unavailing tears (Cyrus) 2:14
6 Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Be comforted (Cyrus) 0:31
7 Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Methought, as on the bank of deep Euphrates (Cyrus) 2:22
8 Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Now tell me, Gobrias, does not this Euphrates (Cyrus, Gobrias) 1:22
9 Act I Scene 2: Aria: Behold the monstrous human beast (Gobrias) 3:23
10 Act I Scene 2: Recitative - Aria: Can you then think it strange (Cyrus) 3:52
11 Act I Scene 2: Recitative: My friends, be confident and boldly enter upon this high exploit (Cyrus) 0:43
12 Act I Scene 2: All empires upon God depend (Chorus of Persians) 3:22
13 Act I Scene 3: Aria: O sacred oracles of truth (Daniel) 4:57
14 Act I Scene 3: Recitative: Rejoice, my countrymen! (Daniel) 3:37
15 Act I Scene 3: Sing, O ye Heav'ns, for the Lord hath done it! (Chorus of Jews) 4:31
16 Act I Scene 4: Aria: Let festal joy triumphant reign (Belshazzar) 5:00
17 Act I Scene 4: Recitative: For you my friends, the nobles of my court (Belshazzar, Nitocris) 2:23
18 Act I Scene 4: Recall, O king, thy rash command (Chorus of Jews) 3:37
19 Act I Scene 4: Recitative: They tell you true (Nitocris, Belshazzar) 1:40
20 Act I Scene 4: Duet: O dearer than my life, forbear (Nitocris, Belshazzar) 6:13
21 Act I Scene 4: By slow degress the wrath of God (Chorus of Jews) 4:57
22 Act II Scene 1: See, from his post Euphrates flies (Chorus of Persians) 7:17
23 Act II Scene 1: Recitative: You see, my friends, a path into the city lies open (Cyrus) 0:49
24 Act II Scene 1: To arms, to arms, no more delay! (Chorus of Persians) 0:42
1 Act II Scene 2: Ye tutelar gods of our empire (Chorus of Babylonians) 3:14
2 Act II Scene 2: Aria: Let the deep bowl thy praise confess (Belshazzar) 2:32
3 Act II Scene 2: Recitative: Where is the God of Judah's boasted pow'r? (Belshazzar) 0:44

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4 Act II Scene 2: Chorus - Recitative: Help, help the king! (Belshazzar) 2:24
5 Act II Scene 2: Recitative: Call all my Wise Men (Belshazzar) 2:09
6 Act II Scene 2: Recitative: Ye sages, welcome always to your king (Belshazzar, Wise Men) 1:06
7 Act II Scene 2: Oh, misery! Oh terror, hopeless grief! (Chorus of Babylonians) 1:59
8 Act II Scene 2: Recitative: O king, live for ever! (Nitocris, Belshazzar) 1:42
9 Act II Scene 2: Aria: No, to thyself thy trifles be (Daniel) 1:39
10 Act II Scene 2: Reicitative: Yet, to obey His dread command (Daniel) 3:25
11 Act II Scene 2: Recitative: Oh, sentence too severe (Nitocris) 0:20
12 Act II Scene 2: Aria: Regard thyself (Nitocris) 6:23
13 Act II Scene 3: Aria: O God of truth, O faithful guide (Cyrus) 4:51
14 Act II Scene 3: Recitative: You, Gobrias, lead directly to the palace (Cyrus) 1:04
15 Act II Scene 2: O glorious prince, , thrice happy they born to enjoy thy future sway (Chorus of Persians) 5:23
16 Act III Scene 1: Aria: Alternate hopes and fears distract my mind (Nitocris) 4:26
17 Act III Scene 1: Recitative: My hopes revive, here Arioch comes! (Nitocris, Arioch, Messenger) 2:06
18 Act III Scene 1: Bel boweth down, Nebo stoopeth! (Chorus of Jews) 1:29
19 Act III Scene 2: Aria: I thank thee, Sesach! (Belshazzar) 1:34
20 Act III Scene 2: A Martial Symphony 0:43
21 Act III Scene 3: Aria: To pow'r immortal my first thanks are due (Gobrias) 3:22
22 Act III Scene 3: Recitative: Be it thy care, good Gobrias (Cyrus) 0:24
23 Act III Scene 3: Aria: Destructive war, thy limits know (Cyrus) 2:29
24 Act III Scene 3: Duet: Great victor, at your feet I bow (Nitocris, Cyrus) 4:25
25 Act III Scene 3: Recitative: Say, venerable prophet, is there aught (Cyrus, Daniel) 0:51
26 Act III Scene 3: Tell it out among the heathen (Soloists, Chorus) 1:59
27 Act III Scene 3: Recitative: Yes, I will build thy city, God of Israel! (Cyrus) 2:37
28 Act III Scene 3: I will magnify Thee, O God my king (Daniel, Nitocris, Chorus) 6:04
 Michael Chance Soloist
 Budday, Jurgen

This recording is part of a cycle of old testament oratorios by G. F. Handel and is one of the many concerts performed at Maulbronn monastery over the past years. The series combines authentically performed baroque oratorios with the optimal acoustics and atmosphere of this unique monastic church. This ideal location demands the transparency of playing and the interpretive unveiling of the rhetoric intimations of the composition, which is especially aided by the historically authentic performance. The music is exclusively performed on reconstructed historical instruments, which are tuned to the pitch customary in the composers lifetime (a = c. 415 Hz).

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